Can Hedgehogs Eat Pomegranate?

As a new pet parent to your hedgehog, it can take some time before you figure out what to feed your pet and what not to. Hedgehogs usually are not picky eaters, which solves the food problem for a lot of owners.

However, many people decide to get hedgehogs or have one already and are unaware of their dietary needs. Therefore, it is important to feed your hedgehog foods with sufficient nutrients and are safe for it.

Hedgehogs cannot eat pomegranates as they struggle to digest the arils and, due to their size and hardness, can also be a choking hazard.

As much as hedgehogs enjoy eating a lot of different foods, you cannot give them pomegranates. By consuming pomegranates, hedgehogs can be in pain as they do not suit their digestive systems. Hence, it is a wise choice to stick to other fruits apart from pomegranates.

Is Pomegranate Toxic to Hedgehogs?

Pomegranates are not toxic to hedgehogs like grapes are. Consuming pomegranates will not lead to death but instead, cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Since pomegranates are acidic and they can damage your hedgehog’s digestive tract and cause other digestive issues. Your hedgehog is not equipped to handle digesting pomegranates.

Apart from their acidic nature, pomegranates are also difficult for hedgehogs to consume. Since hedgehogs have small mouths, the pomegranate seeds are a choking hazard for hedgehogs.

What Fruit Can Hedgehogs Eat Instead?

You can give your hedgehog other fruits instead of pomegranates. However, before giving any fruit, you must ensure that you peel and cut them. Hedgehogs have small mouths and tend to eat very fast, making it easy for them to choke on food.

By cutting the fruit, your hedgehog can safely chew and swallow it.

The first delicious food on the list is apples. You can feed your hedgehog apples in moderation as they have natural sugars in them that can lead to weight gain. Peeling and cutting the apple is important as it can help your hedgehog to eat it.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Apples

Apart from apples, a soft fruit you can give your hedgehog is bananas. Your banana must be the perfect amount of ripe. If the banana is overripe, it will have too much natural sugar.

If the banana is underripe, it can be difficult for your hedgehog to eat. It would help if you also avoided the ends where the seeds are located as they can be toxic for hedgehogs.

Melons are the fruit of the summer, and there are so many that you can choose from. Watermelon, cantaloupe is some of the melons your hedgehog can enjoy. Ensure that you practice moderation when feeding your hedgehog melons.

As always, you should cut them into small pieces as well.

You can also give hedgehogs pears if they are cut and peeled. However, due to the sugar content in pears, it is recommended that you do not give them often.

Berries are quite popular among humans, but they can also be given to hedgehogs. It is best to give organic berries to your hedgehog as they have no pesticides sprayed on them. You should completely avoid wild berries as they can be poisonous to hedgehogs.

As with all fruit, berries should be peeled and cut into small pieces. Berries such as blueberries and raspberries are popular with hedgehogs.

The best fruit that you can give your hedgehog is strawberries by chopping them and removing the seeds. Strawberries appear to be sweeter and, at the same time, have less sugar content than other fruits. Hence, you can give your hedgehog more strawberries as compared to other fruits.

What Other Fruit Should You NOT Feed to Hedgehogs?

Pomegranates are not the only fruit that you should not be feeding your hedgehog. Many other fruits are harmful to hedgehogs. You should know the name of these fruits to avoid ever giving them to your hedgehog.

The first forbidden fruit on the list is grapes. Under no circumstances should you give grapes to your hedgehog as they are toxic for it. In addition, grapes can cause kidney and liver damage to your hedgehog.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Grapes

You should also avoid giving citrus fruits to your hedgehog. Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, and limes. Citrus fruits are very acidic and can damage your hedgehog’s digestive tract. Your hedgehog will be in a lot of discomfort and pain, which is why it is not recommended to feed them citrus fruits.

Pineapple is another fruit that your hedgehog should not consume. Pineapples are acidic and can lead to various digestive issues in your hedgehog. Moreover, pineapples also have a high natural sugar content and can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Although people love avocados, they are toxic to hedgehogs.

Avocados internally harm your hedgehog and cause health issues. It is best to steer away from sources claiming that hedgehogs are fine for hedgehogs and not risk giving them to your hedgehog.

Avoid giving your hedgehog dried fruit as well. Dried fruit is a big choking hazard for hedgehogs; even it is chopped into small pieces. In addition, the fruit is sticky and can get stuck in your hedgehog’s mouth.

The preservatives added to dried fruits are harmful to hedgehogs. Dried fruits also have a high sugar content unhealthy for hedgehogs since they are prone to weight gain.


Pomegranates are one of those fruits that hedgehogs cannot eat. Since pomegranates are acidic, they cause damage to the hedgehog’s digestive tract. Moreover, pomegranates have seeds that are a choking hazard for hedgehogs.

However, you can give your hedgehog other fruits apart from pomegranates. The best fruit to give your hedgehog is strawberry, as it appears to be sweet but has a low sugar content compared to other fruits. Some other fruits that are hedgehog-friendly are melons, apples, bananas, and berries.

Apart from pomegranates, there are other fruits that you cannot give your hedgehog.

For example, grapes are toxic to hedgehogs and can cause liver and kidney failure. Moreover, you should not give citrus fruits, avocadoes, pineapples, and dried fruits to hedgehogs as they contribute to their poor health and cause underlying issues.

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