Can Hedgehogs Eat Ferret Food?

Ferrets might seem like they are close enough to hedgehogs to be able to feed the hedgehogs the same food but hedgehogs can be a little more tricky than this. This is why it is a commonly asked question, can hedgehogs eat ferret food?

The short answer is that, no, you should not feed your hedgehog ferret food. Hedgehogs have a very specific set of requirements when it comes to their food. They are insectivores which means their diet in the wild would largely be made up of insects.

Hedgehogs would supplement this with other wild foods that they come across. Hedgehogs are also very opportunistic eaters which means they are likely to eat whatever you offer them.

This is why it is important to be very careful with the types of foods you offer a hedgehog. Just because they will eat it does not mean they should or that it is safe for them to do so!

Is Ferret Food Safe For Hedgehogs?

Ferrets are very different to hedgehogs and this means they need a very different type of food and they have a different set of nutritional needs.

Ferrets need a diet much higher in fat and oil than hedgehogs do. So Ferret food is likely to be a little too rich for a hedgehog to handle. In a pinch and if you have a starving wild hedgehog in the garden you could try a little ferret food if it is all you have access to.

But, you shouldn’t ever feed it to them except in an emergency. If you need to get hold of hedgehog food in a hurry then you would be better off choosing cat food instead.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Other Pet Food?

Hedgehogs can eat other types of pet food. They can digest both cat and dog food and prefer the meaty varieties of canned or wet foods. They will also happily munch on dog and cat biscuit food!

Most hedgehog owners prefer to choose cat food above other types of pet food. This is because cat food offers the hedgehog the nutritional ratios and benefits pretty close to what they need!

So, if you struggle to get hold of hedgehog food cat food works well. Just try and get the meat varieties rather than the fishy foods. This mimics a hedgehogs diet a little more closely. Although hedgehogs will enjoy insects the most.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Cat Food

Can You Buy Hedgehog Food Instead?

The best type of food to feed a hedgehog is a type of food that has been formulated just for them! A

few years ago this was difficult to get hold of. Nowadays it is much easier to find suitable hedgehog food that has been developed with the precise levels and ratios they need. You can find it in most pet stores up and down the country.

Many hedgehog owners prefer to feed their hedgehogs a mix of wet cat food and hedgehog dry food. You will also need to supplement the hedgehog’s diet with other foods that offer them fibre and the nutrition you can only find in insects.

You can also treat your hedgehog once in a while to certain types of fruit and veg. Avoid anything that is too starchy or is highly acidic.

Berries, apples, pears and bananas are a good option to treat your hedgehog. Just remember that these foods are high in sugar and your hedgehog doesn’t need this to be healthy! These foods should always be seen as a treat only and they shouldn’t make up a large part of the hedgehog’s diet.


You should not feed a hedgehog ferret food.

This type of food has been formulated for ferrets and these furry creatures have very different nutritional requirements to hedgehogs. You are best off feeding specially formulated hedgehog food to your hog instead. In a pinch, you can use meaty cat food or dog food.

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