Do Hedgehogs Eat Frogs?

While hedgehogs are known to enjoy various things, they feast mainly on creepy crawlies. However, there can be instances when not enough is available, and hedgehogs will resort to consuming other small animals. Some of the small animals which hedgehogs can consume include rodents, roadkill, and even snakes. But do hedgehogs eat frogs?

The answer to the question is yes. Hedgehogs eat frogs, but they are not the central part of their diet.

Hedgehogs will eat frogs occasionally when they have the opportunity. Sometimes, food is not adequately available in the wild, and hedgehogs will therefore eat frogs. However, if hedgehogs have enough food to consume from better sources, they may not eat frogs.

Can Pet Hedgehogs Eat Frogs?

Since hedgehogs in the wild consume frogs, you may wonder if your pet hedgehogs can also eat frogs. The answer is yes, and your pet hedgehogs can eat frogs. However, if you are a hedgehog owner, giving frogs will not be your first choice.

There are other better options of food you can provide for your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs eat a variety of things and will eat frogs if you provide them with some. However, since hedgehogs mainly rely on insects and protein, their dietary requirements will remain insufficient. Hence, it is best to stick with cat food or hedgehog food.

Since your hedgehog is a pet, it will always have ample food as opposed to wild hedgehogs.

Moreover, if you stick to feeding your hedgehog its regular diet like insects, it will be much cheaper and less of a hassle for you. This is because you can easily find hedgehog food, insects, and any other thing they consume in pet shops.

Therefore, as you do not need your pet hedgehog frogs, you do not have to.

Which Frogs Can Hedgehogs Eat?

As hedgehogs are small animals, they will mostly prey on small frogs. However, bigger frogs can defend themselves well, and therefore, hedgehogs will leave them alone.

However, preying on frogs requires effort for hedgehogs as opposed to insects. Hence, hedgehogs will always prefer consuming insects to going for frogs.

Many people think about the poison found in frogs, but hedgehogs are immune to all that. Hence, hedgehogs can consume all sorts of frogs without falling ill or contracting diseases.

Hedgehogs can consume: Common frogs, bullfrogs, leopard frogs, and water frogs.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Frog Spawn?

If hedgehogs eat frogs, it is only natural to think if they also consume frog spawn. Hedgehogs do like to eat frogspawn, and it is good for their health. Frogspawn includes nutrition essential for the good health of hedgehogs.

However, hedgehogs may not consume tadpoles that come out of the spawn. This is because the tadpoles are too fast for the hedgehogs to catch.

Is Eating Frogs Harmful to Hedgehogs?

As hedgehogs do not actively prey on frogs, it can be concerning if they eat it. However, there is no reason to worry about hedgehogs consuming frogs because they are immune to poisons and toxins.

However, the only thing, which is concerning, is hedgehogs obtaining their full nutritional value. If hedgehogs only consume frogs, making them a central part of their diet, they will not receive proper nutrients.

Consuming insects and bugs are more nutritious for hedgehogs and contain the appropriate protein content needed to thrive. Therefore, it is good for hedgehogs if you give them their proper diet, including the important nutrients to live a healthy life.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Other Animals?

Hedgehogs are opportunistic animals and can consume different kinds of animals. First and foremost, hedgehogs will prioritize consuming insects. Hedgehogs eat a variety of insects, including beetles, ants, roaches, crickets, and scorpions.

Also, hedgehogs consume worms like waxworms, earthworms, hornworms, and maggots. Hedgehogs love to forage and look around for food. Therefore, to look for worms, hedgehogs will have to dig the soil.

You may find hedgehogs in your garden because they also feed on some garden pests. Hedgehogs love to eat slugs and snails and are friends with gardeners.

Apart from frogs, hedgehogs also feed on other amphibians, such as toads and newts. Hedgehogs can eat these animals if they find them dead or prey on them. In addition, hedgehogs also consume reptiles like lizards and snakes.

The toxins and poison present in the reptiles are of no concern to hedgehogs since they are immune. Hedgehogs will prey on small lizards and snakes.

Hedgehogs mostly like to consume invertebrates but can also eat vertebrates if the opportunity arises. Therefore, if animals like birds and small mice are easily available, hedgehogs will eat them. Hedgehogs also eat roadkill if they encounter it.

On certain occasions, hedgehogs will also consume fish. However, hedgehogs do not actively consume fish because they do not hunt for them. On the other hand, if hedgehogs come across fish, they will eat it.

Hedgehogs are as opportunistic as it gets and will eat bird eggs too. These small mammals love to gobble any kind of bird eggs they find.


What is great about hedgehogs is that they are generalists when it comes to food. These small mammals enjoy a varied diet and can eat about anything. One of the many things which hedgehogs consume is frogs. Frogs are found in the wild, and hedgehogs will eat them when the opportunity arises.

However, hedgehogs will not actively prey on frogs, only if there is insufficient food available.

Many people worry about the toxins and poisons found in frogs and if they can harm hedgehogs. However, hedgehogs are immune to toxins. In addition, hedgehogs will also consume small rodents, birds, and bird eggs.

Small lizards and snakes are also a part of the hedgehog’s diet.

When it comes to fish, hedgehogs do not hunt them, but if a dead one is readily available, they will consume it. However, it is best to stick with a hedgehog’s original diet to fulfil their nutritional requirement.

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