Do Cats Attack Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are small animals that have increasingly become popular pets. Hedgehogs love being by themselves and do not like the company of other hedgehogs and animals. It is advised that you keep your hedgehog apart from other pets. But will other pets go after hedgehogs and do cats attack hedgehogs?

Although a popular belief that they do, cats do not attack hedgehogs and hedgehogs should remain safe in the company of pet cats. 

Cats are curious animals that will sniff around your hedgehog to try and recognize it. However, the hedgehog’s quills are enough for the cat to know that the hedgehog can harm it.

On the other hand, cats are intelligent animals, and they will know not to annoy the hedgehog and stay wary of their quills. It takes an animal with a big jaw to attack a hedgehog, and a cat is unlikely to do so.

Are Cats a Danger to Hedgehogs?

Cats are not a danger to hedgehogs.

Cats are smart animals that know which animals to avoid that could potentially harm them. In addition, hedgehogs have quills that are sharp to touch and have an intimidating appearance. Cats will usually avoid messing with hedgehogs even in the wild.

Do Hedgehogs and Cats Get Along?

If you have a cat, you may worry about whether it will get along with your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs and cats can live together and get along. The process takes time and requires patience and supervision when both pets are together. If you monitor the pets and ensure that both are not messing with the other, there should be no problem.

Your cat will rarely injure your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs have quills that defend them from any attacks. As cats are curious, people often assume that they will harm hedgehogs. However, after the cat is done satisfying its curiosity, it will leave the hedgehog alone.

On the other hand, hedgehogs are not aggressive animals and will not prompt or harm any cats. The hedgehog will not get close to the cat and may sniff a bit and then go about its way. Hedgehogs are solitary animals by nature and do not enjoy the presence of other animals and even other hedgehogs.

If your hedgehog has a more friendly personality, it will likely get along with your cat. However, if your hedgehog is an introvert, it may not get along and feel nervous around your cat.

Do Cats Eat Hedgehogs?

As a pet parent, one big concern that you can have is if cats eat hedgehogs. It is physically impossible for a cat to eat a hedgehog.

As hedgehogs have spikes, a cat cannot eat one because it will hurt itself in the process. Cats tend to stay away from hedgehogs. A cat trying to attack a hedgehog will end up with wounds and stinging sensations that can last for a while.

A cat will even refuse to eat a dead hedgehog because of its quills.

How to Introduce Hedgehogs to Cats

To ensure that your hedgehog and cat get along, you need to make a proper introduction. Introducing your hedgehog slowly to your cat will enable them to get used to each other and reduce the chances for any aggressive behaviour.

Hedgehogs and cats have one thing in common: Both animals operate on smells.

You can use the power of smell to introduce both your pets to each other. Before bringing your cat and hedgehog together, let both grow accustomed to their scents. 

You can do so by getting a piece of cloth and rubbing it on your hedgehog, and then let your cat have a sniff. You can leave the cloth where your cat sleeps or spends the most time so it can get used to it.

Do the same thing with your hedgehog. Rub a piece of cloth on your cat, and then leave it in your hedgehog’s cage. Your hedgehog will get used to the smell.

Introduce Cat to Hedgehogs

After some days of sniffing each other’s scent, your pets are ready for their first encounter. You can begin by placing your hedgehog and cat in their carriers. The carriers should be one that your pets are familiar with.

Next, place the animals at a distance from each other. If your cat and hedgehog do not display any aggressive behaviour, you can bring them closer together. If you notice that even one of your pets has become aggressive and does not calm down, you must stop the introduction.

Continue with the introduction every day until your pets do not display aggressive behaviour and become accustomed to each other’s presence.

Once your pets have grown used to each other’s presence, you can introduce them without their cages. You can begin by placing your hedgehog in your hand and letting the cat come near it. The cat will be curious and sniff the hedgehog.

Next, both your pets will sniff each other until they are satisfied and bored. Now that you know that your pets are comfortable with each other, you can let them roam freely.

If your cat and hedgehog interaction is peaceful, you should not interfere and let them be. However, if you notice any aggression from your cat or your hedgehog, separate the two immediately. Sometimes hedgehogs may not get along with cats depending on their personality.


Hedgehogs are solitary animals that prefer to be alone.

If you have a cat, you may wonder if it will get along with your hedgehog. Cats will not attack hedgehogs because their spines protect them well. Cats do not even eat dead hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs are not aggressive animals, but they are introverts. How friendly your hedgehog can be towards your cat depends on its personality. You can introduce your hedgehog to your cat in their carriers.

After both the pets are comfortable, you can let them interact without their carriers. If you notice any aggressive behavior, it would be best to separate both your pets immediately.

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