Why Do Baby Hedgehogs Squeak?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals that do not prefer interaction. However, you can figure out what your hedgehog wants from you from the kind of noises it makes. Hedgehogs make many noises, the most common being when baby hedgehogs squeak.

Baby hedgehogs squeak when they are hungry and want their mother’s attention.

When the litter is big, you will hear more squeaking noises as there are more hoglets. However, when the litter is small, you will hear less squeaking noise. If the mother hedgehog is pregnant and you hear squeaking sounds, the new hoglets are here.

Please ensure that you disturb the mother hedgehog as little as possible.

What Does It Mean When a Hedgehog Squeaks?

Some hedgehogs are more vocal than others. Nevertheless, if your hedgehog is vocal or not, you should pay attention to the kind of noise it makes. Baby hedgehog squeaks are also called chirping.

Baby hedgehogs make squeaking noises more than adult hedgehogs. When baby hedgehogs squeak, it is a sign that they are hungry and looking to be fed by their mother. In addition, baby hedgehogs squeaking is a sign that they are healthy.

However, if an adult hedgehog squeaks, it can be because of an entirely different matter.

When a hedgehog squeaks, it can be an indication that it is happy. If your hedgehog squeaks as it eats, it means that it is excited about the food. Therefore, if your hedgehog squeaks, it should not be something that you should worry about.

Do Baby Hedgehogs Cry?

Although hedgehogs are known to show little emotion, they do cry. You will find that baby hedgehogs also cry. When baby hedgehogs are going through something painful, they will cry.

Apart from baby hedgehogs, adult hedgehogs also cry.

Hedgehogs can also cry if they are introduced to situations or things that make them feel uncomfortable. For example, if hedgehogs are taken to the vet or put with another animal, they can feel scared or threatened and cry.

You can tell when your hedgehog is crying when it screams as a baby would.

If you are not aware of the sound, imagine a human baby crying out in distress. Likewise, if your hedgehog is in terrible pain or distress, it will cry. If you hear the screaming noise, it can mean that your hedgehog is trapped somewhere and cannot get out, or it is injured.

Therefore, you must inspect your hedgehog to check if it has any visible wounds causing it pain.

Apart from the screaming, hedgehogs can also make quacking sounds that indicate that they are in pain. Although hedgehogs make quacking noises, they are not in much pain as they are when they scream.

Hedgehogs can also make quacking sounds if they are hungry and wish to eat.

What to Do If You Hear Squeaking Hedgehogs in the Wild?

A month or so after the mating season, you may hear squeaking hedgehogs in the wild. This is because mother hedgehogs build nests and leave their babies in them as they forage for food.

Often mother hedgehogs can get killed by car accidents, and the baby hedgehogs can be abandoned. As time goes on, baby hedgehogs begin to miss their mother and will cry out or squeak to show their distress.

However, not all baby hedgehogs will not have been abandoned, even if they are squeaking; therefore, it is important not to disturb the nest unless you are sure the hoglets are abandoned. If the mother hedgehog finds that the nest has been disturbed, she may abandon her hoglets or eat them.

If you hear squeaking baby hedgehogs often and do not spot their mother, you must take them in until they are old enough to live by themselves. You can also call the relevant authorities to rescue the baby hedgehogs.

What Other Sounds Do Hedgehogs Make?

Hedgehogs are not known to be the most expressive pets out there. However, these spined mammals make sounds that can help you figure out what they want and if they are happy.

The first sounds you will hear is of when hedgehogs are born. Newborn baby hedgehogs make squeaking noises which is an indication that they are healthy. These hoglets squeak when they are hungry and want to be fed.

Adult hedgehogs can also squeak when they are happy and excited about food.

Finally, during the mating season, you will hear male hedgehogs squeaking while courting female hedgehogs.

There are other sounds that hedgehogs make to show that they are happy:

For example, a hedgehog may make clicking sounds, also called kissing sounds, to show that it is happy. On the other hand, loud clicking sounds made by hedgehogs are called popping. A hedgehog making popping sounds is an indicator that it is angry or aggressive.

Hedgehogs that are scared will also make popping sounds.

When hedgehogs are in an uncomfortable environment and feel threatened, they will hiss. If your hedgehog is hissing, it is best to let it be until it calms down.

On the other hand, if your hedgehog feels irritated and annoyed, it will make huffing and puffing noises. Hedgehogs are solitary animals and prefer to be alone. If you place your hedgehog with another hedgehog or animal, it may huff and puff.

If you are looking to know whether your hedgehog enjoys your company, see if it purrs. When a hedgehog purrs, it is an indication that it likes being with you. Your hedgehog will also make a sound like a whistle if it loves being in your company.


Squeaking is a sound associated with baby hedgehogs. Baby hedgehogs squeak when they are hungry and looking to be fed. A squeaking hedgehog is a sign that it is healthy.

Adult hedgehogs can also squeak when they feel excited about food.

Baby hedgehogs can cry if they feel scared or distressed. When hedgehogs cry, it is like a baby’s scream. A hedgehog screaming indicates that it is in pain or distress.

Other sounds that hedgehogs can make are hissing, kissing, or purring.

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