Can Hedgehogs Eat Pears?

One great thing about owning a hedgehog is that they are not picky eaters. Hedgehogs will eat about anything and enjoy a varied diet. However, just because a hedgehog can eat anything does not mean it should. So let’s consider pears and whether hedgehogs can eat pears or not:

Yes, hedgehogs can eat pears. When feeding pears to hedgehogs, you should peel them and cut them into small, bite-sized pieces. 

Hedgehogs can certainly enjoy eating pears. However, before giving the fruit to your pet, you must ensure that you peel it. Peeling the pear will ensure that no choking incidents occur. Moreover, along with peeling, you should also cut the pear into small pieces so your hedgehog can chew with no problem.

However, please note that you should give pears to your hedgehog occasionally due to the sugar content in them.

Do Hedgehogs Like Pears?

Hedgehogs love snacking on fruits occasionally, and they do like pears.

You can give pears to your hedgehog if it behaves well. Cutting the pear in small pieces will help your hedgehog gobble it down. Pick ripe pears for your hedgehog as it will like it better.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Apples?

Yes, you hedgehogs can eat apples. Apples are good for hedgehogs because they have fibre in them. Apples also contain vitamins, minerals and are filled with antioxidants. However, before you give apples to your hedgehog, ensure you peel, and cut them into small pieces.

Apple peel and any big chunks can cause hedgehogs to choke as they have small mouths. You should also remove the seeds as they contain amygdalin which turns into cyanide upon chewing.

You should also be careful with how many apples you feed your hedgehog. Giving too much apple frequently or replacing it with your hedgehog’s regular diet is not a good idea. Hedgehogs have small bodies and are prone to gaining weight.

In addition, apples have natural sugar, and consuming too much of them can lead to weight gain in hedgehogs. This weight gains further results in diabetes. If a hedgehog gains too much weight, it may not curl into a spiked ball which is a serious issue.

What Other Fruit Can Hedgehogs Eat?

We know that hedgehogs enjoy eating apples and pears. So naturally, as pet owners, we are always looking to spoil our spiny friends whenever we get the opportunity. However, there are other fruits that hedgehogs can eat:


Bananas are a great choice if you are looking to give fruit to your hedgehog. This is because bananas have a soft texture, and you can easily mash them.

Due to the softness, hedgehogs can easily chew and swallow bananas. Therefore, you should pick ripe bananas and avoid unripe ones. Moreover, be careful with the seeds at the end as they can be harmful to hedgehogs.


You can also introduce your hedgehog to berries. Berries are well-liked by humans, and your hedgehog can enjoy them too. Berries such as raspberries and blueberries are great for hedgehogs.

Even though berries are small, you must still remove the skin because hedgehogs can choke on it.

Also, you should avoid giving berries that are not organic. Organic berries are better for hedgehogs because they have fewer pesticides on them. Pesticides on berries can be harmful to hedgehogs over time.


Another fruit that your hedgehog can enjoy is melons. Melons are great for hedgehogs and make a great summer fruit. You can give your hedgehog watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe.

However, due to the natural sugar content in melons, it is best to serve in moderation.


The best fruit that you can give your hedgehog is strawberries. You can feed strawberries to your hedgehog more than other fruits because it has low sugar content. Apart from having a low sugar content, strawberries still taste sweeter, which is great.

Cut the strawberries into small pieces before giving them to your hedgehog. Strawberries are also packed with vitamins and minerals and are good for your hedgehog’s health.

Feed Hedgehogs Strawberries Fruit

Which Fruits Can Hedgehogs Not Eat?

While hedgehogs can enjoy a lot of fruits, there are certain fruits that they cannot have. Therefore, you should avoid giving these fruits to your hedgehog because they can suffer from health issues:

Citrus Fruits

You should avoid giving citrus fruits to your hedgehog. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are acidic. The acidity can cause digestive issues in hedgehogs and leave them in pain. If citrus fruits are consumed for a long period, they can damage the hedgehog’s digestive tract.


Humans enjoy avocados, but you should not share them with hedgehogs. Many sources claim that it is fine for hedgehogs to eat avocados. However, you must avoid giving them to hedgehogs as they are toxic.


Another fruit your hedgehog should not eat is grapes. Grapes are toxic to hedgehogs and cause them to have kidney and liver damage. In addition to grapes, your hedgehog should not eat raisins.

Raisins are also toxic to hedgehogs, and they are a choking hazard too. In addition, raisins have added preservatives that are bad for hedgehog health. Moreover, the sticky texture can cause raisins to get stuck in the hedgehog’s mouth.

Eating raisins frequently can cause kidney and liver failure.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Grapes


While protein is the main component in a hedgehog’s diet, it also eats fruits. Hedgehogs can eat pears but only in moderation.

Before giving any pears, you must peel and cut them into small pieces; otherwise, the hedgehog can choke on them.

Another fruit that you can give your hedgehog is apples. You should give fruits in moderation as hedgehogs are prone to gaining weight. You can give fruits like bananas, strawberries, berries, and melons. You must avoid certain fruits like avocados, citrus fruits, grapes, and raisins.

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