Can Hedgehogs Eat Fish?

As a pet parent, it is important to ensure that you provide your pet with the best diet. A healthy diet ensures that you have a healthy pet. While hedgehogs make no fuss when eating food, there are certain foods that you must avoid. Let’s look at one food category: Can hedgehogs eat fish or not?

Hedgehogs can eat fish, and they are attracted to it because of its smell.

Hedgehogs can eat and enjoy different species of fish. Moreover, fish provides benefits to hedgehogs, such as good amounts of protein. However, pet owners do not like to give fish to their hedgehogs because it causes them to have stinky poops.

Therefore, if you do not tolerate stinky poops, it is best to avoid fish and fish-flavoured food for your hedgehog.

Why Is Fish Bad for Hedgehogs?

In the wild, hedgehogs do not consume fish because it is not easily accessible. Therefore, many pet owners refrain from giving fish to hedgehogs as they are not naturally available. Hence, hedgehogs do not digest fish easily in comparison with other foods.

In addition, fish can be bad for hedgehogs due to various reasons. For example, if the fish you feed your hedgehog has been harvested from polluted resources, it can be harmful. This is because the pollutants from the fish can transfer to the hedgehog when it consumes it.

Fish are also hosts to micro-organisms that cause dangerous diseases. For instance, salmonella is commonly found in fish and can easily pass to your hedgehog. Therefore, it is important always to purchase fish from reliable sources, but it is not always easy, and you can never be too sure.

If you choose to give fish to your hedgehog instead of its actual meal, then you will need to feed it in big quantities to satisfy your hedgehog.  However, fish in large quantities is not good for hedgehogs because it is too much protein.

Your hedgehog will gain weight and become fat as a result.

Are Hedgehogs Allergic to Fish?

Hedgehogs do not consume fish in the wild as it is not readily available. However, hedgehogs are not allergic to fish. However, there are many downsides to giving your hedgehog fish, one of them being stinky poops.

There are additional health disadvantages associated with feeding fish to hedgehogs, which is why you should occasionally feed it as a treat.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Raw Fish?

Hedgehogs are insectivorous and eat insects for the most part in the wild. Therefore, eating raw fish is not a big part of their diet, which means they are not used to it. However, it is not like hedgehogs cannot consume raw fish, but it makes sense to boil the fish first.

When you boil the fish, you kill all the harmful microbes that would pass to your hedgehog and cause it harm.

In addition, you must also ensure that you choose good species of fish for your hedgehog to consume. It is important to consult with your vet before feeding any fish to your hedgehog.

To determine which fish to feed your hedgehog, you should look at the calcium and phosphorus level in it. If the fish does not have enough calcium or phosphorus, you should only stick to giving it as a treat to your hedgehog.

Other factors that are important in deciding which fish to give your hedgehog include checking the mercury levels. Fish with high mercury levels are not good for hedgehogs, and you should avoid them or give them as treats. For example, the mercury content in tuna is high.

Therefore you should stick to giving it as a treat in small amounts.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Tinned Fish?

Tinned fish seems like the easier choice because it is time-saving, and you do not have to do much. On the other hand, you will need to take time to boil and clean it with raw fish. However, tinned fish is not a good choice for hedgehogs because it is immersed in oil, making it fatty.

In addition, tinned fish has a high sodium content and preservatives that are harmful to hedgehogs.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Shrimp?

If you add variety to your hedgehog’s diet, it is great for them. Your hedgehog will not get bored from consuming the same diet every time and gain nutrients from different sources.

Many pet owners wonder if hedgehogs can fish, they can also consume shrimp. However, shrimp has low calcium to phosphorus content which can affect the hedgehog’s blood ion level. In addition, different species of shrimps will have different levels.

Therefore, you should check before feeding them to your hedgehog.

It is best only to give shrimp to your hedgehog as a treat. This is because the hard exoskeletons of shrimps are a choking hazard for hedgehogs. Moreover, shrimps can become difficult to digest, but all hedgehogs love to consume them despite it.

Therefore, it is on your part to observe moderation when feeding shrimp to your hedgehog.


Every pet owner wishes to add variety to their pet’s diet. When it comes to hedgehogs, owners will try to feed them with everything because they love to eat. However, it is important to research and find out which foods are good for hedgehogs.

For example, hedgehogs can eat fish, and it is a good source of protein for them. But fish comes with some disadvantages for hedgehogs.

If you choose to give fish to your hedgehog, you will have to feed it in big amounts to satisfy it. However, feeding too many fish to your hedgehog will result in too much protein in their diet. Therefore, it is best if you give fish to your hedgehog as an occasional treat.

In addition, it would help if you refrained from giving raw fish to your hedgehog because it contains many microbes that can harm it. Hence, before giving fish, you must boil and cut it into small pieces to avoid choking hazards.

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