What is a Baby Hedgehog Called?

Hedgehogs are fascinating and unique animals that make excellent pets. Unfortunately, many people know little about hedgehogs and their characteristics as opposed to other animals. So let’s start with the basics: What is a baby hedgehog called?

Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets. Baby hedgehogs are not called kittens as some people believe. 

Babies are born without spines and have a protective layer of liquid, so the mother does not get hurt. The spines begin to show from underneath the skin a few hours after being born.

Female hedgehogs give birth to a litter of five to six hoglets. The hoglets remain with the mother hedgehog until they are old enough to be on their own.

Are Baby Hedgehogs Called Kittens?

A misconception that most people have regarding hedgehogs is that their babies are called kittens. However, many people do not know that baby hedgehogs are only called hoglets.

A cat’s babies are called kittens and nothing else, so you should not confuse hoglets with those.

Is a Group of Hedgehogs Called a Prickle?

Since hedgehogs have sharp quills on their back, it would make sense that a group of hedgehogs would be called a prickle.

However, hedgehogs together are known as an array, not a prickle. Hedgehogs are unfortunately confused with being porcupines because they share one similar characteristic. Porcupines also have sharp quills on their back, but they are rodents and are entirely different from hedgehogs. Both have sharp quills, but they belong to different families.

Porcupines Prickle

A group of porcupines is called a prickle and not a group of hedgehogs. It is important to distinguish from a hedgehog to a porcupine as hedgehogs are harmless.

What Is a Female Hedgehog Called?

Female hedgehogs are called sows.

Female hedgehogs take care of hoglets and feed them until they wean off two to three weeks later. As a result, female hedgehogs only give birth once a year to a litter of five to six hoglets.

What Is a Male Hedgehog Called?

Male hedgehogs are called boars.

Male hedgehogs are an active part of the mating process but do not stick around for child-rearing. Male hedgehogs will not recognize their babies. A male hedgehog will not mark its territory and smell the same as another female hedgehog instead of other animals.

Do Hedgehogs Stay in Groups?

One of the reasons why hedgehogs make great pets is because they enjoy their own company. These spined mammals love being by themselves and only come out when it is time to mate or hunt.

It is highly unlikely that you will see a group of hedgehogs unless it is mating season.

There are some situations where you might see hedgehogs coming together. For example, a mother hedgehog would be together with her babies or while hedgehogs are mating. As hedgehogs mate, it is a lot of noise when the male hedgehogs compete for the females in a head-butting competition and persuade them to mate.

After mating, hedgehogs will not cross paths, and they also do not mate for life.

If your female hedgehog has given birth, it is best to remove the male hedgehog from the cage before it causes harm to the hoglets. While female hedgehogs are still tolerant of other hedgehogs, male hedgehogs are not.

You can keep two female hedgehogs together in one cage, but you cannot leave a male with a female hedgehog together unless it is to mate. Two male hedgehogs should not be kept in a cage.

You should keep hedgehogs in separate cages. In addition, hedgehogs are territorial and can fight over food. Hence, it is recommended to keep them separately.

Do Baby Hedgehogs Stay in Groups?

Are hedgehogs born with the need to roam free and be independent? Or do these mammals like staying in groups as babies? When hedgehogs are born, they must be with the mother until they wean off. During this period, baby hedgehogs are small and stick together to remain warm.

Many pet parents and researchers have seen that baby hedgehogs prefer to be with each other.

While staying in groups, baby hedgehogs have shown protective instincts for their siblings. For example, if a hedgehog is being bullied by one of its siblings, a hedgehog will show its care by protecting the sibling and blocking the bully.

When baby hedgehogs are separated from the litter, they are known to display behaviours of separation anxiety. Sometimes baby hedgehogs must be removed due to health issues, and they can get anxious if placed alone in a cage without their siblings.

When they are old enough, these babies run off to face the real world on their own.


Hedgehogs make great pets, and as more people are open to the idea of keeping them as pets, the more they want to know about them.

Baby hedgehogs are adorable and are known as hoglets.

Female hedgehogs give birth only once a year to a litter of five to six hoglets. When baby hedgehogs are born, they are deaf and blind with no spines. The spines begin to show a few hours after hedgehogs are born.

Baby hedgehogs are not called kittens.

A hedgehog’s group is known as an array. More often, hedgehogs are confused with porcupines, and people think that hedgehogs together are called a prickle. However, a group of porcupines is known as a prickle.

Female hedgehogs are called sowa, while male hedgehogs are called boars. Hedgehogs will not come together unless it is to mate or hunt. The male has no part in the child-rearing process.

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