What Do Hedgehogs Sleep On?

Among many other things, sleep is vital for animals. Pets need to get their sleep so they feel energized and are healthy. Therefore, if you want your pet to have a good sleep, you need to create the right environment for them. So, what do hedgehogs sleep on?

Hedgehogs need to sleep on soft bedding so they are comfortable and do not get too hot or cold as they sleep.

There are different kinds of bedding available for hedgehogs. While some beddings may be good, others can do the opposite and harm your hedgehog. Therefore, it is best to research and think about which bedding to buy for your little companion to sleep well.

What is the Best Bedding for a Hedgehog?

Your pet hedgehog will spend most of its time in the cage. Therefore, since the cage is home, it is important to make this experience the most comfortable. When it comes to bedding for hedgehogs, there are multiple options to choose from. Not all options are great, and you need to select the one that works for you, especially for your hedgehog.

One of the best bedding you can use for your hedgehog is shredded paper. However, every bedding comes with benefits and disadvantages. Paper beddings are good absorbents, which is an important factor to consider. However, as paper bedding is quite soft, it can easily get stuck in the hedgehog’s quills.

There are other great bedding options, too, like blankets. Many people prefer using blankets because you can use them repeatedly. Moreover, cleaning the cage becomes easier when you use blankets because you can take the entire bedding out and wash it. In addition, you can also use cloth pieces for the hedgehog’s cage-like pillowcases and microfiber cloths.

Wood Pellets for Hedgehog Bedding

Using cloth pieces is also great because you can use them to pick your hedgehog up.

Many people also like to use wood pellets as hedgehog bedding. Wooden pellets are a good option because they are free from dust, cheap, and highly absorbent. However, wooden pellets can get stuck on your hedgehog’s blanket.

A cheaper option for hedgehog bedding is corncob bedding. While corncob bedding is light on your wallet, it does not do much to help control odour. Therefore, if you do not have a separate room for your hedgehog, it is not wise to get corncob bedding.

There are multiple options when it comes to bedding for hedgehogs. The best option is the one that works for you and your hedgehog. Therefore, you must consider all factors like space, budget, and material before you purchase bedding for your hedgehog.

What Hedgehog Bedding You Should Avoid?

While there are some great bedding options out there for hedgehogs, there are some you must avoid. It cannot be very clear to purchase bedding if you are a first-time hedgehog owner. However, with so much information available, you can easily decide which option is good.

The material of the bedding is its most important aspect. A common bedding option people choose is wood shavings. However, you must avoid using cedarwood shavings because it is toxic to animals. The lactic acid found in cedarwood shavings causes grave damage to the liver and leads to respiratory diseases.

Unfortunately, many people resort to using sawdust as hedgehog bedding. Sawdust is a bad option because your hedgehog can get irritated because of it. Sawdust does not stay in one place and will fly whenever your hedgehog moves. Also, inhaling the sawdust is inevitable and a big problem.

Your hedgehog will be in the cage and inhale the sawdust frequently. Hence, your hedgehog will be susceptible to contracting lung disease.

Using sand or dirt, you find outside is also not the ideal choice. The dirt you find outside will have bacteria and parasites in it that can harm your hedgehog. Moreover, you should also not use gravel as bedding as it harms your hedgehog when it walks on it.

What Do You Put in a Hedgehog Bed?

A hedgehog’s bed will be its cage and the place where it spends most of its time. When you are getting a hedgehog, you must set its bed before it arrives. Hedgehogs have some requirements that you need to fulfil when it comes to their cage and bed.

The first thing you need is to find suitable bedding for your hedgehog. The bedding must be comfortable and should keep your hedgehog warm. There are accessories you need apart from the bedding.

Since hedgehogs require lots of exercise, it is important to install a wheel. In the wild, hedgehogs forage through the night in search of food and cover a lot of ground this way. Therefore, installing a wheel in your hedgehog’s cage is essential, so it gets ample exercise and burns some calories.

In addition to exercise, you must also care for your hedgehog’s eating and drinking habits. Therefore, you must keep out bowls for food. You also choose to keep a bowl for water or a hanging water bottle. To ensure that your hedgehog does not get bored, you can also leave some toys in the cage for it!


Hedgehogs spend most of their time in their cage, making it important to create a comfortable space. There are many bedding options available for your hedgehog’s cage. Some of the best bedding you can find are wood shavings, shredded paper, cloth, and blankets.

While there are some great bedding options, there are others you must completely avoid.

For example, you must avoid cedar wood shavings as they are toxic to hedgehogs. In addition, using gravel, sawdust and dirt is also not a viable option. To make your hedgehog’s home more comfortable, you need things other than good bedding.

For example, you need to install a wheel so your hedgehog gets exercise. In addition, put out food and water bowls and get some toys. Hence, this way, you can give your hedgehog the best environment to live in.

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