Does Hedgehog Poop Smell?

As with all pets, hedgehogs come with responsibilities that you must take on as a pet parent. One such responsibility is ensuring cleanliness and maintaining hygiene. Hedgehogs poop and pee, and you must be prepared for it. But does hedgehog poop smell that bad?

As with all animals, yes, hedgehog poop does smell.

You cannot keep a pet and not expect it to defecate. Hedgehogs poop, and when they do, it does smell. However, there are instances when hedgehog poop may smell worse than usual. How bad hedgehog poop smells depends on its diet.

If a hedgehog consumes fish in large amounts, its poop will smell bad. Hence, while fish is good for hedgehogs, you should feed it in moderation to avoid stinky poops.

Does a Hedgehog Poop a Lot?

If you have arrived at this article expecting less poop, you will be disappointed. Hedgehogs poop a lot because they are small animals. By saying this, it means that hedgehogs have a short digestive system along with a small body.

Moreover, a hedgehog does not have a cecum. While a cecum is important to process vegetables in big amounts, it also produces cellulose. Since hedgehogs cannot produce cellulose, they poop a lot.

In addition, because of their small stomachs, hedgehogs process food faster. These spined mammals also consume cat kibble as their main source of diet. Cat kibble is easy to process in comparison to other foods.

When hedgehogs eat, it only takes them 12 hours before they defecate. On the other hand, it takes humans 24 to 72 hours before they digest their food.

Does Hedgehog Pee Smell?

Hedgehog pee does not smell much on its own. Usually, the smell of hedgehog poop is enough to mask the smell of pee. However, it is important that you clean the cage regularly. When hedgehogs pee, the bedding gets wet.

If the pee builds up in the hedgehog cage, it can start to smell bad. Moreover, not only the cage but the smell can take over the entire room.

Is Hedgehog Poop Dangerous?

Unfortunately, there have been speculations that hedgehog poop might be dangerous. While hedgehog poop should not affect you, any direct contact with it can be dangerous.

Hedgehog poop can be dangerous because hedgehogs carry salmonella in it. Your hedgehog may appear to be healthy while still carrying salmonella in its poop. Therefore, many people refrain from keeping hedgehogs as pets.

However, you can avoid contracting salmonella by being careful around hedgehog poop.

When you clean your hedgehog’s cage, you must always wash your hands to get rid of any germs. In addition, you must also avoid direct contact with your hedgehog via your mouth through kissing or snuggling against it.

Also, you must keep your hedgehog away from your food source. If you maintain hygiene, you can ensure safety for yourself and your family.

Why Do Hedgehogs Poop When They Run?

Hedgehogs are fond of running on their wheel. However, hedgehogs also poop when they run. When hedgehogs run, their digestive system begins to work, and they poop as a result. As a reason, the wheel in the cage is often covered in poop, and hedgehog owners must ensure that they clean it.

When hedgehogs poop as they run, their feet get covered in poop too. Poop boots are common in hedgehogs, and to help with it, you can always dip the feet in warm water to wash them clean.

How Much Do Hedgehogs Pee?

Many pet owners, upon observing their hedgehogs, found that they poop a lot. Hence, it is only natural to assume that hedgehogs pee a lot as well. However, hedgehogs do not pee as often as they poop.

Therefore, if your hedgehog is peeing few times a day, that is completely normal.

When you check your hedgehog’s cage, you will find fewer pee spots than there are often. This is because Hedgehog poop masks the smell of hedgehog pee. After all, they poop more. So if your hedgehog pees a few times but is drinking water and staying hydrated, you should not worry.

On the other hand, if your hedgehog begins to pee a lot more than often, it is a cause for a problem.

What To Do If Hedgehogs Do Not Poop?

Hedgehogs are prone to get constipated. For an animal that poops so often, getting constipated will be painful. Luckily, there are many ways you can get your hedgehog to poop.

If you notice your hedgehog has not pooped in a while, you can add pumpkin to their diet. Pumpkin acts as a laxative, and your constipated hedgehog will be cured in no time. However, you must adhere to giving pure pumpkin puree as opposed to pie filling.

Often, hedgehogs do not poop because they are not hydrated enough. Therefore, you must ensure that your hedgehog has been drinking enough water, so it poops. In addition, hedgehogs do not like dirty water; therefore, you should always provide clean drinking water.

If all else fails, you can always try giving your hedgehog a warm bath. Hedgehogs poop while getting a bath, and it is a great way to release them of their built-up faeces. A warm bath should be enough to get your hedgehog’s insides working.

If your hedgehog has been constipated for long, you must contact the vet immediately.


Hedgehog poop smells like all animal poop does. Eating fish can cause hedgehog poop to smell worse than usual. Hedgehogs are small animals and therefore poop a lot because they have a fast digestive system.

At the same time, hedgehog pee does not smell as bad; the smell of poop masks the pee smell. Hedgehogs also poop as they run because activity kickstarts their digestive system.

If your hedgehog does not poop, you can give it pumpkin puree, a bath, or ensure it is hydrated.

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