Can Hedgehogs Eat Strawberries?

Hedgehogs make incredible pets, and having one around can light up your life.

However, as pet parents, we all are guilty of giving treats to our pets now and then. It is, therefore, important to know which things you can give your hedgehogs and which you cannot. You should completely avoid giving some fruits while some your hedgehog can enjoy.

But what about strawberries? Can hedgehogs eat strawberries?

Yes, strawberries are one of those fruits that your hedgehog can eat. 

Strawberries can be given to hedgehogs and are healthy for them. Hedgehogs love eating strawberries and are nutritious. Moreover, hedgehogs can eat strawberries more than other fruits as they have low sugar content. It would help if you always gave your hedgehogs organic strawberries rather than commercial ones as they have fewer pesticides on them.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Strawberry Tops?

With strawberries being so delicious, your hedgehog may want to try strawberry tops too. These are green fibrous materials and have a lot of health benefits. Strawberry tops are rich in vitamin C and include dietary fibres.

Moreover, strawberry tops also have low sugar content making them perfect for your hedgehog.

So, what is stopping you from giving these strawberry tops to your hedgehog?

Unfortunately, commercially available strawberries are not organic. Instead, the strawberry tops are sprayed with pesticides and harmful chemicals that do not make them the ideal choice for hedgehogs. Over time, these chemicals are known to damage the health of hedgehogs.

Hence, unless you are sure that your strawberries are 100% organic, you should refrain from giving strawberry tops to your hedgehog.

You can solve the strawberry top problem by planting your own in your garden. You will be satisfied that your strawberry is grown in your garden safely without any pesticides, and your hedgehog can enjoy the strawberry tops without any harm.

Do Hedgehogs Like Wild Strawberries?

Most hedgehogs do enjoy wild strawberries. How much your hedgehog will like strawberries or any other fruit depends on its personality and preference. Some hedgehogs love eating fruits while others do not so much.

Generally, strawberries are well-liked in the hedgehog community. This is because many hedgehogs love to munch on wild strawberries and strawberry tops. Moreover, hedgehogs are known to eat almost anything.

However, some hedgehogs can be picky eaters as well. Therefore, if your hedgehog does not like to eat strawberries, you should not worry about it. There are plenty of other fruits you can give your hedgehog instead.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Strawberries with Seeds?

While giving strawberries to your hedgehogs seems like a fun idea, you still need to be careful about how you give them.

Most fruits, such as apples, have seeds that are harmful to hedgehogs. The same question arises when we talk about giving strawberries. Is it safe for hedgehogs to consume strawberry seeds?

Strawberries do not have noticeable seeds like apples. Instead, strawberry seeds are on the outer side. These seeds are completely safe for hedgehogs. If you feel like your hedgehog may choke or have difficulty eating strawberries with seeds, you can still remove it.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Since hedgehogs can eat strawberry tops, many pet parents also like to know if hedgehogs can eat strawberry leaves. A strawberry plant has fibrous leaves, and your hedgehog can eat them. However, it is unlikely that your hedgehog will prefer eating strawberry leaves too much. Hedgehogs are not inclined towards eating leaves in the wild, so your pet hedgehog may be the same.

You can give your hedgehog other plants to eat, such as dandelions or leafy greens like kale. These greens are not only fibrous but will also provide your hedgehog with nutrients.

How Often Can You Feed Strawberries to Hedgehogs?

An important aspect of feeding your hedgehog is how often you should do it. Fruits do not make the main portion of your hedgehog’s diet and are occasional treats. Too many strawberries can be harmful to your hedgehog’s health, and hence, you should practice moderation.

The natural sugars in strawberries, when given excessively, can contribute to weight gain in your hedgehog.

If you choose only to give strawberries to your hedgehog, you can feed it more. Since strawberries contain less sugar content than that other fruits, you can increase the quantity you give. You should give no more than two-thirds of a single strawberry in one go to your hedgehog.

However, if you are giving other fruits and strawberries, you should only give one teaspoon of strawberries.

Strawberries should not replace a hedgehog’s actual meal and should only be given as a treat. If strawberry is the only fruit you give your hedgehog, once a week would be fine. On the other hand, if you like to give other fruits, you should limit to giving strawberries once every two weeks.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Freeze Dried Strawberries?

Since fresh strawberries are safe for hedgehogs to eat, many pet parents wonder if freeze-fried strawberries are also safe.

Fresh strawberries are great for hedgehogs because of their low sugar content. However, you should know that freeze-dried strawberries have high sugar content, making them unhealthy for hedgehogs.

Even if you feed fresh strawberries excessively to your hedgehog, it is harmful to it, so freeze-dried strawberries are a bad idea.

Hedgehogs are prone to gaining weight easily. Therefore, feeding your hedgehog freeze-dried strawberries will contribute to weight gain and obesity. Moreover, it can lead to your hedgehog developing diabetes.


Hedgehogs are known to eat many fruits, and strawberries are one of them. Strawberries make great treats for hedgehogs due to their low sugar content. You can give your hedgehog strawberry tops along with the strawberry if they are not sprayed with pesticides.

Many hedgehogs like to eat wild strawberries.

However, some hedgehogs can be picky eaters and refuse to eat strawberries. Which fruit your hedgehog likes depends on its personality and preference.

It would be best if you did not feed excessive strawberries, nor should you feed freeze-dried strawberries to your hedgehog. As hedgehogs are prone to gaining weight and become obese, it is best to observe moderation when feeding fruits.

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