Can Hedgehogs Eat Raspberries?

Hedgehogs love two things the most, and they are eating and sleeping. With food being such an important part of a hedgehog’s life, a pet parent needs to prioritize it. While most of a hedgehog’s diet revolves around protein, you can give it occasional treats in the form of fruits and vegetables.

But what about raspberries? Can hedgehogs eat raspberries or not?

Yes, hedgehogs can eat raspberries. Raspberries do not only make a delicious snack for humans, but your hedgehog can also enjoy raspberries.

Before giving raspberries to your hedgehog, you must always try to get organic ones as they are better. Peeling the raspberries of any tough areas and cutting them into small pieces is important. Since hedgehogs have small mouths, peeled and cut berries make it easier for them to chare and swallow.

Can Hedgehogs Eat All Berries?

If you plan to give your hedgehog berries, it is important to know which ones are safe for it. Hedgehogs are sensitive animals, and you need to be careful about the food you are feeding them.

Firstly, organic berries should be the main priority as they have fewer pesticides sprayed on them. Hedgehogs can enjoy organic raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

However, before giving these berries to your hedgehog, you must ensure that you peel them. Through peeling the berries, you are getting rid of any pesticide layer and preventing your hedgehog from choking on them.

It would be best if you also cut the berries into small pieces so your hedgehog can easily swallow them.

Berries should be given on rare occasions as a treat. You can also give your hedgehog cranberries.

You should completely avoid giving your hedgehog wild berries. Some of the wild berries are poisonous to humans and hence, are not safe for hedgehogs too. Wild hedgehogs eat berries in the wild, but we are not sure which ones are safe and which are not.

It is best not to risk the life of your hedgehog and avoid wild berries altogether.

There are many questions about whether hedgehogs should be given dried berries. Unfortunately, dried berries are harmful to hedgehogs as they contain a lot of preservatives. The preservatives contribute negatively to your hedgehog’s health.

Moreover, dried berries also cause difficulty for hedgehogs to poop as their poop hardens.

In addition, dried berries have more sugar content than regular berries. The excess water is removed in dried berries, which makes their sugar content increase. This sugar is unhealthy for hedgehogs as it leads to weight gain and diabetes.

Hedgehogs are already prone to weight gain. Dries berries are also sticky and get stuck in your hedgehog’s mouth or behind its teeth. If the berry is left stuck, it can lead to dental problems, and your hedgehog may stop eating its food, causing overall damage to its health.

Do Wild Hedgehogs Eat Raspberries?

Wild hedgehogs are known to eat all sorts of things as they love to rummage, and berries are one of them. Since they are wild, hedgehogs eat wild berries, and raspberries can be one of them.

Therefore, wild hedgehogs have no problem eating raspberries.

However, your domesticated hedgehog is different from a wild one, and you must be careful about the kind of berry you give it. Hedgehogs consume wild berries in the wild, but there is no track of how many wild hedgehogs have died because of it.

Moreover, wild hedgehogs have better immune systems than pet hedgehogs. Hence, a lot of care and attention goes into feeding pet hedgehogs.

Are Raspberries Bad for Hedgehogs?

As a pet parent, it is important to know the good and bad for hedgehogs. Raspberries are not bad for hedgehogs unless they are given excessively. When we talk about giving fruits to hedgehogs, you must keep in mind that they should be given occasionally as treats.

An excessive amount of raspberries can be bad for hedgehogs due to their sugar content. In addition, hedgehogs are small animals prone to gaining weight. If a hedgehog has gained too much weight, it may not be able to turn itself into a ball.

Hence, it is recommended to observe moderation when feeding raspberries. Moreover, it would help if you also focused on getting organic raspberries for your hedgehog rather than the normal ones.

Organic raspberries do not have pesticides sprayed on them and will not negatively contribute to your hedgehog’s health. Moreover, peeling the raspberry, although it is a difficult task, is still beneficial.

You can remove any extra layer of germs or sprays by washing raspberries thoroughly.


Raspberries not only make delicious snacks for humans but are also thoroughly enjoyed by hedgehogs. You can give your hedgehog raspberries by peeling them and making sure they are in small pieces.

Whatever fruit you give, whether it is raspberry or something else, you need to ensure it is organic without any harmful pesticides. Also, it would help if you were careful about which berries you have in your hedgehog, as not all of them are safe.

You can give your hedgehog organic berries such as blueberry, raspberry, and cranberries. However, refrain from giving your hedgehog wild berries as they can be poisonous to it. Wild hedgehogs eat berries, but it is not sure how many pass away and which berries are harmful.

Raspberries are harmful to hedgehogs if they are given excessively. Since hedgehogs are small animals, they are prone to gaining weight, so it is advised to give them fruit occasionally as a treat.

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