Can Hedgehogs Eat Mushrooms?

Hedgehogs are known to eat insects and small animals. However, apart from protein, hedgehogs also enjoy eating vegetables. Hedgehogs in the wild will feed on plants and berries occasionally, too. With vegetables, there are some that you should avoid giving your hedgehog as they can be harmful. So can hedgehogs eat mushrooms safely?

You can feed hedgehogs mushrooms if you want. Mushrooms not only add flavour to human food, but hedgehogs also enjoy them.

Mushrooms can make a healthy addition to your hedgehog’s diet. The mushrooms you should be giving your hedgehog are commercially available – the white button ones. Your hedgehog can benefit from eating mushrooms as they are rich in fats, proteins, and vitamins.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Wild Mushrooms?

You have heard that hedgehogs can eat mushrooms, and they are healthy for them. But wait, you cannot just give any mushroom to your hedgehog. You must be careful with the type of mushroom you give as it can be harmful to your little companion.

The best mushroom you can give your hedgehog is the white button mushroom that is easily commercially available. The white button mushroom is the same mushroom that humans use in their cooking and enjoy.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Wild Mushrooms

On the other hand, many people have wild mushrooms growing in their garden that they are willing to give their hedgehogs. However, wild mushrooms are known to be poisonous to animals such as cats and dogs.

Therefore, wild mushrooms are also known to be poisonous to hedgehogs.

Hence, it is always best to remain safe and avoid giving wild mushrooms altogether. With so many different types of mushrooms found in the wild, it is not easy to know which is safe to consume and which is not.

Do Hedgehogs Hate Mushrooms?

We cannot say that hedgehogs hate mushrooms. More so, hedgehogs are low-maintenance pets because they can eat anything. Moreover, in the wild, hedgehogs eat a variety of things as well.

If you offer a hedgehog a piece of mushroom, it is unlikely that it will refuse it.

How much a hedgehog likes a vegetable or specific piece of food also depends on its personality. Some hedgehogs can be picky eaters, while others are happy eating anything. W

hile a hedgehog may enjoy eating mushrooms, it does not guarantee that your hedgehog will as well. But there is no reason to worry because there are plenty of foods you can still give your hedgehog.

Do Wild Hedgehogs Eat Mushrooms?

There is a lot of speculation around giving mushrooms to hedgehogs. Many people think that mushrooms are harmful, while some do not. Wild hedgehogs are known to forage through the night, and hence, they may eat mushrooms.

However, even though wild hedgehogs may eat mushrooms, you should give your domesticated hedgehog wild mushrooms.

There has been no research conducted about which wild mushrooms are good for hedgehogs and which are not. The safest mushrooms you can give are the white ones that humans consume.

Wild hedgehogs may eat mushrooms, but we have no clue which exact mushrooms are safe for pet hedgehogs.

Is It Okay for Hedgehogs Not to Eat Vegetables?

Many pet parents become concerned if their hedgehogs do not eat vegetables. However, if you cannot give vegetables to your hedgehog, it will not cause any serious health issues.

But it is recommended that you make vegetables a small part of your hedgehog’s diet. Although hedgehogs thrive on insects and protein, they also like to eat small plants and greens. Giving vegetables in small amounts is healthy for hedgehogs.

If you decide to give your hedgehog vegetables, you must ensure that you do not overfeed them. Overfeeding is easy for hedgehogs as they are big eaters and sometimes do not know when to stop.

Feeding vegetables in big amounts is not suggested as it is not easy for hedgehogs to digest. If you give the wrong vegetables to your hedgehog, you can be putting its life in danger.

While some vegetables can give your hedgehog a bad stomach, feeding your hedgehog wild mushrooms, for instance, can prove to be fatal for it.

The first thing you should do is ensure that your hedgehog has a balanced diet. Next, vegetables should be given occasionally as a treat. If you are unsure about which vegetables to give your hedgehog, you should consult your vet.

Which Other Vegetables Are Safe for Hedgehogs?

Before giving any vegetable to your hedgehog, it is best to boil and cut it into small pieces. By boiling and cutting the vegetable, it is easier for your hedgehog to chew and swallow. Apart from white button mushrooms, there are other vegetables that you can give your hedgehog.

Some vegetables you can safely give your hedgehog include kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, and zucchini.

It would be best always to try to give your hedgehog organic vegetables and ensure that you wash them thoroughly with water. If the vegetable is hard, you should boil it and give it to your hedgehog without seasoning.


Every pet comes with a specific diet that you should follow. With hedgehogs, there are many foods that they can eat but some which they cannot. Hedgehogs can enjoy mushrooms if they are the white button ones that are commercially available.

Mushrooms can prove to be a healthy addition to your hedgehog’s diet as they are packed with vitamins and proteins.

However, as a pet parent, you should be vigilant about the kind of mushroom you give your hedgehog.

Wild mushrooms are poisonous to pets such as cats and dogs. Hence, wild mushrooms are also poisonous for hedgehogs. In the wild, hedgehogs do eat mushrooms. But despite wild hedgehogs eating mushrooms, you still should not give them to your pet hedgehog.

We do not know which exact mushroom is toxic and which is safe. If your hedgehog does not like mushrooms or some other vegetables, there is no reason to worry. Some hedgehogs can be picky eaters, while some enjoy everything.

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