What Do Hedgehogs Play With?

Hedgehogs might be small but they still require some attention from their owners. While food and sleep are important, so is exercise when it comes to hedgehogs. Apart from running on the wheel, a domesticated hedgehog also requires some playtime. So what do hedgehogs play with?

Hedgehogs can play with various things like small balls, critter balls, and wooden items. 

Hedgehogs are solitary animals that take some time to adjust to new surroundings. Therefore, the owner needs to establish a bond with its hedgehog to get to know it better. There is no better way to create a bond than playing with your hedgehog. Not only will you create a bond, but you are providing mental stimulation. 

How Do You Entertain a Hedgehog?

You can keep your hedgehog entertained by introducing it to various toys. The first thing you must do is install a wheel in your hedgehog’s cage. Wild hedgehogs spend most of their time foraging.

Therefore, you need to keep your pet hedgehog just as busy. It is important to keep your hedgehog entertained and provide it with such activities as otherwise, hedgehogs can get depressed. 

In addition, you can put some stuffed toys in your hedgehog’s cage too. Hedgehogs can snuggle against the toy and move it around. 

Various mazes are available to entertain your hedgehog. It can be a fun activity for your hedgehog to be in the maze, run around, and find an exit. Hedgehogs are smart animals, and games like these can help them mentally. 

Believe it or not, but hedgehogs are excellent soccer players. You can give your hedgehog a small ball, and they will headbutt it, looking like they are playing soccer. It takes some time for hedgehogs to adjust to new toys.

Therefore, you must not feel so disappointed if your hedgehog does not react immediately to the ball. 

With disposable wooden boxes, you can also create a house for your hedgehog to run in and explore. Hedgehogs are curious animals, and a house like this will ensure to keep them entertained. 

How Do You Play with a Hedgehog?

You can play with your hedgehog through various toys or use your fingers and hands; spending time with your hedgehog and playing with it is a great way to bond. 

Playing with your hedgehog is the best thing you can do if it is afraid of foreign objects. You can sit with your hedgehog and let it take the initiative as it inspects you, sniffs you, and gets to know you. In addition, put your hand a bit away from the hedgehog, so it comes to it and sniffs. 

Before you touch your hedgehog, it is important to ensure that the quills are laying flat. Raised quills on a hedgehog mean nervous or uncomfortable and touching it will only aggravate the situation. When playing with your hedgehog, it is important not to make any sudden movements or loud noises as it can cause them to become stressed. 

A way to encourage hedgehogs to play with you is to hand feed them. Your hedgehog will be happy to play, knowing it will get food and will trust you too. 

Can Hedgehogs Play with Cotton Balls?

Cotton balls seem like the ideal size when it comes to hedgehogs. However, cotton balls may not be the ideal material for hedgehogs. While cotton balls are soft and easy to carry for hedgehogs, they can also chew and swallow them because of their soft texture. 

Therefore, it is better to use other kinds of balls as opposed to cotton. You can get small plastic balls, which hedgehogs can roll around and not bite. In addition, balls with little bells inside also make a good choice because every time the ball moves, it makes a sound.

In addition, ping pong balls or cat balls are also great options. You can also get ferret balls, which will encourage hedgehogs to play. Every time your hedgehog moves the ferret ball, a treat comes out. 

Can Hedgehogs Play with Cotton Balls

What Kind of Music Do Hedgehogs Like?

It can come as a surprise to most people, but hedgehogs enjoy listening to music. While hedgehogs may not see well, they have an excellent hearing sense, which may contribute to their fondness for music.

The preference for music will vary among hedgehogs as all of them are different. 

Generally, hedgehogs enjoy listening to soft, classical music. This kind of music soothes hedgehogs and helps them relax. Therefore, if you are someone who likes this music, you can bond with your hedgehog by playing it and listening together. 

In addition to soft music, hedgehogs also like to listen to the radio. The radio talk silences all background noise, creating a soothing environment. Your hedgehog may also like you singing along to the music as they recognize your voice and find some comfort in it. 

Some hedgehogs may like the sound of instruments, while others may not. Therefore, it all depends on your hedgehog’s personality, and you will have to play a couple of tunes or instruments to figure out what it likes.

You can also play music or the radio in the background as you bond with your hedgehog. 


Hedgehogs require mental stimulation; therefore, playtime is important for them. These small mammals love to play with toys such as balls, mazes, and wooden houses.

You can get small balls like ping pong balls to play soccer with your hedgehog. On the contrary, it is best to avoid cotton balls as they do not move around, and hedgehogs can chew and swallow them. 

It can come as a surprise, but hedgehogs also love the sound of music. Hedgehogs enjoy listening to soft, classical music as it is quite soothing. In addition, the radio is also one of the hedgehog’s favourites.

You can play some music or the radio in the background while bonding with your hedgehog.

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