Do Hedgehogs Stink?

When it comes to keeping pets, whether big or small, you should remain prepared for any smell, making cleanliness very important. For example, since hedgehogs are known to poop frequently, people have questions about whether hedgehogs stink or not?

No, hedgehogs do not stink. This a common misunderstanding regarding hedgehogs but, they smell pretty good.

Hedgehogs are odourless animals. They will not stink at all if you take care of external factors such as their environment.

Hedgehogs carry an organic scent with them that you will be able to smell if you stand close to them. This is because their body does not have scent glands.

Animals like ferrets have these glands that make them stink no matter how clean they are. Hedgehog owners are lucky when it comes to their pet’s natural scent. However, hedgehogs might smell bad in some circumstances.

How Do You Keep a Hedgehog Cage from Smelling?

It is important to maintain a hedgehog cage and ensure cleanliness. This is not just important for your hedgehog’s cosiness but its health.

Hedgehogs’ weak respiratory system makes them vulnerable to bacteria build up in their body. These bacteria can cause footsore and skin inflammations. Hence it is important to ensure cleanliness to keep your hedgehog healthy.

Daily spot cleaning is what you need to do to stop the hedgehog cage from smelling. This involves changing bedding every week, cleaning faeces, and removing litter as soon as your hedgehog is done pooping.

Bedding should be changed every seven days or after a maximum of 10 days. To be on the safe side, you should bring in new bedding and completely remove the old one. You should make sure that everything is dry before putting a new adding.

Additionally, you should whitewash the surface before putting on a new adding. This will remove all the stink away.

Another task that you must follow is monthly deep cleaning. This is a bit time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. It involves cleaning your pet’s entire cage by cleansing each bar and its surface.

Therefore, you must choose the right cage while making a purchase. If you own a cage with a moveable tray and wide bars, it will be a lot easier for you to clean your pet’s cage.

It is preferred that you use hot water with soap for cleaning. This will fully wash out the smell. Along with soap, you can use vinegar to get rid of any unpleasant odour.

Lastly, drying out your cage in the sun will help you get rid of a smell that will not go away otherwise.

You should make sure that you use safe wipes to wash away their cage. Some of the wipes may contain harmful chemicals that could coat your pet’s cage and harm them.

Along with this, litter training will help you keep their cage from smelling. This might take some time, but it is worth the effort. You can start litter training by attaching a tray to their wheel. An area designated as your pet’s bathroom will make a difference.

Cleaning is the way to keep your hedgehog’s cage from smelling. But you should give frequent baths to your pet. Hedgehogs usually poop when they are given a bath. This way, they will poop less in their cage.

This will also wash off the body smell that they might have harvested from their cage.

Why Does Your Hedgehog Stink?

Hedgehogs stink due to several reasons. The most common among them is their dirty habitat. Hedgehogs poop a lot, and if not potty trained, they will poop anywhere. When they use their cage as a washroom, it starts stinking.

This smell is transferred to hedgehogs, who then smell bad. This smell that comes from your hedgehog is not its natural smell but the smell of their poop.

Hedgehogs being animals, have no sense of cleanliness. If you do not take charge of cleaning them, they will not mind sitting in faeces or urine all day long. If this goes on for longer, they will end up stinking.

Hedgehogs also stink when they are sick or infected. This again does not cause them to smell natural, but it brings unusual stink to their poop. This happens due to the biological factors surrounding hedgehogs.

Another reason why your pet might stink is a bad and unhealthy diet. If you feed them with fatty foods that contain a lot of fillers, their waste will smell. This is also the case when hedgehogs body lacks nutrients, and they are facing deficiencies.

Therefore, you should feed healthy food to your hedgehog. However, if you feed them a lot of fish, their poop will stink badly. Fish might bring them nutrition, but it also leads to stinking.

What to Do If Hedgehogs Begin to Smell Bad?

The first thing you must do is bathe your hedgehog. You need to put it in a tub or a sink and ensure it’s non-slippery because hedgehogs tend to slip a lot. Next, you should use a mild shampoo to wash their body and use a brush to brush off their quills.

Along with this, you should change the hedgehog’s diet, and potty train if they stink.


Hedgehogs may poop all the time, but they do not smell bad. These spined animals are odourless. Hedgehogs do not have sweat glands and carry an organic scent. However, if you do not take care of your hedgehog’s cleanliness, it will smell bad.

You should ensure that you keep your hedgehog’s cage clean as the bacteria build-up can affect its respiratory system. Daily spot cleaning will not take too much of your time and will ensure that your hedgehog’s cage is clean all the time.

One reason why your hedgehog can stink is because of its dirty habitat. Your small companion may also stink because of being infected for a long time. Being infected will bring about an unnatural scent to your hedgehog’s poop.

If your hedgehog smells bad, you should bathe it in a tub using a mild shampoo. Also, try changing the hedgehog’s diet and potty training it.

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