What Bedding Do Hedgehogs Need?

When deciding to get a pet, you must have all the necessary things to allow them to live happily. For example, you will need a cage, food supplies, a litter box, and great bedding when getting a pet hedgehog. There are different selections of bedding you can choose from but what do they need?

Hedgehogs need bedding made from wood shavings, paper, shredded and recycled newspaper or any absorbable material.

Bedding made from newspapers is a great, cheap way to recycle and fulfil your pet’s needs. Many people use wood shavings as bedding as well. All kinds of bedding come with good and bad properties. There are certain things that you must avoid as they can be harmful to hedgehogs.

What Bedding Should You Not Use for Hedgehogs?

There are many things that you must avoid when choosing bedding for your hedgehog. Getting the right bedding is important because your hedgehog spends a lot of time in its cage. Any wrong material of the bedding can cause harm to your hedgehog’s health.

When choosing bedding, the most important thing is the material.

While bedding made from wood shavings is an option, you must avoid cedar shavings. Cedar is toxic to other pets and hedgehogs. Cedar contains plicatic acid, which is why it is unsuitable for bedding.

This toxic chemical can cause cancer as well as liver and respiratory diseases.

It would help if you also avoided sawdust bedding because it can irritate the eyes. When your hedgehog moves in the cage, the sawdust will fly. Breathing the sawdust in will result in lung disease.

You must also avoid using sand or dirt found outdoors as it can be contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

What Do You Put in the Bottom of a Hedgehog Cage?

It would be best if you had bedding for your hedgehog to put in the bottom of the cage. The bedding can be made from fabric, wood shavings or paper. It is important to have bedding because it provides warmth to the hedgehog.

It also means that faecal matter will not fall into the bottom of the cage.

If you have no bedding in the cage, it will become dirty and slippery. There are chances of your hedgehog slipping and falling. Having bedding in the cage makes it easier to clean as you can switch it when it gets dirty.

If the cage has no bedding, the poop will dry at the bottom, giving you a hard time as you clean it.

Hedgehogs have a habit of burrowing. Therefore, besides providing insulation and keeping the cage clean, the bedding will also provide a way for the hedgehog to practice burrowing.

Do Hedgehogs Like Blankets?

Many people prefer to use blankets as bedding for hedgehogs. These small mammals must remain warm and cosy. What is a better way to keep a hedgehog warm than a blanket? A blanket is a great way to insulate the cage and provide a comfortable ground for the hedgehog to walk on.

Do Hedgehogs Like Blankets

Blankets can be cut into small pieces to fit the cage. If the blanket gets dirty, you can easily wash it, replace it, and use it multiple times. In addition, these blankets can withstand any rough use and hedgehog scratches, therefore, lasting longer.

What to Consider When Buying Bedding?

When people go to purchase bedding, there are certain aspects worth considering:

Apart from choosing the right material for the bedding, there are other things to keep in mind. For example, the colour of the bedding. You must ensure to buy natural coloured bedding as other colours use artificial dyes that can become toxic to hedgehogs.

It is important to avoid bedding that is scented. Some many beddings and items come with fragrances. Hedgehogs are sensitive to scents, and if they smell anything strong from the bedding, they can get confused.

The scents can also become toxic for the hedgehog in the long run.

These are some things you must consider, as they can affect your hedgehog’s health and happiness.

Is Cage Cleaning Important?

Keeping your pet’s space clean is important as it contributes to its health. Your hedgehog cannot stay in an unclean space that smells bad and is lined with faeces. Such a bad space is likely to lead to health problems and an unhappy hedgehog.

That’s why it is vital to keep your hedgehog’s cage clean.

Typically, it would help if you cleaned the cage thoroughly once a week. However, every day you must be spot cleaning to ensure that your hedgehog faces no problem.

You must also ensure not to use any deodorizers to keep the cage smelling fresh. Deodorizers can cause allergies for your hedgehog.

You must change the bedding if it gets too dirty. Please ensure to use absorbent bedding. This way, keeping a clean cage will not be of much trouble. If the bedding you use has a good absorbency level, you will not need to clean the cage often.


When getting a hedgehog as a pet, getting the right materials for its stay is important. For example, you need the right cage, food, and bedding. You can use wood shavings, paper, or any absorbable material for the bedding.

However, you should avoid using cedar wood shavings as bedding because it is toxic to hedgehogs and can cause cancer and liver problems. Moreover, you must also avoid using sawdust, as breathing it can damage your hedgehog’s lungs.

It will help if you put bedding to keep your hedgehog warm and avoid the cage getting dirty. You can also use a blanket as bedding to keep your hedgehog warm. Moreover, blankets are reusable and easy to clean.

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