Can Hedgehogs Eat Potatoes?

Potatoes are the star of every meal, which often makes pet parents wonder if their hedgehogs can enjoy them as much as they do. Hedgehogs are known to eat everything; they are not picky eaters.

One of the reasons people enjoy having hedgehogs around is low maintenance compared to other pets. With so many options to choose from, are potatoes good for hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs can eat potatoes but you should give foods like potatoes only occasionally to hedgehogs as they do not have any nutritional value.

Just because your hedgehog can eat potatoes does not mean you should give it all the time. Potatoes are rich in calories and provide little health benefits to hedgehogs. As these tiny mammals are prone to gaining weight, it is not wise to feed many potatoes.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Raw Potatoes?

Although hedgehogs do eat almost everything, eating raw potatoes is toxic for hedgehogs. Potatoes contain solanine which is active when it is raw and is lethal for hedgehogs and even dogs.

Potatoes are filled with carbohydrates and do not fulfil a hedgehog’s nutritional value. Instead, there are many other fruits and vegetables you can feed your hedgehog.

You can feed your hedgehog boiled potatoes but in small amounts. While potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and contain little nutrients, they have some benefits. Potatoes have 20% dietary fibres and contain vitamin B6 and vitamin K.

Feeding your hedgehog some boiled potatoes can add value to their health. Potatoes also have copper and manganese in them. You can boil the potatoes and mash some of them for your hedgehog.

Again, it would help if you did not give potatoes daily or substitute for hedgehog food but as a treat.

Do Hedgehogs Like Sweet Potato?

Hedgehogs enjoy something different from regular potatoes, and that is sweet potatoes.

Since hedgehogs like sweet potatoes, pet parents love to give them to their pets. Before giving sweet potato, ensure that it is boiled and mashed so your hedgehog can easily eat it. Moreover, you must be careful that you do not give too much sweet potato and only keep it reserved for occasional treats.

Sweet potatoes, although they have a lot of carbs, contain dietary fibres. Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin A and contain vitamin B6. Although sweet potatoes do not contain many minerals, they do have copper and manganese.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Raw Sweet Potato?

Whether it is potato or sweet potato, you must never give it raw to your hedgehog.

Eating raw potatoes can have negative effects on your hedgehog’s digestive system. In addition, since hedgehogs rely on protein as their main source of diet, they cannot handle eating raw vegetables.

Moreover, boiling sweet potatoes will make them soft and easy for hedgehogs to chew and swallow. Hedgehogs have small mouths, and hence, hard vegetables are not only difficult for them to chew but are also a choking hazard for them.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Sweet Potatoes

Can Potatoes Make Hedgehogs Fat?

Potatoes are not recommended for hedgehogs because they contain many calories. Due to a hedgehog’s small size, you must feed them in moderation. Hedgehogs can easily gain weight and become obese.

As a result, it is also easy for hedgehogs to develop diseases like diabetes.

Since potatoes have many calories, feeding too much of them can make your hedgehog fat. Therefore, you must be careful with how much and how often you give your hedgehog potato. You should limit yourself to giving around one pinch of boiled and mashed potato to your hedgehog occasionally as a treat.

You must ensure that there is no seasoning in the potato as it can have negative effects on your hedgehog’s health.

There are many other vegetables that your hedgehog will enjoy such as carrots. If you have other vegetables to offer, you should boil them for your hedgehog rather than only resorting to potatoes.

Do Hedgehogs Need a Varied Diet?

One frequently asked question about a hedgehog’s diet is whether vegetables are important for them. Wild hedgehogs feed on mostly insects, and so most of their diet is focused on meat.

However, these hedgehogs also eat nuts and plants. Therefore, giving your hedgehog vegetables on occasions as treats can be healthy for it. Hedgehogs do not need vegetables for survival.

If you do decide to give vegetables to your hedgehog, the key is to do it right. Anything becomes harmful when done or eaten excessively. Hence, you need to ensure that you feed your hedgehog vegetables in small amounts and do not overdo it.

Keep in mind that over-consuming many vegetables are bad for the hedgehog’s digestive system and can put it in a lot of pain.

There has not been any extensive research done on hedgehogs’ diet. But, since hedgehogs eat various things in the wild, it is recommended to follow a varied diet for pet hedgehogs.

Your priority should be your hedgehog’s primary source of meal which is protein. So first, ensure that you are providing complete and balanced meals to your hedgehog.

Next, you can focus on giving fruits and vegetables as an occasional treat when your hedgehog is behaving well or you need to change things up.


Potatoes are a famous vegetable among humans and are widely available. Many hedgehog owners want to ensure that they can give potatoes to their pets. However, you should only give potatoes in small amounts and on occasions.

Since this vegetable has many calories, your hedgehog is prone to gaining weight and becoming obese. You can also give sweet potatoes to your hedgehog. Moreover, you should never give raw potatoes of any kind to your hedgehog.

Not only are raw potatoes toxic to hedgehogs, but they are also difficult to digest and are a choking hazard.

Your priority with your hedgehog’s diet should be its primary source of meal which is protein. Therefore, you should first ensure that your hedgehog has a complete and nutritious diet. After that, you can always give your hedgehog fruits and vegetables as treats from time to time.

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