Can Hedgehogs Eat Blackberries?

Berries are a fantastic treat for us humans but what about our hedgehog friends? Can hedgehogs eat blackberries and do they like them?

Hedgehogs can eat blackberries. However, they are not nutritionally beneficial to a hedgehogs diet so should be used as a treat and not to provide hedgehogs with nutrients. 

Do Hedgehogs Like Blackberries?

Most hedgehogs do like blackberries and will enjoy them if you feed them this tasty fruit. Hedgehogs are opportunistic feeders and will eat almost anything you give them. This doesn’t mean you should do so.

Many foods are bad for hedgehogs and some may even harm them. Luckily, blackberries are not one of those fruits.

When you do feed blackberries to your hedgehog only give them a couple at a time and not often. Blackberries are mostly made from sugar and carbohydrates and your hedgehog doesn’t need too much of this in their diet.

If you can, peel the blackberries first and always wash them to remove any pesticides on the fruit. You should also always remove any blackberries that are showing signs of spoiling before feeding your hedgehog the fruit. These spoiled blackberries could prove toxic.

Are Blackberries Good for Hedgehogs?

Blackberries are not exactly good for hedgehogs. To be healthy a hedgehog needs a high level of insect protein in their diet and this is where they will get most of their nutrition and energy from.

Blackberries and other fruits may offer small nutritional value but they are mostly carbohydrates and sugar which is not particularly good for your hedgehog. Think of blackberries and other fruits more like feeding them candy.

Occasionally as a treat is fine but as a large part of their diet? Not so good.

How Often Should You Feed Blackberries To Hedgehogs

You should only offer a hedgehog fruit to eat once a week to eat. At a push, you could feed them blackberries twice a week on occasion but if you can stick to once a week as a treat it would be much better for them

Try to only give hedgehogs fruit once per week as a treat.

What Other Berries Can Hedgehogs Eat?

Hedgehogs can eat other types of berries too.

Always be careful not to overdo feeding them these but your hedgehog will enjoy strawberries, raspberries and blueberries as a treat every now and then. Pop a few into their feeding bowl and watch your hedgehog wolf them down!

Hedgehgos Eating Berries

Can Hedgehogs Eat Other Fruit?

There are some other fruits that hedgehogs can eat. Choose a type of fruit and feed the hedgehogs this once or twice a week. Try and avoid feeding them fruits daily. It isn’t good for them.

These are some of the fruits you can feed your hedgehogs:


Hedgehogs love pears but you should only feed them these as a treat. The skins of the pears can be a little difficult for a hedgehog to bite through so we would recommend that you peel the pear first.

You should also remove the stems and core and cut the rest into small pieces that a hedgehog can easily bite and chew.

Hedgehogs Pears


Apples are similar to pears and you can feed them occasionally to hedgehogs. You need to treat them in much the same way as pears. Cut away the skin, core and any stems. Then cut the rest of the apple into bite-sized pieces.

Also bear in mind that one hedgehog is unlikely to eat a whole apple. They only have tiny stomachs after all! So feed a few pieces to your hedgehog and eat the rest yourself.


Melon is a great treat for a hedgehog.

It might be sweet but it is tasty and your hedgehog will enjoy it as a tasty treat on occasion. Make sure you only feed them the flesh and pull out any seeds first. You should also remove the hard skin and cut the melon up into small pieces that the hedgehog can easily eat.

What Shouldn’t You Feed To Hedgehogs?

There are some foods that you shouldn’t ever give to a hedgehog. Some of these are types of fruit but there are other things that hedgehogs can’t tolerate. Hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters and they may try but these foods can make them sick.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits include anything from the citrus family such as grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime. Another fruit that falls into this category is pineapple.

None of these fruits are suitable for giving to a hedgehog because they are highly acidic and hedgehogs struggle to digest them,

Dried Fruits

You should avoid feeding dried fruits to hedgehogs. These types of fruits contain a lot of sugar, even more than berries! This isn’t good for the animals and they could end up with sugar and weight-related issues like diabetes.

On top of this many dried fruits are made from the types of fruits that are toxic to hedgehogs such as grapes.


One thing you should definitely never feed a hedgehog is grapes. These fruits are pretty toxic to hedgehogs even though no one is entirely sure why!


Blackberries are a great treat for your hedgehog. Wild hedgehogs may even find these fruits in the wild during blackberry season!

However, they are a treat and should not be fed to a hedgehog any more than once or twice a week. Only feed the hedgehog fresh blackberries and throw out any that are spoiling that might make them sick.

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