Can Hedgehogs Eat Hamster Food?

When we talk about keeping a pet, there are many things we must consider. For example, where to keep them, their exercise, and most importantly, their diet. All pets come with their special needs, and hedgehogs are no different.

Hedgehogs require a specific diet, so they grow to be healthy. Hence, you must get your hedgehog food specifically for them. But can you feed them food that’s made for other pets such as hamsters or not?

Hedgehogs cannot eat hamster food as it does not provide important nutrients that they need to thrive.

Hedgehogs follow a protein-based diet, while hamsters have the opposite. In addition, hedgehogs do not have a cecum, so they cannot digest vegetables in large amounts. Therefore, hamster food is not suitable for hedgehogs, and you should not give it to them.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Gerbil Food?

So you know that hedgehogs cannot eat hamster food but what about gerbils?

The diets of a hedgehog and a gerbil are entirely different. You should never feed your hedgehog gerbil food because it contains nuts and grains. Hedgehogs are unable to digest nuts and grains in large amounts.

Your hedgehog may suffer from stomach pain and digestive issues. Hence, gerbil food should not be a part of your hedgehog’s diet.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Other Pet Food?

Often you may run out of food and not find anything to feed your hedgehog. If you have other pet food lying around, you may wonder if it is good for your hedgehog.

The best option for your hedgehog is cat food. Dry cat food is small, making it easy for the hedgehog to chew and swallow. Since cats are carnivores, cat food contains a suitable amount of protein for your hedgehog.

Many pet owners recommend making cat food a regular item in a hedgehog’s diet. Apart from kibble, you can also give wet cat food to hedgehogs.

There is also hedgehog food available in stores. Hedgehog food will comprise the necessary ingredients required for the development of your hedgehog. If you do not wish to give cat food to your hedgehog, then you can settle for hedgehog food instead.

Many people wonder if they can give dog food to hedgehogs. Since dogs also consume meat, people assume that it is safe to give hedgehogs.

However, with dog food, you must be careful. Dog food contains a big percentage of corn and grain that hedgehogs are unable to digest. Dog food is also big, making it difficult for the hedgehog to chew and swallow.

Dog food also includes fish in it which hedgehogs should not have. You can feed your hedgehog dog food if it contains all the right ingredients. However, looking for the right dog food is a hassle which you should try to avoid.

You will also find ferret food in the market, which comprises a lot of protein. However, ferret food has too much protein and is unsuitable for hedgehogs. Likewise, rat food should not be given to hedgehogs as it is low in protein and nutrients.

As pet parents, we always give in and give our pets treats.

You can feed your hedgehog some kitten treats if it has behaved exceptionally well. You can also give cat biscuits to hedgehogs. Kitten food should only be given to young hedgehogs because it contains more fat than adult cat food.

You should avoid giving dog biscuits to your hedgehog as treats because it contains a lot of grain. Apart from grain, dog biscuits also have fat in them. Since hedgehogs are prone to gaining weight, you should refrain from giving fat.

What Other Foods Can Hedgehogs Eat?

Apart from other pets food, you can also treat your hedgehog with other food items.

To start with, you can feed your hedgehog boiled chicken or boiled turkey. You can shred the meat so your hedgehog can chew and swallow properly. You can also give meat in mince form. Meat mince will be easier for hedgehogs to eat.

Apart from this, you can also feed your hedgehog some boiled or scrambled egg. This will make a delicious treat for your hedgehog. However, you must ensure that you do not replace these foods with their cat food or hedgehog food.

You can also feed your hedgehog a variety of other things. For example, you can peel certain fruits such as apples, bananas, and berries and cut them into small pieces for your hedgehog. The best fruit you can provide your hedgehog is strawberries due to their low sugar content.

Feed Hedgehogs Strawberries Fruit

Not only fruits, but you can also give vegetables to your hedgehog. The important thing to do before giving any vegetable is to boil and cut it into small pieces, so it is easy for your hedgehog to consume.

Hedgehogs are rarely picky eaters and will eat anything. However, as their pet parent, you must ensure that you give them the right things. Hedgehogs gain their nutrients from protein-based diets, and only hedgehog food or cat food will suffice.

You can give treats, fruits, and vegetables once a week, occasionally in small amounts only. You may also give live insects to your hedgehog. Hedgehogs enjoy eating mealworms, waxworms, and crickets.

Please ensure that you get these creepy crawlies from a store rather than picking them from your garden.


You cannot just give your hedgehog any food. You must be careful about the kind of diet your hedgehog follows. But can hedgehogs eat hamster food or not?

Hamster food is not the best choice for hedgehogs because it does not have enough protein. The food does not provide hedgehogs with the necessary nutrients they need to develop. Gerbil food is also not suitable for hedgehogs because it does not have a lot of protein.

Hedgehogs cannot process grain and plants in big amounts as they do not have a cecum.

You must also avoid giving dog food because it has a high percentage of corn in it. However, you can occasionally give your hedgehog other foods like boiled chicken, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

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