Can Hedgehogs Eat Guinea Pig Food?

Hedgehogs come with different needs that you are required to fulfil as a pet parent. An essential thing about any pet is its diet. It is common knowledge that hedgehogs can be fed some other pet food. But can hedgehogs eat guinea pig food or not?

Hedgehogs cannot eat guinea pig food. Therefore, you should refrain from making guinea pig food a part of your hedgehog’s diet.

The reason why guinea pig food is bad for hedgehogs is that it is plant-based. While hedgehogs do eat plants, it is not their main source of food. Hedgehogs are carnivores who need protein to survive.

Your hedgehog should have a diet that is full of protein. Guinea pig food does not contain any meat, and the hay in it will not be easy for your hedgehog to digest.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Cat Food?

In many places still, hedgehog food is not commercially available. One reason is that hedgehogs are not everyone’s cup of tea. The closest thing you can give your hedgehog to its required diet is cat food.

Cats are carnivores, and their diet consists of meat and protein. Commercially available cat food, whether it is wet food or dry food, contains protein which is great for hedgehogs. Cat food kibble is widely available, and there is no problem in obtaining it.

Many people prefer cat food over hedgehog food. Cat food kibble is small, which is the perfect hedgehog size as they will not choke on it.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Cat Food

Some available hedgehog food may not be as good in terms of protein and fibre content. Hence, a good quality bag of cat food makes a great meal for hedgehogs.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Dog Food?

Another widely asked question regarding a hedgehog’s diet is if it can eat dog food. If you already have a dog or cannot find any other type of food, you might be tempted to give your hedgehog dog food.

However, dog food is not a healthy choice for hedgehogs.

But why is dog food not good? We have seen dogs chomp on protein all the time. Commercially produced dog food includes ingredients such as corn or other grains in big amounts.

Your little hedgehog cannot digest these ingredients. Dog food may contain fish or other seafood that your hedgehog should not be having.

Also, an important to do apart from checking the ingredient list is to look up the protein and fat content. Dog food has more fat as they need it. On the other hand, hedgehogs require more protein than fat, so dog food does not make a good choice.

Not only is nutrition unbalanced, but the size of dog food kibble is also unsuitable for hedgehogs. These small creatures have small mouths and are likely to choke on dog food kibble.

If your local grocery or pet store has nothing but dog food, you need to be selective about which one to choose. It is best to look out for protein content and ensure that the dog food you select has 20 percent protein.

There should be no fish or any other kind of seafood in the dog food. The protein should be derived from poultry or insects. Many foods are dangerous for hedgehogs. You must scour through the ingredients list to look out for any such ingredients that can prove harmful for your little friend.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Other Pet Food?

It is common for pet owners to switch their hedgehog’s diet. However, to make any big changes, one should possess the necessary knowledge as well. Hedgehogs are unique pets sensitive; hence, any significant diet changes can affect them a lot.

There are other pet foods that hedgehogs can enjoy, while some they should not even try. As aforementioned, the protein and fiber content are important to consider when providing hedgehogs with other pet foods.

Cat food is the best option you have for your hedgehog. However, if you have no option but to give dog food, you should ensure there is enough protein, and the food is cut into smaller pieces.

A common house pet that everyone almost has is a hamster. However, you cannot give your hedgehog hamster food as it is filled with sugars. Although ferret food is high in protein, it is too much for an adult hedgehog.

Many hedgehogs like ferret food, but it is harmful, and you should slowly shift them to cat kibble instead.

There is also rat food available in the market. However, rats and hedgehogs are entirely different, and rat food is low in nutrients and proteins. Rats can easily digest corn and grain while hedgehogs cannot, and hence, they should not be given rat food.

When it comes to treats, hedgehogs have a wide variety they can choose from. You can give your hedgehog kitten treats if the nutritional requirement is being fulfilled. Since kitten food has high fat content, you should only give it to young hedgehogs rather than adults.

You can also provide your hedgehog with cat biscuits.

Pets such as gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets survive on a plant-based diet, and hence their food and treats have the same content, which you should not give to hedgehogs.


So, can hedgehogs eat guinea pig food? Hedgehogs should not be given guinea pig food as it is plant-based. These small animals follow a protein-based diet, and hence, their food should be rich in protein.

Hedgehogs can eat cat food as it provides them with all the necessary nutrients and proteins. Cat food kibble is also small, which makes it easy to chew and swallow. Dog food is not healthy for hedgehogs due to big amounts of grain and corn in it.

Hedgehogs can eat other pet food, but pets such as gerbils, ferrets, or hamsters who follow a plant-based diet do not have suitable food for hedgehogs.

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