Can Hedgehogs Eat Ham?

In the wild, hedgehogs eat all sorts of insects and small animals. Some hedgehogs even eat small snakes. However, when kept as pets, hedgehogs do not consume insects and live snakes. There are many foods that hedgehogs should not be consuming as pets. But what about ham? Can hedgehogs eat ham or not?

Yes, hedgehogs can eat ham if it is unseasoned. You must ensure that the ham you give your hedgehog is not seasoned with salt, pepper, or any oil since it is unhealthy for hedgehogs.

These ingredients can cause many health issues such as heart, kidney, and liver problems. Therefore, it is essential to boil the ham and cut it into small pieces, so it is easy for your hedgehog to chew and swallow. Any extra water after boiling the ham can be drained as an extra precaution.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Meat?

Hedgehogs do eat meat. However, when giving your hedgehog meat, you must ensure that it is boiled and cut into small pieces to prevent your hedgehog from choking.

The best thing you can give your hedgehog is meat and meat-based food because it requires mostly protein. However, it would be best if you refrained from giving your hedgehog processed or canned meat as it contains preservatives that can be harmful to your hedgehog.

In addition, fish and seafood are avoided by hedgehog owners as it causes stinky poop.

The most popular meat given to hedgehogs is chicken.

However, hedgehogs also enjoy other types of meat, such as turkey breast and lean beef cuts. Meat should be boiled and given in moderation to hedgehogs, sometimes as a treat because it has a high-fat content.

More so, meat should not be the only source of a hedgehog’s diet; the main source should be cat food or hedgehog food.

Do Hedgehogs Like Meat?

Hedgehogs munch on insects in the wild and hence why they are often categorized as insectivores. However, hedgehogs are also known to eat small rodents, roadkill, and small snakes, which shows that they like meat.

On the other hand, domesticated hedgehogs will not be fed insects and roadkill but rather a diet that includes meat and meat-based food. Due to the nature of a hedgehog’s diet, people prefer to give it cat food or hedgehog food as their main source.

What Can My Pet Hedgehog Eat?

There are a lot of dos and don’ts that come with feeding hedgehogs. Your pet hedgehog is sensitive and small; therefore, it is important to feed it in moderation and ensure that you do not overdo it.

If hedgehogs are fed excessively, they are likely to gain weight and become obese. Moreover, before trying out any new foods, you should consult your vet to ensure that it is safe for your hedgehog.

While hedgehogs like to eat fruits and vegetables, some should be avoided. For example, you should avoid giving vegetables such as celery and lettuce as they do not contain useful nutrients.

Moreover, avocados should be completely avoided because they are toxic to hedgehogs.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Avocado

Since hedgehogs love insects, you may sometimes feel like they are missing out on them.

However, it would help if you did not let your hedgehog eat insects from your garden or any wild ones as they can be polluted with insecticides. Instead, you can purchase insects from a store or raise some yourself specifically for your hedgehog.

You can also give mealworms to hedgehogs but in moderation as they can easily cause obesity. There is no need to provide your hedgehog with any supplements, and only a nutritious diet is enough.

If your hedgehog has been behaving exceptionally well, you can give it some treats. For example, boiled chicken and boiled eggs can be given to your hedgehog as treats. Moreover, you can also give your hedgehog apples cut into small pieces.

Which Meat Is Bad for Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs like to eat meat, but not all meat is good for them. There are some forms of meat that you should avoid giving your hedgehog. The important thing is not giving large chunks of meat as they are not easy to chew and swallow.

Other types of unhealthy meat are corned beef and bacon, as they contain a lot of salt. You should also avoid fish, and other seafood as hedgehogs cannot easily digest them. The best type of meat you can give your hedgehog is low-fat meat like chicken breast.

How Much Should I Feed My Hedgehog?

One important question regarding hedgehogs is how much and how often you should feed them. With hedgehogs, moderation is important, but you should also ensure that you feed your hedgehog enough to gains essential nutrition.

You should leave an unlimited supply of kibble for your hedgehog in its cage. However, ensure that you change the kibble; otherwise, it goes stale.

You can give your hedgehog fruits and vegetables occasionally since they do not form an important part of their diet. Also, you can give small bite-sized fruits and eggs as treats.


So, can hedgehogs eat ham or not? You can give your hedgehog ham if it is unseasoned as salt or oil is harmful to hedgehogs. You should also boil the ham and cut it into small pieces, so your hedgehog does not choke.

Hedgehogs eat insects and small rodents in the wild. Hence, it is a fact that hedgehogs like to eat meat. However, there are some kinds of meat that you should still avoid. It is important to follow a proper diet for your hedgehog to ensure that it gains all the necessary ingredients it needs.

Protein forms a big part of your hedgehog’s diet, and hence you should give it protein and protein-based meals such as cat food. Hedgehogs like eating meat, and many pet owners give boiled chicken and boiled turkey to them.

However, not all meat is good for them. Fish is avoided as it is not easy to digest and results in stinky poop. Bacon and corned beef contain high amounts of salt, which is bad for hedgehogs.

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