Do Hedgehogs Need to Go to the Vet?

However, unlike some regular pets like cats and dogs, hedgehogs are still rare pets. Therefore, even the people who do keep them often have limited knowledge. One of the most important things to know before getting a pet hedgehog is how to take care of it. A pet’s health should be everyone’s priority. So do hedgehogs need to go to the vet regularly?

Hedgehogs, like all animals, are required to go to the vet to ensure they are in good health.

If you plan on keeping a hedgehog, you must know that it is a sensitive animal. These mammals tend to hide their illness which usually shows up when it worsens. Therefore, it is important to stay ahead of the game and monitor your hedgehog. Taking your hedgehog to its vet will have you know that it is healthy.

Do Hedgehog Need Shots?

Every pet owner you know must iterate about the importance of shots. However, unlike cats and dogs, hedgehogs do not carry diseases like rabies. Therefore, hedgehogs do not require any shots.

However, if you find a hedgehog outdoors, it would be a good idea to treat it for parasites. Hedgehogs outside feed on many things like worms, which can give them parasites. Taking your hedgehog to the vet will provide you with a plan that helps with parasites.

While vaccination is off the table, there are other things your hedgehog should be treated for. For example, hedgehogs are prone to getting mites, especially if they are living with other hedgehogs. Therefore, it is important to threaten these small mammals for mites.

While mites are not such a huge problem, they can deteriorate your hedgehog’s health by attacking the immune system if another underlying problem is discovered.

How Often Should Hedgehogs Go to the Vet?

As aforementioned, it is important to stay on top of all your hedgehog’s health. Therefore, to do so, visits to the vet are crucial.

For first-time hedgehog owners, it can be tricky to know what the right time to go to the vet is. Usually, with other pets, vet visits are done when their vaccination is due. But, since hedgehogs do not require any vaccination, you really have no reason to see the vet.

Hedgehogs hide their illnesses, and they only show up when they get worse. Therefore, you must take your hedgehog to the vet at least three to four times a week. The vet will do a full checkup, so each time you go, you have the comfort of knowing that your hedgehog is fine.

A physical inspection of the hedgehog is common practice. Other than that, vets may also take the faecal matter to test them out for different diseases. Usually, parasites in a hedgehog can be detected by fecal matter. It is easy for hedgehogs to get parasites from outside or even other animals.

In addition, the vet will check the hedgehog’s skin, scraping it to check for any mites.

Another important part which most owners forget about is the hedgehog’s dental hygiene. Usually, food can get stuck in the hedgehog’s mouth, and since it is small, it is not easy to detect and get rid of them. If this keeps happening, your hedgehog can develop a plaque.

It becomes difficult for the hedgehog to chew, and if the pain is great, it may also let our pain cries. The vet will provide you with solutions like diet changes to keep your hedgehog healthy.

If you have an old or ageing hedgehog, the entire process will be done. However, there is one more aspect that is added to the process, which is an X-ray.

Are There Vets for Hedgehogs?

It is natural to question if vets are available for hedgehogs since they are considered exotic animals. While some places do allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets, others do not. Hence, if you live where hedgehogs are easily available, you are also likely to find a vet.

It is important to do your full research before getting a pet hedgehog. There is no point in getting a hedgehog if you cannot get it treated when it falls sick. Since the mammal is thought to be exotic, some vets do not cater to it. Hence, you will be putting your hedgehog’s life at risk if you are getting it without a vet.

Hedgehogs require a special vet that has the license to deal with exotic animals. Therefore, you must go to vets who specialize in dealing with exotic animals.

You can find some great vets near you if you do a little digging on the internet. There are websites dedicated to hedgehogs that can help you look for vets. In addition, you can ask your local vet if he knows anyone. Usually, vet referrals come in handy, and you can look for the perfect vet for your little companion.


Hedgehogs are considered to be exotic animals in most parts of the world. Therefore, it is not easy for people to keep them as hedgehogs if no vet is available. Hedgehogs are smart animals and know there is something wrong.

However, hedgehogs tend to hide their illnesses, so it becomes essential to keep up with their vet appointments. Like other animals like cats and dogs, hedgehogs do not need shots because they do not carry diseases like rabies.

It is best to go to a vet at least after every four weeks. You can monitor your hedgehog’s health and ensure that they are not sick by going to a vet. Before you get a hedgehog, however, it is important to do your research.

Not all vets can handle hedgehogs, and you need a licensed vet that has experience dealing with them. You can find a vet from the internet or get a referral from other vets. The vet will do physical checkups, an oral exam, and an x-ray.

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