Do Female Hedgehogs Fight?

Generally speaking, it is recommended to keep one hedgehog per cage as they do not like sharing space. However, some sources indicate that you can keep two female hedgehogs together. But, do female hedgehogs fight with one another or not?

Yes, female hedgehogs can fight when placed in a cage together, but they are actually more likely to get along than male hedgehogs.

It is not recommended to keep two hedgehogs together. However, if you must, keeping two female hedgehogs is a better idea. This is because a mother hedgehog along with its female offspring is less likely to fight.

On the other hand, two unrelated female hedgehogs will fight.

Do Hedgehogs Fight Each Other?

Often you may have seen hedgehogs fighting in your garden and wonder why they fight? Hedgehogs like peace and solitude, which is why they do not get along even with their own.

The most common assumption is that hedgehogs fight over territory like other animals. However, hedgehogs have a home range and are not territorial. Male hedgehogs can fight over territory on rare occasions, but mostly it is about something else.

For example, if placed in a cage, male hedgehogs can fight over space. But in the wild, hedgehogs give each other enough space, so they do not meet.

The two main why hedgehogs may fight is over food and mates. When there is less food, hedgehogs will compete with each other. It is unlikely for hedgehogs to run into each other as they forage for food in the wild.

However, in an enclosure, when there is insufficient food, hedgehogs will fight each other.

Hence, if you have more than one hedgehog, it is important to stop fights at the feeding station as they can hurt each other. Furthermore, all the hogs must get an equal chance at eating food. Usually, the stronger hedgehogs push the smaller ones to get ahead, leaving them hungry.

To provide equal food distribution, you can spread it around the cage instead of concentrating it in place. You can also divide the hedgehogs and feed them in different places to avoid any fights and ensure that they get the required nutrition.

During the mating season, you will hear hedgehogs fighting and a lot of noise. To court, the females, male hedgehogs will compete in a head-butting competition to attract them. You will hear hedgehogs mating during the spring season at night.

Also, pregnant females may fight with younger males who try to mate with them.

Why Do Hedgehogs Snort at Each Other?

Hedgehogs tend to be loud animals at times, and you may notice them making different noises. This is because hedgehogs produce noises to communicate with each other. And, if you have a pet hedgehog, it will make noise to try to communicate with you.

The most common noise people tend to hear is hedgehogs snorting at each other. This is because hedgehogs have a mating ritual and are loud during it. The mating ritual comprises male hedgehogs dancing, engaging in a head-butting competition, and luring the female in.

As male hedgehogs gather and try to make advances towards the female hedgehogs, they may fight or back out and make loud snorting noises. Therefore, hedgehogs make snorting noises to intimidate other hedgehogs or display annoyance.

Do All Hedgehogs Fight?

As with humans, hedgehogs have different personalities, and not all of them are the same. Therefore, while hedgehogs may be alike in most aspects, small details are always different. However, there is no particular pattern regarding which hedgehogs fight, like age or type.

On the other hand, gender plays an important role. Male hedgehogs are likely to fight than female hedgehogs. Male hedgehogs fight with other males over food and sometimes over territory. Apart from other males, male hedgehogs will also fight female hedgehogs and hoglets.

Female hedgehogs rarely show aggression. Hence, you can keep two females together in one cage. Moreover, females stay with the hoglets until they are mature enough. Hoglets that stay together for a while may begin to show aggression towards each other.

There can be times when a female hedgehog accidentally displays aggressive behaviour.

For example, the mother can run her hoglets under the wheel or drag them out to the wheel, causing them to get injured and die. Mother hedgehogs can also eat their hoglets if there is a male presence or they feel the hoglets are being threatened.

Do Hedgehogs Fight with Other Animals?

When you think about a hedgehog, you only wonder about their defensive behaviour, like rolling into a ball. This is because hedgehogs are prey animals rather than predators, and they do not pick fights with other animals.

Instead, these small mammals feed on insects and other creepy crawlies and, therefore, do not need to have a fighting strategy.

When hedgehogs are faced with a threat, they will usually turn into spiked balls to protect themselves rather than attack. Therefore, hedgehogs do not fight with other animals. But your hedgehog can still bite you if it is in a bad mood but rest assured, it is rare and won’t hurt much!


Hedgehogs are solitary animals who enjoy being alone. In the wild, hedgehogs are sure to maintain a distance to keep away from each other. Therefore, it is important not to place two hedgehogs together in captivity.

You can, however, put two female hedgehogs together if it is a mother-daughter duo as they are less likely to fight.

These small mammals can fight each other over insufficient food, and during the mating ritual, the males compete for the females. In addition, hedgehogs will make loud snorting noises to display anger and annoyance with each other.

However, a hedgehog does not fight with other animals and only turns into a spiked ball to defend themselves.

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