How Much Are Hedgehogs?

You’ve decided on getting a hedgehog and are done researching what kind of pet it will be. You have concluded that a hedgehog would make the perfect pet for you! But your final question is: How much are hedgehogs? Are they expensive?

Hedgehogs cost, on average, between $100 to $300. How expensive your hedgehog depends on several factors that include its age, breed, and colour.

People prefer keeping hedgehogs that are of a small size. These include mostly African pygmies.

The cheapest hedgehogs that you can find are salt and pepper hedgehogs. It is important to consider the cost of buying and keeping a hedgehog to ensure whether you can afford it. A cheap way to acquire a hedgehog is through shelters.

How Expensive is Owning a Hedgehog?

If compared to typical pets such as cats or dogs, the cost of caring for a hedgehog is less.

The total annual cost of keeping a hedgehog ranges from $200 to $600. This cost does not include the initial purchasing cost of the hedgehog and its supplies.

Therefore, these are rough estimates, and the cost can go higher or lower depends on which products and how many things you purchase. Some people do like to buy the most expensive toys and the most extravagant cages.

How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost in the UK?

In the UK currently, you are only allowed to have an African pygmy as a pet. The cost of purchasing an African pygmy range between $75 to $250 (roughly £50 to £175).

African pygmies available at the shelter will be cheaper than ones from the breeder. Moreover, younger hedgehogs tend to be more expensive than older ones.

What are the Costs of Caring for a Hedgehog?

Keeping a hedgehog as your pet requires you to maintain it. Hedgehogs are unique animals that require constant care and attention. You may have to put aside a couple of bucks solely for your hedgie.

When you decide to get a hedgehog, there will be some initial costs involved. Apart from the initial costs, you will have to spend money monthly in the long run on your hedgehog.

Firstly, hedgehogs are not cheap pets. You have to spend between $100-$300 to acquire the hedgehog itself. You can get a hedgehog for cheap from a shelter, but it is unlikely to cost less than $100.

After deciding on the hedgehog, you need to prepare for its cage and the place it will call home. To prepare to house the hedgehog, you must purchase supplies. It would be best to have supplies like a big cage, a wheel, bedding, and more. These supplies will cost you between $200-$700.

Hedgehog Cage

Annual Expenses for a Hedgehog Range Between $200-$600.

These annual expenses include a monthly visit to the vet. Hedgehogs are exotic and require experienced practitioners that can look after them.

Moreover, hedgehogs are prone to heart attacks and obesity; hence, it is best to take them for monthly visits to the vet.

There is also the cost of food included in the annual expense. How high your food expense is depending on the quality of food you give your hedgehog.

You need to consider the cost of fresh food and any treats you would like to give. If you plan on litter training your hedgehog, you will need to purchase litter as well.

You will also need to bear the maintenance cost. Hedgehog cages can get dirty, and you will have to change the bedding. You will also need to replace any damaged lights or wheels. There is also the cost of heating pads and bulbs.

Of course, you cannot leave your hedgehog alone without any toys to play with. Toys also make up annual costs. Hedgehogs love to sniff around and explore, and getting them different toys of multiple textures will keep them healthy and happy.

How To Keep Hedgehogs on a Budget

If you cannot resist bringing an adorable hedgie to your home despite the high costs, you can still do so by being on a budget. Many people keep pets by following a budget and refraining from overspending.

The first thing you should do is look for hedgehogs in shelters instead of going to breeders.

Additionally, be on the lookout for breeders who claim they have hedgehogs up for adoption. Purchasing from shelters will pave the way for more rescues, and you will be housing a hedgehog that needs a home.

When it comes to hedgehog supplies, you can utilize used cages that are no longer needed. You can surf the internet for this one on sites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace and look into your neighbourhood to see if someone has cages they do not need.

Also, look around your house; there are often useless items lying around that you can use in the cage, for example, towels that you could use to keep your hedgehog warm.

It would help if you bought the bedding in bulk, so it is cheaper.

When it comes to food, try freezing any leftover food so it does not go bad, and you can use it for later! Finally, make sure to keep up with your vet checkups; otherwise, an undetected problem can cost a lot in the long run.


The initial cost of purchasing a hedgehog is high. The price of a hedgehog depends on its breed and age. Usually, a hedgehog costs between $100 to $300. It is cheaper to purchase a hedgehog from a shelter.

However, you should beware of breeders that claim to be rescuers and sell their hedgehogs to you.

The cost of caring for a hedgehog is less than that of a dog or cat.

Annually, a hedgehog owner will spend on the hedgehog’s food, bedding, and vet visits. All the costs along with maintenance can add to be roughly around $200-$600. These are estimated costs and are susceptible to change.

You can keep your hedgehog on a budget by buying one from a shelter instead of a breeder. Buying used cages can save a lot of money, along with buying bedding in bulk.

Moreover, it is better to freeze the food instead of letting it go to waste and not missing the routine vet checkups.

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