How Long Do Hedgehog Pets Live?

Getting a pet is a life-long commitment, at least until it lives. Knowing which age your pet can live up to is wise for a potential pet owner, so how long do hedgehog pets live?

Pet hedgehogs can live up to six to eight years of age.

If everything goes well and your hedgehog does not contract any deadly disease, it will live a healthy life of six to eight years. Six to eight years is a long time for pet hedgehogs to live compared to other animals.

You do not need to worry about time running out with your hedgehog. Instead, you can spend ample time with your hedgehog, giving it a happy home and life.

Can Hedgehogs Live Up to 10 Years?

Although the average age for hedgehogs is six to eight years, many pet hedgehogs can live as much as ten years. Pet hedgehogs will have a higher life expectancy than wild hedgehogs because they are no exposed to danger.

It is unlikely for wild hedgehogs to live as long as ten years.

How Long Does a Domestic Hedgehog Live?

Domesticated hedgehogs are usually African pygmy hedgehogs that people like to keep because of their small size. These hedgehogs are not surrounded by danger or predators and, therefore, can enjoy a longer life.

A domesticated hedgehog, on average, is expected to live as long as six to eight years of age. However, some domesticated hedgehogs can also live to be ten years of age.

A lot of different factors affect the lives of domesticated hedgehogs. For example, the hedgehog’s diet, its lifestyle, and whether it has any diseases.

How Long Does a Wild Hedgehog Live?

A wild hedgehog will live less than one that has been domesticated. Wild hedgehogs, on average live to be one to three years of age.

Wild hedgehogs live less than domesticated hedgehogs because they are surrounded by danger. There are many predators in the wild that hedgehogs must be careful about. Wild hedgehogs do not have a healthy diet or eat enough to survive long.

Wild hedgehogs also encounter situations that involve heights, swimming, and life-threatening activities. These hedgehogs also get injured, and when the wounds fester, they die. There is no one to tend to a hedgehog’s injuries in the wild, hence the short lifespan.

What Determines a Hedgehog’s Lifespan?

How long a hedgehog lives depends on a lot of factors. There is a reason why some hedgehogs live longer than others. If, as a pet parent, you take good care of your hedgehog, it will live a long life.

Keeping a pet is a big responsibility; therefore, being careless and reckless can cost your hedgehog its life.

Before we cover how you can take good care of your hedgehog, it is important to know where to get one from. You cannot just get your hedgehog from anywhere. There are many places and breeders which practice inbreeding and keep hedgehogs in terrible conditions.

Getting a hedgehog from these places means that it will have some disease. Moreover, inbreeding can also result in genetic diseases. Therefore, it is best to go to a reputable breeder to get your hedgehog or from someone you fully trust.

If you get a healthy hedgehog, you need to ensure that you maintain its health. One way you can maintain your hedgehog’s health is through good-quality food. Your hedgehog must receive an intake of nutritious food and enough to fulfil its hunger.

Hedgehogs rely on protein as their main source of food; therefore, you must give it a diet that has a large percentage of protein. Your hedgehog’s food should also have fibre in it.

If your hedgehog does not receive enough food or lacks nutrition, it will get a weak immune system. With a weak immune system, hedgehogs become more vulnerable to life-threatening diseases.

Physical exercise holds as much importance as good food. As hedgehogs are small animals, many people believe that they do not require much space. However, hedgehogs love to move around, quench their curiosity, and explore.

Exercise is important for hedgehogs as they have small bodies and are prone to gaining weight. It is best for the hedgehog if you install a wheel in its cage. Moreover, the cage should be big enough for the hedgehog to move around in.

The movement will mentally stimulate your hedgehog, and any toys would make it happy.

The environment of your home plays a vital role in your hedgehog’s lifespan. Hedgehogs become anxious and stressed easily. Therefore, you must minimize loud noises in your home. Otherwise, your hedgehog can become stressed.

In addition, a stressed hedgehog does not sleep enough and eventually develops many health problems. Therefore, you must dedicate a quiet place for your hedgehog to sleep and relax in.

Hedgehogs hide their illness, and it does not show up until the situation aggravates. Therefore, it is important to keep track of your hedgehog and observe any unusual changes in its behaviour. If you notice anything different about your hedgehog, contact your vet immediately.


People and potential pet owners wish to know how long a hedgehog lives. A pet hedgehog, on average, lives to be six to eight years of age. Pet hedgehogs can also live to be ten years of age. However, it is unlikely for a wild hedgehog to live that long.

Wild hedgehogs live only for three to four years. Wild hedgehogs encounter a lot of danger, and therefore, they do not have long lives.

Many things contribute to the lifespan of domesticated hedgehogs. The hedgehog you get must be from a reputable breeder, the food you give to your hedgehog should be of good quality. Moreover, you should also ensure that your hedgehog gets a good amount of exercise.  

Hedgehogs hide illness, so keeping track of their activities and observing any unusual behaviour will keep you on top of their health.

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