What Noise Does a Hedgehog Make?

Your hedgehog will make you aware of its presence by making many sounds. Hedgehogs are small animals, but for their size, they make a lot of noise. But what noise does a hedgehog make? And what do the different noises mean?

A hedgehog makes many different noises which can include grunting, chirping, screaming, and hissing.

It is important to know about these noises to know what your hedgehog is going through.

For example, usually, hoglets will chirp when they are about to feed on their mother. Or a hedgehog may chirp if it gets excited about food. On the other hand, if your hedgehog is irritated, it will grunt or it will scream.

Does a Hedgehog Squeak?

Being a hedgehog owner means getting introduced to different kinds of sounds and finding out what they mean. For example, among many other sounds that hedgehogs make, one of them is squeaking.

The squeaking sound that a hedgehog makes is also known as chirping. This sound is usually made by hoglets that are freshly born. If your hedgehog is pregnant, this sound is an indication that the hoglets have arrived.

It is best to give the mother hedgehog some privacy and leave her alone. Mother hedgehogs can get easily stressed. Therefore giving it space is important, or it may harm the young hoglets.

Apart from young hoglets squeaking, adult male hedgehogs also make this sound. During the mating season, the male hedgehogs will squeak to court the female and give them the signal to mate with them.

When Do Hedgehogs Make a Panting Noise?

If you have not heard your pet hedgehog make panting noises, you may have heard this sound from outside.

The panting noise which hedgehogs make is also known as huffing. A hedgehog huffing is an indication that it is irritated or annoying. However, huffing sounds are also prominent during the mating season. The mating season comprises male hedgehogs performing a dance ritual and courting female hedgehogs.

Hence, the huffing sound is a noise belonging to the mating season. By huffing and circling the female hedgehogs, the male hedgehogs attempt to court them.

Are Hedgehogs Vocal?

Hedgehogs are coy animals, but they can still be expressive. When we compare hedgehogs to cats or dogs, they may not come across as expressive animals. However, if you listen and observe your hedgehog, you will notice the different sounds they make and address them accordingly.

Hedgehogs use many sounds to communicate, and some of them you can easily understand. For example, chirping is linked with the arrival of hoglets. So if the babies are chirping and the mother hedgehog seems fine, you do not have to do anything.

There are also other sounds that hedgehogs make, for example, hissing. If you are handling your hedgehog and it makes a hissing sound, it is best to leave it alone as it is angry or seems frustrated.

What Other Noises Do Hedgehogs Make?

As aforementioned, hedgehogs make a variety of sounds. You can tell a lot about what your hedgehog is feeling by the sounds it produces. It can come as a surprise to people when they find that hedgehogs make different sounds.

As a hedgehog owner, it is always best to familiarize yourself with the sounds to know what your hedgehog needs. If you wish to know if your hedgehog is happy and content with you, you need to listen out for sounds.

For example: If your hedgehog is making clicking sounds, also known as kissing sounds, it means that it is happy and in a good mood. Similarly, hedgehogs also purr. So, when your hedgehog enjoys your company, it will purr, which is how you know it is truly happy and at peace.

Apart from happiness, there are also other emotions you can find that your hedgehog is feeling.

For example: If your hedgehog is making screaming noises, it means it is in great pain. When a hedgehog is in pain, and it screams, it sounds like a wailing baby. Therefore, you never want to hear a screaming sound, as this means that your hedgehog is either suffering from an injury or has some internal problems.

Moreover, if your hedgehog is screaming, it can also be out of fear. Therefore, if you have other pets, it is best to keep them away so they do not suddenly ambush your hedgehog. In addition, your hedgehog may also make screaming sounds during its sleep if it is having a nightmare.

As hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, they are active during the nighttime. Therefore, you will hear a lot of noise as your hedgehog eats its food, runs the wheel, or explores around the cage. Therefore, it would be better to have a separate room for your hedgehog, so the noises do not wake you.


Hedgehogs are solitary animals that are relatively quiet. However, hedgehogs make certain sounds that can help you understand what they are feeling and what they need.

For example, hedgehogs make a variety of noises like squeaking, huffing, and clicking. Hedgehogs also make panting noises, which is also known as huffing. You will hear hedgehogs make panting noises during the mating season when male hedgehogs are courting the females.

Hedgehogs also squeak, which is also known as chirping. When a mother hedgehog gives birth, the young hoglets chirp. If you have a mother hedgehog and hear chirping noises, you should leave her and the hoglets alone.

Apart from the noises which hedgehogs make, they can be loud during the night when they are most active. Hedgehogs make noise eating their food, running the wheel, and exploring during the night.

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