Can You Tame a Hedgehog?

Many people may think that hedgehogs make unusual pets. Unfortunately, people avoid keeping hedgehogs because they believe that you cannot tame and train them, unlike cats and dogs. But we are here to debunk any myths that people believe about hedgehogs and whether it is possible to tame a hedgehog or not?

Yes, you can certainly tame a hedgehog, although the process requires patience and perseverance.

Taming your hedgehog may not be an easy task, but it is not impossible.

If you plan on taming your hedgehog, you need to understand that it requires a lot of patience. Moreover, it is best to adopt positive reinforcement when training your hedgehog and be consistent with the practice. Hedgehogs are shy by nature and will require time to open with you.

Are Hedgehogs Good Pets

Before getting any pet, it is important to know as much as you can about them. Not every pet is suits every person. Moreover, each pet has its own special needs. Hence, if you feel that you can care about hedgehogs and its need, only you should get one.

Many people consider hedgehogs to be good pets because they are low maintenance. Hedgehogs do not require human interaction as they are solitary by nature. In contradiction, traditional pets like cats and dogs require constant attention.

Hence, getting a hedgehog will not be much of a problem if you have a busy schedule.

However, there are certain aspects to keeping a hedgehog that you must bear in mind. If you truly want a hedgehog, you must be okay with handling it. Hedgehogs have sharp quills that do not make it easy to hold them. If you prefer to have fluffy pets and someone you can snuggle against, hedgehogs may not be the one for you.

There are other challenges that you must work against when keeping a hedgehog. If you are a light sleeper, a hedgehog’s nocturnal routine will bother you. Hedgehogs sleep during the day and stay up the whole night.

Moreover, hedgehogs also tend to be noisy. Since these spined mammals are active during the night, they will make noise and disturb you. Hedgehogs are active and love to run the wheel.

Nevertheless, these challenges are nothing you cannot accomplish. For example, you can give your hedgehog a separate enclosure away from your room so you get some sleep. In addition, please spend some time with your hedgehog before going to bed, so you develop a bond with it.

How good of a pet hedgehog makes depends on how willing you are to bond with it. All animals come with their set of needs, and hedgehogs are no different.

Can You Potty Train a Hedgehog?

You may find it surprising, but you can potty train a hedgehog. When people think about keeping hedgehogs as pets, they assume they will always have to clean their poop. However, many pet owners have succeeded in potty training their hedgehogs.

It is best to dive into potty training without unrealistic expectations. Your hedgehog may not always use the litter box to pee or poop and is bound to have accidents. If you have a young hedgehog, it will be easier to train it, and you will see more positive results than training an old one.

Moreover, potty training requires a lot of patience on your part. Some hedgehogs get trained instantly, while some take time. Hence, you should not feel discouraged when your hedgehog does not display quick results.

How To Tame a Hedgehog

The first step to taming your hedgehog is to understand that your hedgehog does not despise you. Although it may feel like that sometimes, hedgehogs are not social and rarely interact. Moreover, hedgehogs can easily get stressed and nervous.

Therefore, when you bring a new hedgehog to your home, it will take some time to open to you and adjust to its new surroundings.

Hedgehogs are different animals, and hence, you may also need to start slow and help them adjust. Handling a hedgehog is not the same as handling a dog or cat. Since hedgehogs have bad eyesight, the best thing you can do is use their sense of smell.

For example, you can place a t-shirt of yours in your hedgehog’s cage, so it becomes familiar with your scent. Moreover, it is best to avoid using any new scents, or your hedgehog will become nervous.

Most new hedgehog owners are afraid of holding it. However, the more you interact and hold your hedgehog, the less afraid you will more. It is also good for the hedgehog because it will get used to the touch. You must ensure that you are gentle with your hedgehog and not make any quick movements that scare it.

Hold Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are explorers, and therefore you must let them explore. Let your hedgehog get used to the surroundings, sniff around and memorize the scents. The more your hedgehog explores without intrusion, the greater its chances of warming up to you.

You will find that after weeks of spending time with your hedgehog, it will get used to your presence. The hedgehog will be relaxed when you are around and let you cuddle with it. Taming a hedgehog is no problem, and the key lies in being patient and trusting the process.


It comes as a surprise to people that they can tame hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are solitary animals, and it does not mean they hate you. The small mammals take some time before warming up to their owners. Training a hedgehog is easy, except it only requires consistency and patience.

Hedgehogs make good pets because they are low maintenance. There are a few challenges, such as their nocturnal routine and loudness, but you can easily overcome them. You can also potty train a hedgehog, although it may not always be successful.

Potty training a young hedgehog has better chances of success than an old one.

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