Can Hedgehogs Eat Dubia Roaches?

As an integral part of their diet, hedgehogs need to consume insects. They need insects as a staple food when eating their daily meals. But what about a particular type of insect – can hedgehogs eat dubia roaches?

Hedgehogs can eat dubia roaches. In fact, they love to eat dubia roaches. They are hugely beneficial to a hedgehog but make sure you only feed them dubia roaches and not normal roaches you find in the garden. 

Knowing that insects are hedgies’ staple food, we need to delve deeper into the specifics of which insects are safe for hedgehogs, and which are not. Their stomachs are highly sensitive, and they often have trouble digesting foods that are not part of their nutritional and dietary needs.

In this post, we’re going to tackle insects, specifically dubia roaches. Let’s find out if these creepy crawlers are safe for your hedgie to eat:

Can You Feed Hedgehogs Dubia Roaches?

Yes, you can. In fact, hedgehogs love eating dubia cockroaches when they are in their hunting mode.

Hedgehogs often prey on them since they are readily available crawling around in gardens and even inside your home. However, you need to keep these roaches at bay from your hedgies.

When feeding them with dubia roaches, you need to get them and feed them to your hedgehog yourself.

How Do You Feed Hedgehogs With Dubia Roaches?

Start by using tongs or wearing gloves. Doing so can prevent dubia roaches from escaping in your hands. Keep holding them until your hedgehog grabs and starts eating them. Keep in mind that dubia roaches are part of an integral meal, not classified as an entire meal.

So, try feeding your hedgie with dubia roaches at least once daily or 3x per week. This is to make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrition they need.

Are Dubia Roaches Good for Hedgehogs?

Before feeding cockroaches to your hedgie, they need to be classified first. You only need to feed them dubia roaches, and not the typical ones.

So, what’s the difference between dubia roaches and regular cockroaches? The difference is that dubia roaches are raised around humans and are cleaner. Regular cockroaches or wild roaches do not contain the nutrition that your hedgehog needs.

Roaches for Hedgehogs

Nutritients in Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches are high in fibre, protein, and calcium. These three nutrients are essential in a hedgehog’s diet. Not only that, these roaches provide your hedgie with the basic nutrition that helps increase their stamina and keeps them active during the day.

Dubia roaches also contain less fat; so, they are one of the best feeder insects along with crickets.

What Insects Can Hedgehogs Eat?

It’s a fact that hedgehogs—being insectivores—can eat bugs, worms, and other insects. They are part of their natural diet. However, not all of these insects are created equal. Some are harmful to hedgehogs because they carry parasites. So, it’s a must to do your research prior to giving anything to your spiny mammal.

Apart from dubia roaches, here are some lists of insects that are good for feeding, and some that are not. Check them out:

Good for Hedgehogs

Not all insects are created equally, these are some of the more nutritional insects that can be fed to hedgehogs:

  • Mealworms, Live mealworms, Crickets, Hornworms, Wax worms, Snails, Pinkies, Maggots (Spikes), Darkling Beetles, Isopods (Woodlice), Calci Worms, Slugs, Butter Worms, Silkworms, Blackworms, Nightcrawlers

Good in Moderation

There are also some insects that contain some benefits but that can also be high in fat, for example, and should therefore be fed in moderation:

  • Morio worms, Superworms, Dried Mealworms, Earthworms, Flies, June Bugs, Termites

Bad for Hedgehogs

Unfortunately, some insects provide no benefits to hedgehogs and should be avoided:

  • Ants, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Millipedes, Centipedes


There you have it! Hope this gives you a great lesson when feeding your hedgie with dubia roaches. Always remember not to give them the regular ones since these don’t have the right nutrients, and may carry parasites that could harm your hedgehog.

Also, when feeding, ensure you give dubia roaches to your pet using tongs or by wearing gloves. Insects play an important role in every hedgehog’s diet. Therefore, it’s essential to include them in their meal.

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