Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna?

Making a list of what you need before getting your hedgehog can be a good way to stay on top of things. Like all animals, hedgehogs love to eat, Your pet hedgehog should have a protein-based diet. Tuna is a widely available protein option but can hedgehogs eat tuna or can it make them ill?

The answer to the question is yes, hedgehogs can eat tuna.

People do not recommend giving seafood to hedgehogs as it makes their poops smellier. However, although tuna can make your hedgehog’s poop smelly, it is safe for it to consume. The tuna you give your hedgehog should not have any seasoning or oil on it.

It would be best if you also gave tuna in small amounts to your hedgehog due to its mercury content.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Tinned Fish?

The easiest method to give your hedgehog fish is buying tinned fish. However, although giving tinned fish to your hedgehog may seem convenient, it is not ideal. Tinned fish comes immersed in oil which is harmful to hedgehogs as it is quite fatty.

If you’re able to buy tinned tuna in spring water with no added preservatives or seasoning then this would be fine for hedgehogs to consume, of course.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Raw Fish?

Wild hedgehogs consume fish as part of their diet. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your hedgehog is providing it with a diet close to the one found in the wild. Hence, you can give fish to your hedgehog if you can bear the stinky poops.

Hedgehogs have no trouble eating raw fish, but it will be wise to boil it. By boiling the fish, you can get rid of parasites and bacteria in the fish that can harm your hedgehog. Boiling the fish will also improve its texture, making it easy for the hedgehog to chew and swallow.

You must be careful about the species of fish you give your hedgehog to consume. This is because the effects of consuming wish will be seen in your hedgehog’s poop. Apart from this, hedgehogs enjoy a nutritious meal and gain benefits from the protein in the fish.

Hedgehogs can enjoy many fish species, but some you should only reserve as treats. For example, you should give tuna only a treat to your hedgehog because it has a high mercury content. Other things to look for in species of fish are the phosphorus and calcium content.

If a certain species of fish does not have enough phosphorus and calcium, then you should only give it as a treat to your hedgehog.

Is Eating Tuna Risky for Hedgehogs?

Eating tuna can be beneficial for hedgehogs due to various reasons. First, tuna does not have high calories, which is perfect as hedgehogs already gain weight easily. Moreover, tuna comes with Omega 3 fatty acids that replace the actual bad fats.

As bad fat reduces in hedgehogs, they have a lower chance of getting heart disease.

In addition, tuna is a great source of vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. The fish also contains magnesium which helps produce energy and keep the heart-healthy. Also, the calcium in the tuna promotes strong teeth and bones for hedgehogs.

Although giving tuna is healthy for hedgehogs, there are still a few risks attached. Hence, it is important to serve tuna correctly and in the right amount to your hedgehog.

Tuna is a fish that comes with bones. Therefore, there is a risk for your hedgehog to eat tuna and choke on any bone. Therefore, before giving any tuna to your hedgehog, you must remove all bones and ensure none are left behind.

Apart from the bones in tuna, you must also ensure that you cut it into small pieces. Hedgehogs can choke if the pieces of tuna you offer them are big. So it would help if you cut the tuna into bite-sized pieces according to your hedgehog.

The amount of tuna you give your hedgehog also matters. It is not wise to give tuna in big amounts to your hedgehog because it contains mercury. If your hedgehog consumes a lot of tuna, it may suffer from mercury poisoning.

You should only give tuna as a treat rather than replacing the actual meal. Moreover, the best way to give tuna to your hedgehog is by boiling it. You should avoid putting any seasoning or oil in the tuna to avoid health issues in your hedgehog.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna Catfish?

Tuna catfish is another name for tuna cat food. The main source of a hedgehog’s diet is protein; therefore, cat food makes the ideal meal for it. People prefer giving chicken-based cat food to hedgehogs; however, they can also consume tuna catfish if they can eat tuna.

While giving tuna catfish to hedgehogs will cause them no harm, it can lead to stinky poops. Moreover, before giving tuna catfish to your hedgehog, ensure that you check the ingredient list. Some brands of tuna catfish have high protein contents.

If any brand has protein of more than 35 percent, it is not suitable for hedgehogs.


Hedgehogs eat fish in the wild. Therefore, pet parents wish to follow the same varied diet for their pet hedgehogs. When it comes to fish, particularly tuna, hedgehogs can consume it.

However, tuna contains mercury, and therefore, you should only give it to your hedgehog as a treat. Moreover, you must boil the fish and cut it into small pieces for your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs can also eat tuna catfish, which is another name for tuna fat food. However, tuna catfish can cause stinky poops in the hedgehog. It is not wise to give your hedgehog tinned fish as it contains many preservatives harmful to it.

Moreover, tinned fish has a lot of salt content and comes immersed in oil which is bad for hedgehog health.

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