Can Hedgehogs Climb Stairs?

Something as important as food is exercise. Hedgehogs, fortunately, are athletic animals and quite adventurous. If you plan on keeping a hedgehog, you must prepare to lend it a big space to explore, run and jump. But can hedgehogs climb stairs?

Yes, hedgehogs can climb stairs. Hedgehogs have good grip and can easily climb stairs, especially if they are carpeted as it gives the hedgehog something to grip to.

If you have stairs in your house, your hedgehog will take them as an adventure and climb them. However, if the stairs are made of wood, they can be slippery for hedgehogs.

Are Hedgehogs Good at Climbing?

While hedgehogs appear to be small and unathletic, they are good climbers. Although hedgehogs may be good climbers, you cannot categorize them as the best. Other animals such as rats and squirrels are better climbers than hedgehogs.

However, in the wild, hedgehogs are adventurous and good at climbing and getting around. So if you have a pet hedgehog, it is sure to climb in its cage or climb stairs as it explores the house if let loose.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Ladders?

Ladders were made to climb, and your hedgehog will make sure of that. Hedgehogs are good at climbing up, and there is a chance that they will climb a ladder. However, you must refrain from putting out a ladder or one in the house.

While hedgehogs may be great at going up, they do not have great depth perception. The lack of depth perception means your hedgehog will have a difficult time coming down from the ladder.

Climbing can cause hedgehogs to get into trouble, and they tend to fall off the edges. To avoid such incidents, it is best to keep ladders away from hedgehogs.

Can Hedgehogs Go Up Ramps?

Ramps are steep surfaces, and hedgehogs are known to climb them. However, sometimes because of the steepness, hedgehogs may have a difficult time going up ramps.

A ramp is important for hedgehogs because it helps them get out of water bodies such as pools. If there is no natural escape or a ramp to help a hedgehog escape, it can drown. When you decide to get a ramp for your hedgehog, you should ensure that it is made from the right material so your hedgehog has a better grip on it.

In addition to this, the material should be safe for hedgehogs. The ramp should not have sharp edges and should not be too steep.

You must also ensure that the ramp has a wide surface area, so your hedgehogs do not fall over the sides. You can keep the ramp secure with wires. The ramp should be sturdy and not wobble as your hedgehog uses it.

How High Can Hedgehogs Climb?

A wild hedgehog can climb higher than a domesticated hedgehog. Since wild hedgehogs are known to face greater obstacles, they are better at climbing. Healthy hedgehogs, on average, can climb 15-20 inches high.

How high a hedgehog can climb also varies from one another.

Some domesticated hedgehogs have been known to climb great lengths. If you give your hedgehog a ramp or some other kind of support, it will make it easy for it to climb. Hedgehogs love adventure and clinging on to things.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Out of Cages?

Even if you have a standard cage, your hedgehog may climb out of it. Hedgehogs are good climbers, and there have been cases where hedgehogs are found roaming around instead of being in their cage.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to ensure your cage is lidded and not open at the top.

If you are out often, at work for example during the day, and there is no one else in the house, an open cage can put your hedgehog’s life at risk.

Sometimes, while attempting to climb, hedgehogs can get their feet stuck in the cage. These small mammals can injure themselves easily. Therefore, you must choose the best quality cage for your hedgehog. Wire floors for a hedgehog’s cage are not great because of its small feet that can get stuck and injure easily.


Hedgehogs are small mammals most known for their spines. Although these creatures do not appear to be athletic, they can run, jump, and climb. Hedgehogs are good climbers, although not the best. Rats and squirrels are better climbers than hedgehogs.

Nevertheless, hedgehogs can climb stairs easily as they have a good grip. If the stars are made from food, hedgehogs will have a hard time climbing because wood is slippery. But carpeted stairs make them easy to climb.

Hedgehogs can also go up ramps. The ramp should not be too steep for your hedgehog. Hedgehogs can also climb out of cages. It is best to go for a cage with a deep plastic pan and lid, so it is safe for your hedgehog and prevents it from climbing out.

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