How to Litter Train a Hedgehog

A hedgehog may not come across as a smart animal, but they can be intelligent. You can test your hedgehog’s abilities by litter training it. Many people are not aware, but you can litter train a hedgehog if you follow our guidance:

You can litter train your hedgehog by using its sense of smell and by following a routine that encourages your hedgehog to use a litter box. 

You can litter train your hedgehog by placing them in the litter box whenever they poop. The hedgehogs will associate the smell of poop and litter together. You must practice a routine and continue with it several times to perfect it.

Litter training requires great patience, and you should expect some accidents along the way.

Can You Use Cat Litter for a Hedgehog?

You will find many sources on the internet which indicate that using cat litter is fine for hedgehogs. However, if you are planning to litter train your hedgehog, you must avoid using cat litter. While cat litter may seem like a good option, it has chemicals harmful to hedgehogs.

As your hedgehog uses the litter, the small pieces can get stuck to its genitalia. Your hedgehog can also suffer from allergies and feel irritated.

It is best not to use cat litter.

Before purchasing litter for your hedgehog, you must consider some factors:

First, it is best to choose a litter for your hedgehog that contains no harmful chemicals. You can find litter in the market that is dust-free. Using dust-free litter will eliminate any chance of your hedgehog getting allergies.

Getting a litter that masks odour is important. Hedgehogs are nocturnal and hence poop during the night. If you do not get good litter, you may wake up in a smelly room.

You must ensure that the litter does not have a sharp edge, or it can injure your hedgehog as it poops.  If your hedgehog gets hurt as it poops in the litter box, it will feel discouraged and not go there again. It would help if you also refrained from using clumping litter or one that is made from pinewood or clay.

Where Should You Place Your Hedgehog’s Litter Box?

Before deciding where to place the litter box, you must be careful about which one to get. The litter box must be low enough for your hedgehog to get inside it. The litter box should also be spacious so your hedgehog can move around freely in it.

You must keep the litter box away from the hedgehog’s food and water.

If you often notice your hedgehog pooping in a specific area, it is best to place the litter box there. Some people prefer putting the litter box below the hedgehog’s cage. The hedgehog may then stop and poop at the same place in the litter box.

How Do You Stop Hedgehogs from Pooping on You?

Hedgehogs tend to poop wherever they want. Moreover, hedgehogs are not the best at controlling themselves if they want to poop. Therefore, many pet parents complain of their hedgehogs pooping on them.

Unlike other pets, hedgehogs cannot regulate their bodily functions. Therefore, if you are cuddling with your hedgehog and making any sudden movements, it may poop out in fear.

After hedgehogs wake up, they often feel the need to poop so keep hedgehogs close to their litter trays. You must avoid picking your hedgehog up as soon as it wakes up because it is bound to poop on you.

You can keep your hedgehog from pooping on you by bathing them. A bath is a signal of cleanliness, and hedgehogs are known to poop while bathing. A nice, warm bath will take all the poop out of your hedgehog.

You can also focus on giving your hedgehog the right food to eat. Low-quality food can cause your hedgehog to poop often and have a bad smell to it. Food that has no nutritional value for hedgehogs and only acts as the filler will also make them poop often.

You can keep track of your hedgehog’s habits and routines. If your hedgehog poops as soon as it wakes up, avoid picking it up. After your hedgehog has eaten, you can let it be for a while until it poops and then pick it up or cuddle with it.

Are Hedgehogs Easy to Train?

You will know how intelligent your hedgehog is as you begin to train it.

Training hedgehogs requires practice and patience, much like you would train a cat. You can begin training your hedgehog when you first bring it home. If you have a young hedgehog, it will be easier to train it than an older one.

When you begin training your hedgehog, look out for signs which indicate that your hedgehog wants to poop. Once you recognize that your hedgehog will poop after it wakes or after eating, you can place it in the litter box, and it will be easy for you to train.

It is best to go into the training process with little expectations. Your hedgehog will not perfect litter training at once and requires patience and routine. However, training a hedgehog is not difficult; you only need to be realistic.


Hedgehogs are not only athletic, but they are also intelligent animals. You can test your hedgehog’s intellect by litter training it. Yes, you can litter train your hedgehog by being patient with it.

It would help if you refrained from using cat litter for your hedgehog, which can get stuck to its genitals. It would help if you also avoided any litter with chemicals, dust, or sharp edges.

You can place the litter box under the hedgehog’s cage. It will help if you ensure that food and water are kept away from the litter box. You must be patient with your hedgehog and follow a routine. Accidents are bound to happen as your hedgehog is still an animal.

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