Do Hedgehogs Purr?

Like all animals, hedgehogs also show a range of emotions. These spined mammals can get angry, stressed, and display affection towards their owners. However, there are still many questions that people have regarding hedgehogs and the noises they make such as do hedgehogs purr?

Yes, hedgehogs do purr. Hedgehogs may show their emotions by purring. Unfortunately, sometimes a hedgehog’s purr may be mistaken for a growl.

Hedgehogs make a variety of noises, such as purring, squeaking, and growling. As a result, these small mammals may sometimes come off as aloof compared to other animals such as dogs. However, many pet owners have witnessed their hedgehogs purring and expressing love towards them.

How Do You Know If a Hedgehog Is Happy?

Hedgehogs have a way to show their owners that they are happy. You can look out for certain signs to see if your hedgehog is enjoying its time with you. The first thing you should be looking at is your hedgehog’s quills.

When a hedgehog is nervous, stressed, or scared, it will raise its quills and turn into a ball. You should take this behaviour as a sign that your hedgehog is unhappy does not feel comfortable.

Do Hedgehogs Recognise Owners

When your hedgehog feels happy and comfortable, it will relax its quills in the direction of its tail. Your hedgehog will make noises when it is happy, which range from squeaking to purring.

Hedgehogs love to explore and will spend most of their time sniffing and quenching their thirst for curiosity. When a hedgehog runs around in its cage, runs on its wheel, eats well, and makes a lot of noise, it is happy.

These are some of the things your hedgehog will do while it’s awake.

Hedgehogs also show how happy they are with the way they sleep. Most hedgehogs love to cuddle with their owners as they sleep. As they sleep, your hedgehog’s body would be relaxed, and it will slowly breathe.

Some hedgehogs even look at you as they sleep, which shows how happy and content they are. A snoring hedgehog is also a sign that it is happy and getting a peaceful sleep.

Even with the kind of sounds your hedgehog makes, you can tell how happy it is. Some hedgehogs will chirp like a bird. You will see hoglets chirping when they ask for food.

If your hedgehog is happy and comfortable around you, it will allow you to touch and handle it. As a result, the hedgehog will become relaxed and will not resist you as you pick it up.

On the other hand, if your hedgehog is huffing and puffing as you handle it, it is not happy, and you should leave it be until it warms up to you.

It can be hard to tell if your hedgehog is happy because it is not as emotionally expressive as some animals are. However, if you look for small signs in your hedgehog’s behaviour, you can figure out if it is happy.

What Sounds Do Hedgehogs Make?

Hedgehogs are relatively quieter pets than others. But there are some sounds that your hedgehogs make which show how they feel towards you.

Hedgehogs, and more often, hoglets, are known to chirp like birds or squeak. Mostly chirping or squeaking is observed when hoglets are born or when they ask for food. If the mother hedgehog is with her hoglets, you should leave her alone and provide her with a nursing box.

Male hedgehogs are also known to make a chirping sound when they are courting females.

When your hedgehog is happy, you will notice it making clicking (also known as kissing) sounds. These are soft clicking sounds that show that your hedgehog is content. When a hedgehog makes loud clicking noises, they are called popping.

A hedgehog who is aggressive or trying to defend itself will make these noises. Moreover, hedgehogs that are scared will also make this sound. Therefore, it is best to leave your hedgehog alone if it makes these sounds; otherwise, you will scare it more.

Hedgehogs also hiss when they are angry or feel threatened. If your hedgehog is uncomfortable around you, it will make hissing noises. It would be best if you left the hedgehog alone until it calms down and becomes more comfortable around you.

You will find your hedgehog huffing and puffing when it is annoyed or irritated. If someone gets too close to your hedgehog, it will huff and puff. Since hedgehogs are solitary animals by nature, they value their personal space; hence it is best to back off when your hedgehog wants some alone time.

When your hedgehog is purring, it is an indication that it enjoys your company. You, as a pet parent, will be glad to hear this sound. Some hedgehogs also whistle when they are happy with their pet parents.

A hedgehog screaming is a sound that you should be worried about. A screaming hedgehog indicates that it is in pain or is extremely scared. Hedgehogs in the wild who fight scream at each other.

If your hedgehog is screaming, you should look for any visible injuries or external factors such as loud noises causing discomfort.


So, do hedgehogs purr? Hedgehogs are known to be solitary animals that are aloof and do not display emotions that other pets do. However, hedgehogs make a variety of noises that indicate how they feel. These small mammals are known to purr when they are happy and content with their owners.

Moreover, they also whistle and make soft clicking noises when they are feeling affectionate. Hedgehogs that huff and puff are annoyed and irritated. If a hedgehog is screaming, it may be in extreme pain or feel scared.

There are various ways in which you can tell if hedgehogs are happy. When your hedgehog is awake, it will explore and sniff around or run in its cage. Moreover, happy hedgehogs will sleep peacefully and snore. Most hedgehogs also love to cuddle with their owners.

So, if your hedgehog is happy, it will let you hold it easily without any resistance.

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