What Cat Food Can Hedgehogs Eat?

The best thing you can do for your pet is to give it a meal that provides complete nourishment. When it comes to hedgehogs, choosing the right food is important because they have a specific nutrition requirement.

Hedgehogs need to eat protein-based foods because they cannot digest vegetables and fruits in large amounts. Hence, cat food is the best option you have for your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs can eat cat biscuits, kibble, and wet cat food.

The cat food you choose for your hedgehog must be of high quality.

If your hedgehog is young, you can give it kitten biscuits as it contains fat. However, adult hedgehogs can enjoy adult cat food kibble. Cat food kibble is great because it is the perfect size for your hedgehog to chew and swallow.

Your hedgehog will not be at the risk of getting choked by cat food.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Chicken Cat Food?

Choosing the best cat food is essential for hedgehogs. Even with cat food, there are still many flavours that you need to select. With cat food, you have the choice between chicken, beef, and fish. The most common flavour that people choose is chicken cat food.

Hedgehogs can eat chicken cat food as it has the best amount of protein for their development. Chicken cat food will also not cause stinky poops for your hedgehog.

While cat food is a great option, it is best to look over the ingredient list. Most cat foods contain fish, which many owners avoid. Fish flavoured cat food will not be harmful to hedgehogs if the rest of the ingredients are good.

However, fish-flavoured food can cause stinky poops in hedgehogs. So, if you are okay dealing with stinky poops, you can give your hedgehog fish flavoured cat food.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Wet Cat Food?

While cat food is a safe option for hedgehogs, many pet parents wish to know if they should stick to kibble or wet cat food. Hedgehogs are generally not picky for food, but still, as a pet owner, one must be careful about what to feed.

Wet cat food can seem like a great choice for hedgehogs. Wet food is easy to chew and swallow, and the consistency is perfect for hedgehogs. However, it is best for your hedgehog if you only give wet cat food to it as a treat.

Wet Cat Food Hedgehogs

Many brands of wet cat food are high in fat and proteins. While protein is good for hedgehogs, too much of anything is not a good idea. If your hedgehog is fat, giving it wet food each day will further the problem.

Giving wet cat food is a problem even for hedgehogs that are not fat. Hedgehogs have small bodies and are prone to gaining weight. Therefore, giving wet food every day can cause your hedgehog to walk the path toward obesity.

If the brand of wet food contains the right amount of fat and protein, you can go ahead and give it to your hedgehog. However, anything that is beyond the recommended guidelines should be given to hedgehogs.

For example, if you want to give medicine to your hedgehog, you can hide it in the wet food. Moreover, you can give wet food as an occasional treat.

What To Look for In Cat Food

When choosing cat food for your hedgehog, there are certain things to keep in mind. First, there is no benefit of giving your hedgehog cat food if it does not provide it with nutrition.

The basic choice you will have to make is between the flavours:

Chicken or turkey cat food is a good choice because hedgehogs can easily digest it. The protein content in the food must be more than 20%. You should go for the brand of cat food that has a protein content between 30% and 40%.

It is best for the hedgehog that its food has a lower percentage of fat. The fat percentage should be less than 15%. The ideal fat percentage is 5%.

Along with protein, fibre is also important for hedgehogs. The ideal fibre percentage should be 5%.

Is Cat Food or Hedgehog Food Better?

Cat food is the ultimate source of nourishment for hedgehogs. However, many pet owners question whether cat food is any better than commercially available hedgehog food.

Cat food used to be the only option for pet hedgehogs until a few years ago. Hedgehogs were not popular pets as they are now. Therefore, hedgehog food was not commercially available, and people resorted to cat food.

Cat kibble is the right size for the hedgehog to chew and swallow. Moreover, the kibble contains the perfect amount of protein for hedgehogs.

Zoos and pet stores choose to feed their hedgehogs commercial hedgehog food. Commercial hedgehog food is made for hedgehogs and has the right amount of protein, fat, and fibre. However, when choosing to buy commercial hedgehog food, you need to be careful.

Some commercially available hedgehog food can be cheap cat food that has been re-packaged and marked up as fancy cat food.

However, when it comes to nutritional value, hedgehog food and cat food are the same. Therefore, you must be careful and only choose premium quality food for your hedgehog.


The best diet for a hedgehog is cat food. Hedgehogs can eat cat food in biscuits, kibble, and wet food form.

You can give your hedgehog chicken cat food as it can easily digest it. Chicken cat food is a food source of protein. Fish cat food can make your hedgehog’s poop stinky. Wet cat food is good for an occasional treat, not for every day.

Wet cat food is high in fat and contains little fibre. Therefore, cat food kibble is the way to go for hedgehogs. Cat food for hedgehogs should not have less than 20% protein. You can give your hedgehog cat food or commercially available hedgehog food if it has the right ingredients and is of premium quality.

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