How to Play with a Hedgehog

Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs make fun of pets, and you can even play with them. Understandably, playing with a hedgehog will be more different than how you would play with other pets like cats and dogs. So how do you play with a hedgehog?

You can play various games with your hedgehogs, such as soccer, hide and seek, sound games, and more.

While eating is important for a hedgehog, so is getting adequate exercise. You can also introduce exercise by installing a wheel in your hedgehog’s cage.

While games are good for the hedgehog, they will also help you develop a bond with it. Playing with your hedgehog will enable it to trust you and at the same time lead to better development of its brain.

What Does a Hedgehog Like to Play With?

It comes as a surprise to people when they learn that hedgehogs like to play games. However, there are multiple ways you can play with your hedgehog and keep it engaged.


Believe it or not, you can play soccer with your hedgehog. You can get a small ball for your hedgehog according to its size. After some time, you will see your hedgehog headbutting the ball around your home. Do not be disappointed if your hedgehog does not respond to the ball immediately, as some hedgehogs take longer to learn soccer.

Hide and Seek

Hedgehogs burrow in the wild. Hence, it only makes sense that hide and seek is one of their favourite games. These small mammals love to hide, whether it is under carpets or behind curtains. You can help your hedgehog enjoy burrowing by placing it in mud and letting it burrow.

You can also make a tunnel using paper or cardboard and let your hedgehog explore it.

Hedgehog Hide and Seek

Introduce New Objects

Some hedgehogs are afraid of foreign, new objects, and the best thing you can do for them is playing with them yourself. You can play with your hedgehog, the new item and help them to develop a bond with it.

Critter Balls

Although some people are afraid of using critter balls, hedgehogs love it. You can also use sounds to provide mental stimulation to your hedgehog. For example, hedgehogs enjoy musical sounds, and you play them for your hedgehog.

Are Hedgehogs Fun to Play With?

Many people believe the notion that hedgehogs are not fun. You cannot expect the same reaction from your hedgehog as a cat or dog. However, hedgehogs are active animals, and if you introduce them to a game, they will respond with enthusiasm.

It takes time for hedgehogs to become comfortable with their owners. Do not worry if your hedgehog does not respond immediately.

Can Hedgehogs Play Outside?

As pet parents, we always want what is best for our pets. Hence, seeing your hedgehog inside all day, you may begin to wonder if a breath of fresh air would do it well. So, can you take your hedgehog outside to play?

Your hedgehog can gain benefits during summer days if you take it out to play. Hedgehogs being curious animals, will love a tour of nature. As woodlands are natural habitats of hedgehogs, they will enjoy walking through grass.

You can best introduce your hedgehog to nature by playing with it in your backyard or garden.

However, there are certain rules that you must follow when you take your hedgehog outside. Hedgehogs are unique animals and sensitive. Hence, it is easy for hedgehogs to hurt themselves.

Therefore, you must never leave your hedgehog unattended.

Hedgehogs are active animals and can easily escape if you lose sight of them. In addition, hedgehogs love to burrow and can easily disappear if you do not pay attention.

Another thing you should do is feed your hedgehog before you take it out to play. When you feed your hedgehog, you ensure that it is not hungry and will not search for food outdoors.

While hedgehogs love insects, eating them from gardens can be harmful to domesticated hedgehogs as they may have ingested insecticides or contain harmful parasites. In addition, ensure that the grass outside has not been sprayed with any chemicals like pesticides.

To avoid your hedgehog from escaping, you can use a playpen to keep it contained. You can easily get playpens online. You need to ensure that the gaps in the playpen are not big enough for your hedgehog to pass through.

If the weather outside is extreme, do not risk taking your hedgehog to play. While hedgehogs like being warm, extremely hot weather can raise their internal temperature more than it should be.


Hedgehogs make fun pets, although it does not seem like that to many people. Hedgehogs are unique pets and not like cats and dogs. Therefore, you cannot expect the same response from your hedgehog that you would from other pets.

You can play different games with your hedgehog-like soccer and hide and seek. Moreover, hedgehogs also enjoy playing with disposable wooden boxes. You can make a house for your hedgehog out of wooden boxes.

If your hedgehog is afraid of foreign objects, you can play with them instead. Playing with your hedgehog is a great way to develop a bond with it. You can also take your hedgehog outside to play on a warm day.

However, it would help if you never left your hedgehog unsupervised outside.

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