How to Get a Hedgehog to Uncurl

One notable feature about hedgehogs is their defence mechanism, curling into a spiked ball. But if you want to cuddle with your hedgehog or pet them then you’ll need to uncurl them. So how do you get a hedgehog to uncurl safely?

You can get your hedgehog to relax and uncurl by putting it in water.

Hedgehogs curl into spiked balls when they feel scared or anxious. A warm bath can relax the hedgehog and help calm it. As a consequence, the hedgehog will uncurl. For some hedgehogs, the sound of running water is enough to uncurl them.

How Do You Open a Curled Hedgehog?

While a hedgehog curling is a sign that it is healthy and functioning well, you may have to uncurl it at some point.

It is important to be gentle and avoid any loud environments when dealing with a hedgehog as it may refuse to uncurl. First, it is important to hold the hedgehog with a thick cloth as its spines will be upright, and you may hurt yourself. Next, you can hold the hedgehog and begin rocking it gently back and forth.

Before rocking, it is essential to hold the hedgehog in the correct position, so it does not confuse when it comes out. You can look for a V, which is the back of the hedgehog’s neck. This will indicate to you how you should hold the hedgehog. Soon enough, after the rocking, you will see your hedgehog’s nose protruding, sniffing.

Getting your hedgehog’s food ready is a great way to welcome it. You can give your hedgehog a delicious treat, so it becomes happy to have uncurled.

Another way to uncurl your hedgehog is to immerse it in some water. You should only use shallow water for this purpose, as uncurling in something deep can cause the hedgehog to become alarmed. Some hedgehogs, however, do not like water and can get nervous even while you give baths to them. Therefore, if your hedgehog enjoys water, you can uncurl it by putting it in some warm water.

Do Hedgehogs Curl Up When Hibernating?

Pet hedgehogs do not hibernate, and it can be difficult to know if your hedgehog is doing so if you have never seen one. While a curling hedgehog is an indication of a healthy one, it can be troubling when your hedgehog is curled for too long.

One of the indications that a hedgehog is hibernating is that it curls into a ball. If you notice your hedgehog curled for long, check the room temperature. It is essential to keep the temperature warm as any drop may cause hedgehogs to hibernate.

It is natural to wonder why your pet hedgehog should not hibernate while the ones in the wild do. Wild hedgehogs have the appropriate diet which enables them to survive hibernation. However, pet hedgehogs do not have the right fat content and energy.

Therefore if your pet hedgehog attempts to hibernate, you must keep it warm and keep an eye on it as it can be fatal for it.

Sometimes people can confuse a hibernating hedgehog with a dead one.

When a hedgehog is hibernating, it curls into a ball, and its breathing slows down. However, hedgehogs naturally do not die while they are curled. So it is essential to check your hedgehog’s breathing if you ever find it curled instead of presuming it is dead.

Hibernating Hedgehog

How Long Do Hedgehogs Take to Uncurl

Hedgehogs can uncurl pretty quickly and should not take more than a few seconds. One feature of these mammals is their ability to smell. Hedgehogs have sharp noses, and many people like the nose-to-nose method of uncurling their hedgehog.

For instance, when a hedgehog is curled, you can place your nose near its nose, and it will pick up on your scent and uncurl. For new hedgehog owners, using this technique is a good way to bond with your pet.

How Do Hedgehogs Curl into a Ball

It is quite fascinating to see hedgehogs curling into a ball. Hedgehogs are small animals with unique defence mechanisms. These mammals use their strong back muscles to help them curl into a ball. When hedgehogs feel threatened or scared, they will use the muscles to spread their quills.

As hedgehogs begin to spread the quills, they become stronger. Soon enough, the hedgehog turns into a tight spiked ball, and the predators cannot open it. In addition, the sharp spikes provide the hedgehog with a strong exterior, protecting the soft insides like the belly.

As a result, any predator trying to come close to the hedgehog will hurt itself and walk away.

When you get a new hedgehog, it will display this behaviour often as it will be nervous. Hedgehogs get scared around new scents and environments and take time to adjust. As you bond more with your hedgehog and give it time, you will find this behaviour fading.

Remember that a curling hedgehog is a healthy one! Curling into a spiked ball comes naturally to hedgehogs. However, some hedgehogs can get so fat they are unable to curl. So, when it comes to your hedgehog’s diet, you must never overfeed it and give it plenty of exercise.


As a hedgehog owner, it is helpful to know everything about your pet. One of the main features of a hedgehog is its ability to curl into a spiked ball. If you want to uncurl a hedgehog, you can put it in warm water. Sometimes, only the sound of water running can cause your hedgehog to uncurl.

In addition, you can also try rocking back and forth until you see your hedgehog’s sniffing nose. Hedgehogs curl when they go into hibernation. It is not healthy for a pet hedgehog to hibernate, so you must look out for that. It can only take a few seconds for a hedgehog to uncurl.

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