Can Hedgehogs Eat Bananas?

We all want to give our pets a treat and this includes your pet hedgehog. It even includes any wild hedgehog friends you have that visit your garden. Bananas are good for humans so what about hedgehogs? Can hedgehogs eat bananas?

Well, the great news is that hedgehogs can eat bananas and they love them! This doesn’t mean you should feed a hedgehog banana every day, however.

Any fruit needs to be fed to a hedgehog every now and then and shouldn’t make up a large part of the hedgehog’s diet. This is because fruit is very much a sweet treat and not a staple food for hedgehogs.

They need a diet rich in protein to be happy and healthy.

Are Bananas Safe for Hedgehogs to Eat?

Bananas are safe for hedgehogs to eat in small amounts. These are a very sweet type of fruit so you should only feed them to your hedgehog occasionally as a tasty treat. Your hedgehog will definitely appreciate it!

To ensure you feed your hedgehog banana safely you do need to prepare the banana first. This includes peeling it and discarding the peel somewhere the hedgehog won’t find it. Then take about an inch of the banana and cut it into slices that your hedgehog can handle.

This is as much banana as you should feed your hedgehog in one go. So, you may want to eat the rest to avoid it going to waste.

Do Wild Hedgehogs Eat Bananas?

If a wild hedgehog finds some banana then it is likely to give eating it a go! They would be unlikely to come across these in the wild but they could find peel and banana that has been left by humans.

If you have a wild hedgehog visitor into your garden then they may well enjoy a little banana as a treat but make sure you peel them first and only feed them a little. A wild hedgehog may not be used to such a sweet fruit and it could give them a stomach ache!

How Often Should You Feed Bananas To Hedgehogs?

Bananas like any type of fruit that is edible for hedgehogs should be seen as a sweet treat and only be fed to them occasionally.

About once or twice a week should be plenty of fruit to add variety into your hedgehog’s diet and give them a tasty treat to enjoy.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Banana Skins?

There are a few reasons that you shouldn’t feed banana skins to a hedgehog. Banana skins are very tough and are difficult to bite and digest. They could also pose a choking hazard to the hedgehogs.

The final reason to avoid them is pesticides. Any banana that has been treated with pesticides will have traces in the skin and these are not good for your hedgehog.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Banana Skins

Can Hedgehogs Eat Dried Banana?

Dried banana contains a lot of sugar. Far more than a slice of banana! This is because the process of drying out the banana reduces the water content and concentrates the sugar. This amount of sugar isn’t good for your hedgehog.

Dried fruit can also be a choking hazard.

Dried fruits have very sharp edges that could catch in your hedgehog’s tiny throat. Feed the hedgehog small slices of fresh banana as a treat instead.

What Other Fruits Can Hedgehogs Eat?

Whilst hedgehogs can eat some fruits as part of a varied diet it is important to remember that it is a treat for them and they shouldn’t be fed them too often. Once or twice a week is ample.

Fruits definitely shouldn’t make up a large part of a hedgehogs diet. These types of fruits are a little like candy or cake is for humans. We wouldn’t allow ourselves to eat mostly cake for a diet so we shouldn’t allow hedgehogs to either.

Apples and Pears

Hedgehogs can eat both apples and pears but as with any type of fruit, you should only feed them these every now and then as a treat. 

To feed them these fruits you need to peel them because the skin of the fruit is a little tough to eat and the hedgehogs could choke. Then cut out the core and discard it. You should be left with the softest part of the fruit. Cut this into small bite-sized pieces and feed a few pieces to your hedgehog.


Hedgehogs can eat most types of berry and most hedgehogs will love them!

They are a real treat to a hedgehog. As with any treat, you should only feed them berries occasionally and feed them more appropriate food the rest of the time. Hedgehogs can eat a number of berry types including raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Try and avoid giving hedgehogs any berries that are starting to spoil. Once they are spoiling they can make the hedgehog sick.

What Fruits Should You Not Feed To Hedgehogs?

Not all types of fruits can be fed to hedgehogs. Some can make them sick – sometimes this can be seriously sick. These are some fruits to avoid.


Grapes are highly toxic to hedgehogs. The cause of this toxicity hasn’t been found as of yet but there is no doubt that eating grapes can harm your hedgehog. Not only this, but grapes are far too sweet for a hedgehog.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Grapes

Dried Fruits

One of the major reasons you should avoid giving hedgehogs dried fruits is just how much sugar is contained in them! Much like humans sugar isn’t very good for hedgehogs and too much over a period of time could give them the same types of weight issues and illnesses we suffer with.

Dried fruits are also often made from fruits that are toxic to hedgehogs such as raisins and sultanas are made from grapes.

Citrus Fruits

Acidic fruits are not good for hedgehogs. This is any fruit with a tang and includes lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges. A hedgehog will struggle to digest such an acidic food! Another contender that falls into the category is pineapple.

It is also highly acidic so avoid this fruit when looking for treats for your hedgehog.


Hedgehogs can eat bananas but if you plan to feed your hedgehog this tasty fruit then you should only do so every now and then as a treat. Make sure you remove the peel and only give the hedgehog a few slices. Any more than this could make them sick.

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