Do Hedgehogs Have Fur?

Hedgehogs are little animals with pointed noses and small ears that make great pets. People love to cuddle with their pets, mostly cats and dogs that have fur on them. However, since hedgehogs have quills, people often wonder do hedgehogs have fur?

As opposed to what most people believe, hedgehogs do have fur. Hedgehogs have fur on their face and their bellies.

The quills are made of keratin, just like human hair, but they are modified to become stiff. Hence, it would be incorrect to say that hedgehogs do not have fur. Like most mammals, hedgehogs have fur and come in different colours.

Are Hedgehogs Furry?

Furry pets are popular as people love to cuddle and give lots of love to them. The most common pets that are preferred are cats and dogs. However, people are afraid of getting one because they are not as furry as other animals when it comes to hedgehogs.

A hedgehog’s face and its underside are covered with soft fur. You can pet your hedgehog and rub its soft belly. Rubbing your hedgehog’s belly is a great way to show it some affection.

However, when we talk about a hedgehog’s back, it is prickly and covered in quills. If you enjoy cuddling with pets, it may not be the best idea for you to get a hedgehog.

Do Hedgehogs Have Hair?

One common misconception that people have regarding hedgehogs is that they do not have hair. You should know that hedgehogs are mammals with hair. Due to lack of awareness, people often assume that the quills on a hedgehog’s back are different from hair.

A hedgehog’s quills are made of keratin that our hair is made from. The hair is modified to be stiff, and due to survival purposes, this hair is hard. A hedgehog will have around 5000 to 6500 quills.

The hair that is on a hedgehog’s face and underbelly is soft.

When a hedgehog feels threatened or is under attack, it will curl into a spined ball with its quills standing upright. This is the hedgehog’s way of dealing with any predators.

If any predator tries to touch the hedgehog, it will feel uncomfortable and leave it alone. More often, in a new environment, a hedgehog will curl into a ball if it feels stressed or nervous.

Hence, hedgehogs do have hair that allows them to remain safe and protected.

Are Hedgehogs Born with Hair?

When hedgehogs are born, they are tiny and weigh only 25 grams. In addition, hedgehogs are not born with fur. Instead, it grows steadily over a few weeks.

The quills are carefully concealed and covered with a liquid that protects the mother hedgehog as she gives birth. After a few hours of being born, baby hedgehogs will reveal around 100 quills on them.

Do a Hedgehog’s Quills Hurt?

A hedgehog can control its quills with its muscles. Hedgehogs will use their quills as a defence mechanism when needed.

If your hedgehog’s quills are relaxed, they will lay flat in the direction of its tail. This position of the quills indicated that your hedgehog is relaxed and feels safe. When your hedgehog’s quills are flat, it is the best time to hold it and even pet it.

It is important to know that you should pet in the direction of the quills as doing the opposite will cause them to poke into your skin.

Sometimes, your hedgehog will raise its quills if it is uncomfortable, scared, or angry. The raised quills will hurt you if you hold your hedgehog. Although touching the quills can be painful, they will not pierce through your skin.

Your hedgehog as a baby will have softer quills. As baby hedgehogs mature, they lose their quills in return for the adult ones. Moreover, the sharpness of quills varies from hedgehog to hedgehog.

It can be challenging to adjust to your hedgehog’s quills. But with time, the more you both get acquainted, the more comfortable you will feel.

Can You Cuddle a Hedgehog?

People keep pets to feel less lonely and to have a companion around. Hence, cuddling is a common way to show affection towards one’s pets. One most sought-after question people have is if they can cuddle with their hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are solitary animals by nature that prefer to be alone. Most of the time, people feel offended if their hedgehogs do not like being with them.

But you should understand that it is the nature of the hedgehog to be alone. Moreover, the one thing that stands between you cuddling your hedgehog is its quills.

Fortunately, if you are a big cuddle, you will be glad to know that you can still cuddle despite the quills. Most hedgehogs love to cuddle. If your hedgehog’s quills are flat, you can cuddle with it until it falls asleep.

It is important to know that most hedgehogs may not prefer cuddling for longer periods. You must be careful with how you handle your hedgehog. It would be best if you did not hold it haphazardly. Instead, you should be gentle and steady.


Hedgehogs are mammals that have fur. You can find fur on the hedgehog’s face and its underbelly. Most people feel intimidated as hedgehogs have quills. The quills are only hair that has been modified.

A hedgehog’s quills are made from keratin, just like human hair. A hedgehog’s quills are around 5000 to 6000 and help it survive. When hedgehogs are born, they do not have hair. The skin contracts and the quills reveal themselves after a few hours.

A few weeks later, a newborn hedgehog will begin to have fur.

Due to the hedgehog’s quills, you must be careful as you hold it. Your hedgehog must be relaxed with its quills laying flat. Moreover, it would help if you always petted your hedgehog in the direction of its quills.

You can even cuddle with your hedgehog despite it having stiff hair.

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