Can Hedgehogs Eat Bread?

One of the more common foods that it is though is safe for hedgehogs is bread. As children, we were often told to leave out bread and milk for the wild hedgehogs to eat overnight. But, is this true? Can hedgehogs eat bread and is it good for them?

Unfortunately, the myth we were told as children about feeding hedgehogs bread isn’t true. Bread isn’t good for hedgehogs at all and you should avoid feeding them bread.

The problem with bread is that it offers very little in the way of nutritional value to a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are insectivores, meaning they eat insects and require a high protein, low carb and low-fat diet.

Bread is incredibly high in carbs and hedgehogs just don’t digest it very well and it isn’t worth it to them

Is Bread Safe For Hedgehogs?

A little bread is unlikely to cause too much harm but it is important to remember that bread is not good for a hedgehog at all. There is very little point in feeding it to them and you could be causing them to get weaker.

Let’s explain this a little further: Because bread offers very little nutrition to a hedgehog they are not gaining nutrition or much energy from it. But, it is filling them up so they are less likely to eat something that is good for them and will provide them with both the energy they need and nutrition.

It would be much better to feed them something more appropriate like cat food or hedgehog food. In a pinch, you could also feed them certain types of fruits and vegetables instead but these should also be treated as snacks rather than the food the hedgehogs need to eat daily to be healthy.

Does Bread Kill Hedgehogs?

In small amounts and very occasionally the hedgehog would likely be able to handle a little bread in their diet. It is worth noting that hedgehogs struggle to digest it and it might make them feel a little sick so it should be avoided as much as possible.

The danger is that over time if a hedgehog is fed little else but bread then they are not getting the nutrition they need and yes they could die from malnutrition.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Breadcrumbs?

Occasionally hedgehogs may eat breadcrumbs but it is not good for them and it shouldn’t be a type of food they are offered.

Instead, feed wild hedgehogs cat food or hedgehog food. For your pets and domesticated hedgehogs, you should invest in a good quality hedgehog food and supplement this with other foods such as cat food and the occasional fruit and vegetable snacks.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Breadcrumbs

What Else Shouldn’t You Feed To Hedgehogs?

There are some foods that should never be fed to a hedgehog. Even if the hedgehog seems to like them or want them! Hedgehogs will scavenge most types of food if they are given the opportunity to. This doesn’t make the foods good for them. Sometimes it is the complete opposite and the foods could harm or even kill; the hedgehog.

Some Fruits

Grapes are one type of fruit you should avoid. It isn’t worth giving them to your hedgehog even as a treat because they are toxic to hedgehogs.

You should also avoid any acidic fruits. These are commonly found in the citrus family and includes oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. You should also avoid other acidic fruits like pineapple. All of these will be difficult for your hedgehog to stomach and digest.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits should be avoided because they are both high in sugar which isn’t good for your spikey hedgehog friend and some of these could prove to be highly toxic too.

Sultanas, currants and raisins are all made from grapes that should never be fed to a hedgehog because of their toxicity to these small animals.


Mealworms are an odd one because they are high in protein so you would think they are good for hedgehogs! The problem with mealworms is that they are too good and most hedgehogs will become addicted to them and avoid eating anything else and only eat mealworms!

This is not good for them so it is best to avoid mealworms completely.


Bread should never be offered to a hedgehog and nor should milk. Despite what you learnt as a child these foods are not good for the hedgehog and may cause them harm!

Instead offer the hedgehog cat food or hedgehog food. Many people opt for cat food because it is much easier to get hold of quickly than specially formulated hedgehog food.

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