How to Hold a Hedgehog

If you are looking for a companion to help you get through the day, a hedgehog will make the perfect pet. These small mammals do not require much attention and like being alone. A hedgehog has sharp quills on its back, which sometimes cause people to concern about how to deal with and hold hedgehogs.

You can hold a hedgehog gently by using your hands and holding it by its sides. It’s also important to ensure the hedgehog is relaxed and comfortable.

You mustn’t disturb your hedgehog during the daytime when it is time to sleep. A grumpy hedgehog is not a good sight! It would be best if you waited until the evening and then attempt to hold it.

Remain wary of touching your hedgehog’s stomach as it can cause it to curl. Ensure that you remain gentle with your hedgehog. Any sudden movement is likely to stress it out.

Do Hedgehogs Hurt When You Hold Them?

How a hedgehog’s quills feel when you hold it depends on whether the hedgehog is happy and relaxed or stressed out.

When your hedgehog is comfortable and relaxed, you will find that the quills remain flat on its back, pointing towards its tail. This is the perfect time to hold your hedgehog, as the quills will not hurt you. You can even pet your hedgehog in the direction of its quills.

You should remain careful not to pet your hedgehog in the opposite direction as it can hurt you.

If your hedgehog is feeling anxious or stressed, you will notice that its quills are standing upright. Hedgehogs in the wild do this to protect themselves against predators. If your hedgehog feels threatened or angry, it may raise its quills too.

Unlike porcupines, a hedgehog’s quills are not barbed. Hence, it will not pierce through your skin. Rather, it feels like a sharp toothpick. Touching a hedgehog should not be a problem, as the quills do not hurt as much.

Porcupines Prickle

It is important to know that every hedgehog will have different quills. Some hedgehogs have sharper quills than others. Hence, you should not let one bad experience with a hedgehog define it for you.

You should always pet your hedgehog in the direction of its quills, from the head to the tail. Moreover, the more comfortable your hedgehog is, the more it will trust you, and its quills will be relaxed.

How Do You Carry a Hedgehog?

Keeping pets requires a full-time commitment. When you decide to get a pet, you are dedicating your life to it forever. This means taking pets to their vet appointments when they are sick, carrying them with you when you travel or move to places.

It is tricky to hold hedgehogs, let alone carry them, especially for first-time pet parents. While you can get accustomed to holding your hedgehog, carrying it with you to places can be stressful for you and your hedgehog.

Hence, it is required to find the best way to do that.

First, you must make sure that your spiny friend is fully comfortable with you. This can take days or even weeks. To make the process of making your hedgehog friendly easier, you can make use of its sense of smell.

You can do this by leaving your shirt in its cage so every time you come near your hedgehog, it recognizes you. Moreover, you can also talk to your hedgehog, so it remembers your voice.

Keep the hedgehog in your lap and let it explore, walk around, and get accustomed to its surroundings.

For carrying your hedgehog with you to the pet or for a car ride, you need to create a comfortable spot for it. Hedgehogs are sensitive animals that do not like unfamiliar places. Therefore, you need to make the journey as easy for your hedgehog as possible.

You need to invest in a good-quality carrier that has been specifically designed for small animals. It would help if you lined the carrier with warm towels so your hedgehog does not feel cool. The towels will also make the carrier more snuggly and cosier.

Please ensure that the carrier you have is sturdy and enough holes for your hedgehog to breathe and enjoy some air.

You can place the carrier on the seat of your car and fasten it with a seat belt. The seat belt ensures that the carrier is secure and does not move around. Any bumps on the road that may cause your hedgehog to stress can be avoided if the carrier has been secured.

If it is a long ride, you should ensure that your hedgehog has enough treats in the carrier, or you can always make stops and check along the way.

Your hedgehog will likely be scared after the car ride or even after spending some time in the carrier. You can give your hedgehog some treats, so it does not feel stressed or scared. You can also let your hedgehog be alone for a while until it goes back to feeling safe in its home.


In recent times, hedgehogs have been making popular pets. More people are now vested in the idea of having a pet hedgehog. However, there are still people who run away from hedgehogs due to their sharp quills.

However, you can still hold a hedgehog by doing it gently and confidently. Your hedgehog will not like any sharp movements, and hence, it is best to remain slow and steady.

How a hedgehog’s quills will feel depends on whether they are relaxed or standing upright. When a hedgehog is comfortable, its quills are relaxed and faced down towards its tail. If your hedgehog is stressed, you will notice the quills standing upright.

Since the quills are not barbed, they will not pierce through your skin and will feel like sharp toothpicks. You can carry your hedgehog with you while you travel or take it with you to the vet. Make sure to use a sturdy carrier lined with warm towels for the ultimate comfortable ride.

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