Can Hedgehogs Eat Pineapple?

Hedgehogs are not only famous for their sharp quills but also their unusual eating habits. Wild hedgehogs are known to consume all sorts of things, from insects to plants. Hedgehogs do enjoy eating fruits and vegetables apart from insects.

However, there are still many fruits that you should refrain from giving your hedgehog as they can be harmful to it, and one such fruit is pineapple.

It is not recommended to give your hedgehog pineapple to eat.

Pineapples, although a favourite among humans, can be unhealthy for your hedgehog. It is better if you resort to giving your hedgehogs other fruits instead of pineapples. Eating pineapples can be bad for your hedgehog’s stomach and can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Is Pineapple Toxic to Hedgehogs?

Pineapple is not toxic for hedgehogs, but it contributes to many health issues in them.

Pineapples contain a lot of enzymes and are acidic, which makes them difficult for hedgehogs to digest. Hedgehogs have a digestive system designed to consume insects, and hence, consuming pineapple in large amounts is not easy for them.

Consuming pineapples in big or small amounts can result in diarrhoea in hedgehogs and other kinds of digestive stress.

Why Should You Not Feed Pineapple to Hedgehogs?

Pineapples and hedgehogs do not go together.

Pineapples may seem harmless, but they are a highly acidic fruit. In addition, hedgehogs have a small digestive tract solely dedicated to the consumption of exoskeletons. Consuming pineapples can cause damage to hedgehogs and leave them in great pain.

Hedgehogs are small animals, which means that they are more prone to gaining weight than others. In addition, pineapples are sweet and have high sugar content. The sugar content can cause hedgehogs to gain weight and become obese.

Moreover, the consumption of pineapples can also lead to diseases in hedgehogs like diabetes.

What Fruit Can You Give to Hedgehogs?

Were you excited about giving your hedgehog pineapples? Do not worry! There are many other fruits your hedgehog can enjoy.

However, there is a rule you should follow every time you give your hedgehog fruits: You must peel the fruit and cut it into small pieces. The fruit’s skin and any large pieces are a choking hazard for hedgehogs since they have small mouths. By peeling and cutting the fruit, your hedgehog can easily bite, chew and swallow without risking any choking incidents.

Apples are a popular food among humans, and your little hedgehog friend will like some too. You can peel the apples and cut them into small pieces. Since apples are on the sweeter side, it is best to give them to your hedgehogs in moderation. Small amounts of apples are fine.

Pears are another delicious food that is safe for hedgehogs to eat if you ensure that they are peeled and cut into small pieces. Since pears are not as soft, it is essential to cut them small, so your hedgehog does not choke on them and can easily swallow.

Who does not love bananas?

Certainly not your hedgehog. Bananas are a soft fruit that makes it easy for hedgehogs to consume. However, you should still cut the bananas into small pieces before giving them to your hedgehog. Moreover, since bananas have high sugar content, they should be given in moderation to avoid any weight gain.

The ends of bananas, where the seeds are, should be avoided, however, as they might be toxic to hedgehogs or cause them to choke. It is also important to check how ripe the bananas are. Overripe bananas will have high sugar content, while underripe bananas can be hard to digest.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Banana Skins

Berries are an enjoyable fruit for hedgehogs. Raspberries and blackberries make great treats for hedgehogs. You must ensure that the skin has been removed even with berries, so the hedgehog does not choke.

Where possible, you should give organic berries to hedgehogs that have fewer pesticides sprayed on them.

It is best to be careful about which berries to give your hedgehog. You should completely avoid wild berries as they can be poisonous to hedgehogs. In addition, some wild berries are harmful to humans and hence, can be the same for your little companion.

Melon would make a great summer treat and is safe for your hedgehog when cut into small pieces. Some popular melons are watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. However, due to the natural sugars present in melons, they should be given in moderation to hedgehogs.

Strawberries do not only make a great smoothie but are a great option for hedgehogs.

Although strawberries appear to be sweet, they do not have high sugar content. You can give your hedgehog more strawberries compared to other fruits since they are not as sweet. You can slice the strawberries into small pieces and remove the seeds so your hedgehog can easily enjoy them.

You can also try giving cherries to your hedgehogs. Initially, it would help if you gave cherries in small amounts to avoid any reactions. The cherry must be pitted and cut into small pieces before you give it to your hedgehog. You should also remove the skin, so your hedgehog does not choke on it.


Hedgehogs cannot eat pineapples as they are highly acidic and can cause harm to them. Hedgehogs have a small digestive tract built solely to digest exoskeletons. Moreover, giving pineapples to hedgehogs is bad for their health because it can cause weight gain.

Hedgehogs are already small and prone to gaining weight. In addition, feeding pineapples can cause them to become diabetic.

There are many other fruits that hedgehogs can enjoy apart from pineapples.

Some of these fruits include apples, bananas, cherries, berries, melons, and strawberries.

Before you give any fruit, you should peel it and cut it into small pieces, so your hedgehog does not choke on it. Moreover, you should give fruits in moderation because they contain natural sugars that can lead to weight gain. You can still give strawberries more than other fruits as they contain less natural sugar.

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