Can Hedgehogs Eat Apples?

When feeding a hedgehog, whether it’s a pet or in the wild, you should ensure you feed it foods that won’t make it sick. Fruit can be a great treat and apples seem like a good option but can hedgehogs eat apples and is it safe for them?

Hedgehogs can eat apples. These fruits are actually a delicious treat and most hedgehogs will love eating them. However, you should be careful not to feed them apples or any type of fruit too often.

Apples might be natural and contain a lot of nutrients but they are also high in sugars. These sugars can cause your hedgehogs to put on weight and become unhealthy if eaten too often.

Hedgehogs can even develop diabetes and much like as it is in humans, this disease can be life-limiting for the hedgehogs.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Apple Skin?

In theory, hedgehogs can eat apple skin. There aren’t any toxins in the skin that will harm them.

However, the skins can be difficult to bite through and chew for a hedgehog so you should remove the peel instead. It would be even better if you remove the peel and the core and then cut the apple into small bite-sized pieces. This makes it a much easier treat for the hedgehog and they will be much less likely to choke.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Apple Skin

Do Hedgehogs Eat Fallen Apples?

Fruit wouldn’t necessarily be a commonly eaten food in the wild but hedgehogs are opportunistic when it comes to their food. This means that they will eat almost any food they come across, which includes fallen apples.

Whilst this isn’t always too much of a problem, they can end up eating too many. Where you can, pick up apples before the hedgehogs get to them. Another issue with fallen apples is that they can start to spoil and even ferment and this wouldn’t be healthy for the hedgehogs.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Fallen Apples

How Often Should You Feed Apples To Hedgehogs

There isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to how often you would want to feed apples to your hedgehogs. You should see fruit such as apples as a treat and feed them to the hedgehog occasionally and avoid feeding them these foods daily.

We would recommend sticking to giving them apples as a treat once or twice a week.

What Other Fruits Can Hedgehogs Eat

There are a few types of fruit that can be given to hedgehogs. All fruits are naturally high in sugar so you should limit the amount you give to the hedgehogs. You should definitely avoid feeding them fruit every day.

These are some fruits that you can feed hedgehogs in small amounts on occasion.


Bananas are a delicious sweet treat but they do develop more sugar, the riper they get, so be careful when feeding your hedgehogs this treat. Make sure you peel the banana first and then cut up a small amount of banana and feed it to your hedgehog.

Feed them no more than about an inch in one go as any more than this is a lot for a tiny hedgehog to eat!


You should treat pears as you would apples and feed them only very occasionally because of the level of sugar contained in the fruit. You should also peel the pear, cut out the stalk and core and then cut it into smaller pieces before feeding a little to your hedgehog.


Fresh berries can be fed to hedgehogs. Make sure you only feed them berries that are fresh and not starting to spoil as these can make them sick. We would recommend that you choose berries with softer skins such as raspberries, strawberries or blackberries.

Hedgehogs can in theory eat blueberries too but these have harder skins that are tough for a hedgehog to bite through.

Stick to these three types of berry because others may not be able to be fed to the hedgehog and you could easily mistake berry-like fruits such as grapes that would be poisonous. Grapes should never be fed to your hedgehog because they contain toxins that can cause sickness in the hedgehog.


One final fruit that can be given to a hedgehog is melon. The varieties that can be eaten are gala, honeydew and watermelon. As with all other types of fruit limit the consumption of melon to treats.

To feed melon to a hedgehog you should first peel it and remove any seeds. Then cut it up into smaller pieces that your hedgehog will be able to handle.

What Fruits Should You Not Feed To A Hedgehog

There are some fruits that are dangerous for hedgehogs to consume. You should avoid feeding these you a hedgehog because they may get sick. Sometimes it can even end up being fatal.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits not only contain a lot of sugar but are also usually made from fruits that can be toxic to a hedgehog. Avoid raisins and sultanas because these are grapes that have been dried and are poisonous to your hedgehog.


It isn’t fully known why grapes are so bad for hedgehogs but there is little doubt that grapes are highly toxic to hedgehogs. It could be the seeds, flesh, juice or even the skin but no one has been able to find out the root cause of the issue.

Oranges, Lemons and Limes

All of these citrus fruits, from oranges to limes, shouldn’t be fed to a hedgehog for the same reason. They are all highly acidic fruits and hedgehogs struggle to digest them. This applies to any highly acidic food so any food that you would find acidic to eat you should avoid giving to a hedgehog.


Pineapples are another high acidic fruit, much like citrus fruits. This fruit is known to cause digestive tract issues for hedgehogs and over time can cause serious long term damage and health issues.


Fruit may seem like a great food for you to feed to hedgehogs but this isn’t always the case.

Whilst some fruits can be given to hedgehogs in small amounts these should always be considered a treat only and never part of a hedgehogs daily diet. Even fruits that are non-toxic can cause long term health problems. Especially if it makes up a large part of the hedgehog’s diet.

One of these fruits is apples. You can give apples to your hedgehog if you core, peel and cut it up first.

There are some fruits you should definitely avoid giving to your hedgehog including grapes, pineapples and citrus fruits. These can cause serious health issues so feed the hedgehog apples or berries instead.

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