How Much Cat Food Should You Feed a Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs need the right quantities of protein and fat in their diet. Although you can buy hedgehog food, cat food is often used in its place as it’s far easier to get hold of. But how much cat food should you feed a hedgehog?

You can feed your hedgehog one to two tablespoons of cat food per day. You can also leave out a small bowl of cat kibble for your hedgehog to munch on.

You can leave it out for your hedgehog and follow a free feeding schedule when it comes to dry food. However, you should not leave out wet food as it turns bad quickly. Also, if you have a cat, you must ensure that it does not go for the food.

Is Cat Food OK for Hedgehogs?

As a pet parent, you must give your hedgehog the best diet. Since hedgehogs were not always a common pet, there was no food commercially available for them. However, cat food is the perfect substitute for hedgehog food and their diet in the wild.

Cat food comes with the right amount of protein and fibre. Having too little or too much protein in a hedgehog’s diet is both dangerous.

When looking for cat food for your hedgehog, it is important to look at the ingredient list. The cat food should have 20% or more protein and around 15% fat. Another reason why cat food is a good choice is that it is of the right size.

Hedgehogs have small mouths; therefore, food of small size is better for them.

What Kind of Cat Food Can Hedgehogs Eat?

Like with so many things these days, cat food also comes with a lot of options to choose from. Cat food comes in different flavours, which include chicken, beef, and fish.

The first choice when picking out cat food for hedgehogs is usually chicken. Chicken cat food contains the right amount of protein for hedgehogs. Again, it is important to look over the ingredient list because some chicken cat foods also have fish.

There is nothing wrong with giving fish-flavoured food to your hedgehog; however, in the wild, hedgehogs rarely consume fish because of their inaccessibility. Therefore, incorporating fish into your hedgehog’s diet can cause it to have stinky poops.

Apart from flavours, cat food is of two types. Cat food can either be in to form of wet food or dry food. Wet cat food is a great option since it is soft and easy to chew. Hedgehogs often have a hard time chewing because of their small mouths; therefore, wet cat food allows them to enjoy their food more.

Unfortunately, wet food has a high protein and fat content. Therefore, it is not a good idea to feed wet food in big amounts. If you want to give wet food to your hedgehog, you should only resort to giving it as a treat. A tablespoon or two of wet food in a day is sufficient for a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs have small bodies and gain weight easily.

Therefore, feeding too much wet food can cause your hedgehog to become obese. When hedgehogs become obese, they contract diseases like diabetes which makes them vulnerable. In addition, when hedgehogs become too fat, they are unable to roll into a ball.

However, if you come across wet food that contains the right amount of protein and fat, you can give it to your hedgehog. Wet food is also a good option if you want to give medicine to your hedgehog. You can hide the medicine in the wet food, so the hedgehog eats it without finding out.

While wet cat food and kibble are common, many owners wonder if they can give their hedgehogs treats in the form of biscuits. Cat biscuits are available in chicken flavour, and you can give them to your hedgehog as a treat.

However, as with other things, you must ensure that you get the best-quality biscuits for your hedgehog.

Is Hedgehog Food Better than Cat Food?

There has always been a debate about which food is better for hedgehogs. When hedgehog food is commercially available, why do people still go for cat food for their pets?

Many people give cat food to their hedgehogs because it is the only option they know. Hedgehog food was not commercially available until recently, and people have always used cat food.

Cat food provides the right amount of nourishment for hedgehogs and is the perfect size for them to chew and swallow. In addition, cat food is also easily available.

When it comes to hedgehog food, it can still be difficult to find it in stores. However, zoos and pet shops may stock up on hedgehog food. Looking at the nutritional values, both cat food and hedgehog food have the right amount.

However, you still need to be cautious when purchasing hedgehog food, as some cheap brands can harm your hedgehog.

Whichever food you decide for your hedgehog, whether cat food or hedgehog food, you must ensure that it is of premium quality.


Hedgehogs are known to follow a varied diet in the wild. However, domesticated hedgehogs follow a somewhat different diet, but it is protein-based. Pet owners give their hedgehogs cat food as it fulfils all the nutritional requirements.

You can give your hedgehog one to two tbsp of wet cat food and free-feed dry cat food.

Wet cat food is best if you give it a treat due to its high-fat content that can make hedgehogs obese.  Also, it is important to look at the ingredients to see if they fulfil the recommended requirements. Too much or too little protein is bad for hedgehogs.

Whichever food you choose to give, whether cat food or hedgehog food, it should be of premium quality.

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