Do Hedgehogs Like Water?

If you are not familiar with hedgehogs, then it is best to know more about them to take care of them well per their needs. Hedgehogs have a lot of quirks and habits that pet owners should know about. So, do hedgehogs like water?

Most hedgehogs will not like water. How much your hedgehog will enjoy water depends on its personality.

Most of the time, hedgehogs dislike the water. Many pet owners have reported that hedgehogs become stressed during bath times and, as a result, may even soil the water. Some hedgehogs are an exception, however, as they enjoy bath time as well as swimming.

Do Hedgehogs Like to Float in Water?

Hedgehogs enjoy floating in lakes and pools. The hedgehog, when placed in water, becomes a tiny floating boat. The quills on the hedgehog’s back are filled with air which helps it to curl and float.

However, even though hedgehogs enjoy floating, they should not be left unsupervised in water. Your hedgehog may not naturally learn to float, and you should not force it to do so. You need to ensure that your hedgehog is comfortable with water before letting it float.

Can Hedgehogs Be in Water?

Hedgehogs may not come across as the most athletic animal, but they enjoy swimming. Most hedgehogs may not like water, but some love the feeling of a warm bath. Hedgehogs have different personalities.

Some may like the water while others will not. These small mammals do not need to swim for survival but for pleasure.

Hedgehogs may not enjoy the water for long periods. However, hedgehogs in the wild swim in waters, searching for food or getting away from predators.

You can let your hedgehog enjoy the water, but you should not leave it unsupervised. Hedgehogs are adventurous and can jump in water; however, most of them have difficulty getting out.

If a hedgehog cannot find a way to get out of the water, it may swim until it is tired and eventually drown.

If your pet hedgehog enjoys swimming, you must create a way for it to get out of the water. Whether your garden has a pond or a swimming pool, you should create a slop so the hedgehog can easily escape the water when tired.

Can Hedgehogs Swim in Pools?

Hedgehogs are great swimmers, and you can let your pet swim in your swimming pool. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind before letting your hedgehog swim.

Firstly, if your place has a swimming pool, you need to ensure that your hedgehog does not go in unsupervised. You can do this by keeping your swimming pool covered when you are not around to avoid your hedgehog jumping into it.

If your hedgehog is scared or does not want to go into the pool, you should never force it. If you push your hedgehog in the pool, it will become stressed or panic to the point that it may die.

The water your hedgehog is in should always be lukewarm. If the pool’s water is cold, refrain from letting your hedgehog swim as it can give it chills.

When in the pool, you should stay with your hedgehog. These small mammals can easily drown if they get tired and cannot get out of the pool. If you see your hedgehog trying to get out, immediately go and help them.

Once your hedgehog is done swimming in the pool, you can give them a quick bath to let the chlorine wash off. If the chlorine stays on the hedgehog’s body, it can result in an allergic reaction.

Swimming pools are a hazard for hedgehogs. To make your swimming pool area safe for hedgehogs, you can place a net not to let your hedgehog jump in the pool accidentally. Moreover, the hedgehog should create a slope or ramp to climb out of the pool if you are not around when it is swimming.

How Often Should You Bathe Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs require baths as all animals do. Unfortunately, hedgehogs like cats do not clean themselves and may require frequent baths. So, if you notice your hedgehog getting dirty, then it is time for a bath.

Most hedgehogs remain clean, while others can get dirty quickly. Bathing your hedgehog once a month should be enough. However, if you bathe your hedgehog frequently, it can contribute to dry skin.

You can get a separate tub for your hedgehog to bathe in. You can also place your hedgehog in the sink or your bathtub. The water that you use to give a bath should be lukewarm.

Before getting to it, you should give some time to your hedgehog to get comfortable with the water and relax. It is easier to scrub a relaxed hedgehog as opposed to a stressed one.

Ensure that you dry your hedgehog completely using towels to prevent it from getting the chills.

How Often Bath Hedgehogs


How much a hedgehog likes water depends on its personality. Most hedgehogs dislike being in the water, while some love the feeling. Hedgehogs tend to become anxious and stressed during bath time and may even soil the water.

Hedgehogs make good swimmers but do not rely on swimming for survival. Moreover, these small mammals are naturally buoyant and can float in water. You should never leave your hedgehog unsupervised while it is in water as it may get tired and drown.

If your hedgehog enjoys swimming in pools, you need to be careful.

The water should be lukewarm so it does not get chills. Moreover, there should be a ramp for the hedgehog to get out of the pool if it becomes tired. When giving a bath, you should let your hedgehog get comfortable with the water, so it becomes relaxed.

Finally, it is important that you completely dry your hedgehog so it does not get the chills.

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