Can Hedgehogs Climb Fences?

Hedgehogs are small, adorable animals people like to have around as pets. These spined mammals are solitary by nature and prefer to be alone. There is still not a lot people know about hedgehogs, especially first-time owners, like their ability to climb. So can hedgehogs climb fences?

Hedgehogs are great climbers and can easily climb fences.  

It can be surprising for some people to find that hedgehogs can climb fences. Even though hedgehogs have short legs, they have been spotted climbing fences various times. While climbing is not an issue for hedgehogs, it is getting down, which is a problem. Due to the hedgehog’s round body, it has difficulty climbing down.

How Do Hedgehogs Get into a Fenced Garden?

With all the fencing, not many hedgehogs are being spotted in gardens recently. As aforementioned, while hedgehogs can climb fences, they have difficulty getting down. Therefore, hedgehogs may avoid climbing fences. 

Usually, hedgehogs will get into a fenced garden by making holes in the fences which link gardens together. You can create a hole in the fence of your garden to give hedgehogs access so they can roam around comfortably while foraging at night. 

Do Hedgehogs Like Climbing?

Hedgehogs are good climbers, but we cannot say that they are the best. Other small pets like squirrels and rats have proven better at climbing than hedgehogs. 

Hedgehogs usually prefer to be on the ground, but they also like to climb. Since hedgehogs are curious animals, they enjoy climbing and discovering higher locations. In addition, hedgehogs may climb high in the wild in search of food or protect themselves against danger. 

How High Can Hedgehogs Climb?

A wild hedgehog can climb higher than a domesticated one. Hedgehogs can climb on average up to 15 -20 inches of height. 

There have been instances where hedgehogs have climbed higher, but it is quite rare. You can make climbing easier for your hedgehog if you provide it with a ramp or support. In addition, ramps are a good idea because hedgehogs love to cling and play around. This way, your hedgehog will gain some mental stimulation. 

Can Hedgehogs Climb Steps?

Hedgehogs can climb the steps in your home, but they think of stairs as an obstacle. It is important to watch your hedgehog as it climbs stairs and ensures they remain safe. 

It is easier for hedgehogs to climb carpeted stairs. On the other hand, wooden stairs are tricky because they are slippery, and it becomes hard for hedgehogs to get a grip. While it is easy for hedgehogs to climb the stairs, it is a challenge getting down, and the steeper the staircase, the harder it is to get down.  

Can Hedgehogs Squeeze Through Small Gaps?

It may be hard to believe, but hedgehogs are athletic animals and love to explore. Hedgehogs explore during the night when they are searching for food. During this time, a hedgehog may be required to get through some small gaps. 

Hedgehogs can squeeze through small gaps as they are small, and their quills are bendable. A hedgehog does not only have its quills for protection for other reasons. When a hedgehog wishes to get through small haps, the quills bend so they can pass. In addition, as hedgehogs are small animals, their size is also an advantage. 

Hedgehogs may be able to flatten their quills to get through a gap, but if it tries to go back the opposite way, it is unable to. Hence, in a lot of situations, hedgehogs get stuck because of this reason.

As hedgehogs can get through small gaps, it becomes easy for them to squeeze through the holes in fences to enter gardens. If you are planning to make a hole in your fence or create a hedgehog house, it will be helpful to know how big of a gap a hedgehog needs to get through. 

Hedgehogs require a gap which is 13 by 13 cm at least to get through. This is a small hole, and other animals like cats and dogs cannot get through this hole.

Is it Dangerous for Hedgehogs to Climb?

After learning that hedgehogs can climb, you are maybe sceptical about your pet trying to get out of its cage. Hedgehogs can climb out of cages with plastic animals. The wiring makes it difficult for hedgehogs to climb and sometimes injures them. The hedgehog’s feet can get stick in the wire, and the little guy can hurt itself.

If you are not around, a hedgehog can climb out of its cage and put itself in dangerous situations. Therefore, getting a cage where your hedgehog does not get out is important. It is important for the cage to be big enough. It holds all the essentials like their wheel, food, and litter box.

It would be best if you had pans that are deep and discourage hedgehogs from climbing. In addition, the deep pans have ample space for hedgehog bedding. It is best to get the plastic pant because it is a cleaner option and will last you longer because they will not rust. On the other hand, you must also avoid cages with wired floors because hedgehogs have small feet which can get stuck. 


Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs are athletic animals and have the ability to climb. Hedgehogs are great climbers but not as good as hamsters or squirrels. Hedgehogs can climb garden fences but have a hard time getting down because of their body shape.

These small mammals get into fenced gardens through holes in the fences. Therefore, you can make it easy for hedgehogs to pass gardens by making holes in the fences. 

Hedgehogs can also squeeze through small gaps. The quills are made not only for protection, but they can also bend. Your pet hedgehog can climb stairs and its cage. It is important to choose a plastic cage so your hedgehog does not climb out and roam without any supervision.

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