Do Hedgehogs Poop A Lot?

As hedgehogs are small mammals, we often think they do not require much maintenance. However, taking care of your hedgehog involves mostly cleaning their cage. Hence, how frequently you would clean your hedgehog’s cage depends on how much they poop.

Yes, hedgehogs poop a lot. This is because hedgehogs have small bodies and a short digestive system. As a result, their digestive system lacks cecum, which is essential for processing cellulose. This makes them poop frequently.

For a small animal like hedgehogs, it is nearly impossible to have a large stomach.

Hedgehogs mostly eat cat kibble, which processes quicker compared to other food. So, whatever goes inside their stomach comes out sooner. On average, it takes hedgehogs 12 hours to traverse their stomach. In comparison, humans take 24-72 hours to process food.

Do Hedgehogs Only Poop When They Run?

Hedgehogs do poop when they run. But that is not the only time they poop.

When hedgehogs run, their movement assists in moving stuff that is inside their large intestine. This results in hedgehogs pooping while running. Hedgehog owners usually find their wheels full of poop, and they should be beware whenever their pet is running around.

Poop that falls on their exercising wheels sticks to their feet. These are known as poop boots. You must regularly clean their wheels and feet to wash away all the poop. This can be a cumbersome process; however, hedgehogs are less likely to poop while running when they grow older.

You can potty train hedgehogs; however, that will not stop them from pooping and peeing on their wheel or while running. This is because they are animals, and they do not fully get problems surrounding human society.

However, hedgehog owners can potty train their pets and reward them when they achieve a desirable outcome. This will help hedgehogs understand their lesson better.

Can You Potty Train a Hedgehog?

Yes, hedgehogs can be potty trained, so they do not litter around. You can do this through positive reinforcement and the closeness of objects. Hedgehogs can sense the smell, and these forces affect a hedgehog’s ability to smell.

Hedgehog owner should assign a certain cage for littering which smells like poop. Now that the whole cage smells like poop, your hedgehog will start believing that this area is designated for pooping.

Another way to potty train hedgehogs is by placing their litter tray under their wheel. This encourages hedgehogs to use wheels only for bathroom purposes. A survey revealed that 50% of hedgehogs stopped running to use their litter tray when they felt the need to poop.

Hedgehog owners might find it hard to potty train them in the beginning. However, hedgehogs are quick at adapting, and it only takes them a few days to get potty trained. It would help if you stayed consistent and persistent to potty train them fully.

Do Hedgehogs Pee Everywhere?

Hedgehogs are more likely to poop and pee everywhere they go. This includes peeing while they are sleeping while exercising or running, and during meals. This is because they are wild animals, so they are not trained to timely peeing.

Hedgehogs also pee a lot when they are stuck in situations that cause stress. So, it is encouraged to work on their environment and surroundings, and potty train them to poop and pee in litter trays.

It is important to ensure that hedgehogs are not soiling their food. Sometimes, hedgehogs start peeing while eating or sitting near their eating trays. Hence it is desirable to check their food bowl and wash it away if you find pee.

Do Hedgehogs Poop on Their Owners?

Hedgehogs tend to poop anytime they feel the urge to do so. They can end up littering on you while they are having a playful and enjoyable time. They are unlike other household pets. Hedgehogs do not have self-control which is necessary to regulate bodily functions.

A little movement can cause hedgehogs to poop. So, when you pick them up to cuddle with them, they are likely to poop on you.

Hedgehogs also feel the need to poop a few minutes after waking up. It is therefore considered desirable to keep them close to their poop tray.

However, if the hedgehog’s owner decides to spend some time with their pet soon after he wakes up, then he is bound to poop on them.

Owners can avoid this from happening by giving them a good bath. Bath signals cleanliness, so they poop out everything they have inside them.

Hedgehog owner should also be mindful of the food he is feeding his hedgehog. Feeding them with low-quality food will make them poop a lot more. Similarly, food that brings no nutritional value to your hedgehogs and has many fillers will cause your hedgehogs to poop more than usual.

Do Hedgehogs Poop Where They Sleep?

Yes, hedgehogs poop while sleeping. This activity is common, especially between young hedgehogs and the ones not potty trained. A lot of owners buy sleeping bags for their hedgehogs to stop them from pooping while sleeping.

They can be trained to wake up and use their tray to poop. But before your hedgehog is trained to poop, you should clean the enclosure to ensure safety. Not cleaning hedgehogs’ sleeping space can accumulate dangerous bacteria.

This could get your pet sick.

Some hedgehogs also rub their poop on their body when they fear predators around. Therefore, it important to make them feel safe and maintain good hygiene.


Looking after a hedgehog involves cleaning their cage, and you will have to do that frequently as hedgehogs poop a lot. Since hedgehogs have a small stomach, they digest food sooner and hence poop more.

Hedgehogs can poop while running as the exercise makes them digest their food. Moreover, hedgehogs also poop during other activities, such as when it is time to bathe.  These small mammals tend to poop urgently and can do so anytime and anywhere, even on their owners!

Hedgehogs also poop where they sleep, but they can also be potty trained. Sometimes when hedgehogs fear that their predator is around, they will rub poop over themselves.

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