Can Hedgehogs Eat Tomatoes?

Often, you may find your hedgehog sniffing around tomatoes. As hedgehog owners, we all like to give treats to our hedgehogs now and then. However, as hedgehogs are sensitive animals, we should be careful about which kind of treats we give to our pets. So can hedgehogs eat tomatoes or not?

Hedgehogs can eat tomatoes. Although, you should not feed them too many and they should be used as a treat. 

Tomatoes are beneficial for hedgehogs as they are nutritious. This red fruit contains vitamins and minerals. Although tomatoes are beneficial for hedgehogs, you should not make them their only diet.

Tomatoes contain traces of acid and a decent amount of sugar. It is best to only give tomatoes to your hedgehog as a treat rather than a whole meal.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Tomato Ketchup?

Many people assume that since it is safe for hedgehogs to eat tomatoes, they can also consume tomato ketchup. Although tomato ketchup is delicious, you should refrain from giving it to your hedgehog. Tomato ketchup is produced by going through many processes.

There are preservatives added to tomato ketchup that can be harmful to hedgehogs.

Since hedgehogs are prone to gaining weight, giving tomato ketchup is harmful as it contains many sugars.

Can Tomatoes Be Good for Hedgehogs?

Do you often wonder how good tomatoes can be for your hedgehog? Tomatoes come with many benefits that your hedgehog can enjoy if fed in limited quantities.

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Your hedgehog can get vitamin A, iron, vitamin b-6, and minerals from eating tomatoes. Apart from consuming protein, these nutrients are important for hedgehogs.

In addition, you will be glad to know that tomatoes contain a good amount of vitamin C that is beneficial for your hedgehog. Vitamin C will help keep your hedgehog’s immune system strong and protect it from many diseases.

Tomatoes also come with fibres that are essential for a hedgehog’s health. Fibre is essential to a hedgehog’s diet as it aids digestion and helps keep the stomach strong. Tomatoes can also be great for your hedgehog as it contains calcium.

However, consuming too much calcium is bad for hedgehogs because it forms bladder stones.

Are Tomatoes Toxic to Hedgehogs?

A common question regarding tomatoes that many pet parents have is if they are toxic to hedgehogs. Tomatoes are not harmful to hedgehogs if they are fed in a certain manner and in moderation.

However, if you make your hedgehog overeat any fruit or vegetable, it is harmful to them. Hedgehogs are not built to digest fruits and vegetables easily, and hence, their diet should be more protein-based.

Although tomatoes are not toxic if fed excessively can lead to many health issues. Tomatoes contain a good amount of sugar that is harmful to hedgehogs. Feeding lots of sugar to hedgehogs can lead to obesity and diseases such as diabetes.

Excessive tomato consumption can also cause diarrhoea in hedgehogs.

It would help if you also remembered that tomatoes are slightly acidic. Hedgehogs are sensitive animals with sensitive stomachs. The acidity in tomatoes can lead to various stomach issues for the hedgehog. It is recommended to introduce your hedgehog to tomatoes slowly.

How Can You Feed Tomatoes to Hedgehogs?

Despite tomatoes causing problems for hedgehogs, you can still feed them occasionally. However, since hedgehogs come with a fragile digestive system, you must prepare to give them tomatoes accordingly.

The first thing to do is to choose the correct tomatoes for your hedgehog. You should pick ripe tomatoes for your hedgehog that look nice and fresh. If you pick unripe tomatoes, they can cause digestive issues for your hedgehog.

You should also pick organic tomatoes as they do not have pesticides sprayed on them. Finally, wash the tomatoes properly, ensuring that you get the dirt and chemicals out.

Next, you should cut the tomatoes into small pieces so your hedgehog can easily chew and swallow without choking. Finally, be sure to remove the seeds from the tomatoes as they can be a choking hazard for your hedgehog.

How Many Tomatoes Should You Feed Hedgehogs?

It is important to keep track of how many tomatoes you feed your hedgehog. Overfeeding tomatoes can lead to many health problems.

You should not be feeding more than a cherry tomato or a slice of a regular tomato to your hedgehog. Feeding limited quantities of tomatoes will not harm your hedgehog. You should feed your hedgehog tomatoes once or twice a month.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Tomato Leaves?

Hedgehogs are known to eat plants and munch on greens. So, more often, pet parents assume that tomato leaves are safe for hedgehogs.

However, you should never give your hedgehog tomato leaves to eat. Tomato itself is safe for your hedgehog, but the leaves can be poisonous.

In addition, tomato leaves contain harmful alkaloids that can lead to negative health effects. If your hedgehog eats a small part of the stem and leaves, it will not be harmful, but too much will adversely affect your hedgehog.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Tomatoes Leaves


Pet parents love giving treats to their hedgehogs and often wonder whether or not hedgehogs can eat tomatoes. Tomatoes are safe for your hedgehog to eat if they are fed in moderation. Any fruit or vegetable which is fed excessively is harmful to hedgehogs.

You cannot give your hedgehog tomato ketchup as it has added preservatives that can damage your hedgehog. Moreover, tomato ketchup contains sugar that can cause obesity in hedgehogs.

Tomatoes are not toxic to hedgehogs, but they can be bad for them if fed in greater amounts. You should pick organic, ripe tomatoes for your hedgehog and cut them into small pieces.

The tomatoes should only be fed once or twice a month as a treat. You can give not more than one cherry tomato or a slice of a big tomato.

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