Do Hedgehogs Eat Acorns?

When keeping a hedgehog as a pet, it is important to adhere to their nutritional requirements. These small mammals rely on protein as their main source of nutrients. But hedgehogs also eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts. But how about acorns and other tree nuts? Do hedgehogs eat acorns?

Yes, hedgehogs can eat acorns occasionally alongside their main meals.

Being pet parents, we wish to give out pets every little thing that is good for them. Acorns are a great source of protein and fat for hedgehogs. However, it would help if you never replaced your hedgehog’s meal with acorns.

It is best to reserve acorns as special treats.

Since hedgehogs are prone to gaining weight, the fat in the acorn can cause them to become obese if fed too much. Therefore, you must maintain moderation with feeding acorns.

Do Wild Hedgehogs Eat Acorns?

Wild hedgehogs are usually after insects and any small animal that comes their way. Wild hedgehogs eat small rodents and snakes too. However, if any opportunity arises, wild hedgehogs will also consume plants and nuts.

Since hedgehogs do not have a cecum, they cannot digest plant matter in big amounts. Therefore, they occasionally consume.

Hence, it is not surprising that hedgehogs consume acorns in the wild. Hedgehogs love to forage on the ground, searching for food. Therefore, if hedgehogs in the wild come across a fallen acorn or plant matter on the ground, it will consume it.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Nuts?

Hedgehogs in the wild are known to consume nuts. However, pet hedgehogs are different from wild ones, and therefore, there is a lot of speculation about whether nuts are a good choice. You can feed nuts to your hedgehog as long as you do not do it excessively.

As with everything, eating too many nuts does not contribute positively to a hedgehog’s health. A reason why nuts in big amounts can be harmful is that they contain a lot of fat. Hedgehogs are small animals that are already at the risk of becoming overweight.

An overweight hedgehog is susceptible to getting diabetes.

While hedgehogs do eat nuts in the wild, we are unaware of the quantity they eat. Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can feed nuts to your hedgehog in small quantities.

Moreover, since hedgehogs have small mouths, you should crush the nuts so they do not choke. By crushing the nut, your hedgehog will chew and swallow it with ease.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Nut Butter

Nut butter is a delicious spread made by grounding nuts. As hedgehogs like eating nuts, it is natural that they will also like nut butter. However, although some hedgehogs may like nut butter, it is not the ideal food item to give your hedgehog.

You can only give nut butter to your hedgehog as a treat. Nut butter that comes from the store has a lot of additives and salt, and sugar. These things can harm your hedgehog if fed in excessive quantities.

Hence, if you decide to give nut butter to your hedgehog, please do so in small quantities. An occasional lick of nut butter now and then will not harm your hedgehog.

Nut butter is rich in fat, and you should never replace your hedgehog’s diet with it. Moreover, nut butter comes with a lot of calories. As aforementioned, hedgehogs have small bodies and are prone to gaining weight.

Therefore, feeding them high-calorie foods is not an ideal choice. Giving nut butter to your hedgehog will give them unnecessary calories. If your hedgehog is unable to exercise enough to burn the calories, it will become fat.

Hedgehogs that are obese cannot roll into a ball and contract diabetes.

Since nut butter contains different nuts, it is a risk to feed your hedgehog. Nut butter includes nuts like peanuts that have toxins that are harmful to hedgehogs. The toxins can damage your hedgehog’s liver in the long run.

In addition, nut butter also includes sugar. Hedgehogs cannot digest the sugar in big amounts as they naturally do not consume sweet things. Therefore, you can only give nut butter in small amounts.

Hedgehog Nut Butter

If you feed your hedgehog nut butter frequently, it can lead to digestive issues. Your hedgehog can get diarrhoea from overconsumption of nut butter. Diarrhoea in hedgehogs is harmful as it leads to dehydration and weakens the immune system.

Your hedgehog will be more susceptible to other diseases.

The texture of nut butter also does not resonate with hedgehogs. Nut butter has a sticky texture, an added risk to feeding it to your hedgehog. Due to its sticky texture, nut butter can stick to your hedgehog’s teeth and mouth.

It is not an easy task to get something out of a hedgehog’s mouth. However, if you leave it there, the nut butter can easily lead to dental problems.  In addition, as hedgehogs have small mouths, they may have a hard time chewing and swallowing nut butter.

Therefore, there are chances of your hedgehog choking while eating nut butter.

Hence, you must be careful when giving your hedgehog nut butter as a treat. To avoid risks, give the butter in small amounts and then brush your hedgehog’s teeth afterwards.


Although hedgehogs eat protein and insects, they also consume plants and nuts. Acorn is a nut that hedgehogs eat, and it is a great source of protein and fat. Although wild hedgehogs consume small animals and insects, they also eat nuts if the opportunity arises.

For example, when wild hedgehogs forage at night, they may consume any nuts that have fallen on the ground.

While hedgehogs eat nuts in the wild, we do not know the exact quantity. Therefore, if you are looking to feed nuts to your hedgehog, you must do so in small amounts. Nuts are fatty and, therefore, can lead to weight gain in hedgehogs.

You can let your hedgehog have a taste of nut butter as an occasional treat too.

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