Are Pumpkins Bad for Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs enjoy a lot of fruits and vegetables that we humans do. Therefore, if you have veg like pumpkins in your garden or fridge, you may wonder if pumpkins are good or bad for hedgehogs?

Unfortunately, yes, pumpkins are bad for all hedgehogs, and they should not eat them.

Hedgehogs should not eat pumpkins because they cause bloating and diarrhoea. A hedgehog suffering from diarrhoea can easily become dehydrated. A hedgehog’s life can be in danger if it faces diarrhoea and dehydration.

If you leave out food for wild hedgehogs, you should go for kibble instead of pumpkin. If you are a hedgehog owner, you should resort to other foods and avoid giving pumpkin.

Is Pumpkin a Laxative for Hedgehogs?

If hedgehogs eat pumpkins in large quantities, it becomes a laxative. Therefore, if you want your hedgehog not to have diarrhoea, you must avoid giving pumpkin in any form.

Diarrhoea is dangerous for hedgehogs as they can easily become dehydrated.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Along with fruits and vegetables, hedgehogs also consume seeds in the wild. However, since pumpkins act as laxatives, many people question whether you can give pumpkin seeds to hedgehogs.

The problem with pumpkin seeds, or any other seed for that matter, is that they can get stuck in your hedgehog’s throat.

Seeds are a choking hazard for hedgehogs, and there is always a chance that they can die because of it. You can give your hedgehog pumpkin seeds by grinding them and mixing them in meals.

However, refrain from giving too many pumpkin seeds to your hedgehog as they can cause digestive issues.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Pumpkins Seeds

Can You Give Canned Pumpkin to Hedgehogs?

If your hedgehog has been having trouble pooping, is feeling constipated, and has hard poops, you will want to resort to pumpkin. Pumpkins are a laxative, and they will make your hedgehog poop normally.

You can give a bit of canned pumpkin to your hedgehog to get their bowl movements moving.

However, not all hedgehogs will eat pumpkins. Some hedgehogs tend to be picky eaters while others eat anything. If your hedgehog refuses to eat canned pumpkin, you can mix some with their regular meal.

If you do not have canned pumpkin, you can boil regular pumpkin and include some of it in your hedgehog’s meal.

You can also try to give your hedgehog some butternut squash if it is experiencing constipation. The best thing to do is boil the squash and mash it, so it is easy to eat.

How To Treat a Constipated Hedgehog

Often your spiny friend is likely to have trouble pooping and will be constipated. There are many reasons why hedgehogs can have a hard time pooping. If your hedgehog is new to your home, it may be anxious and stressed, which can cause it to become constipated.

You can tell that your hedgehog is stressed if it has not pooped in 24 hours. It would help if you let your hedgehog be and give it some time to explore and become more comfortable with its surroundings. This way, your hedgehog can adjust and will poop in no time.

If you have introduced a new food item in your hedgehog’s diet, it may still be adjusting to it and not poop. Therefore, it is best to monitor your hedgehog’s drinking and eating habits and avoid any foods that may lead to constipation.

You can try giving your hedgehog a warm bath to stimulate it to poop.

If your hedgehog is severely constipated, you can give it a canned pumpkin to improve digestion. If you do not have canned pumpkins, try giving your hedgehog boiled pumpkin. It would help if you began by giving pumpkin in small amounts and not all at once because it can be harmful to hedgehogs.

Are Pumpkins Toxic to Hedgehogs?

There are many fruits, such as grapes, that are toxic to hedgehogs. With such fruits in mind, people question whether pumpkins are toxic to hedgehogs too.

Most people who enjoy gardening would grow pumpkins, or during the Halloween season, many people decorate with pumpkins. For wild hedgehogs, pumpkins are an easy meal because of their soft flesh. However, eating pumpkins can be harmful to hedgehogs.

While eating pumpkin can cause diarrhoea and bloating, it is not toxic to hedgehogs. However, diarrhoea caused by eating pumpkins can lead to dehydration in hedgehogs. This is harmful to a creature who needs to sustain nutrients and water for hibernation.

Therefore, if you put out pumpkins for the hedgehog, you should refrain from doing so. For captivated hedgehogs who do not hibernate, consuming pumpkin is equally bad as it is a laxative.

You should not give pumpkin to your pet hedgehog if it is perfectly healthy and is not experiencing any constipation.

On the other hand, if your hedgehog has trouble pooping, you can give it some canned pumpkin to get its bowel movements working. Then, you can mix the canned pumpkin with your hedgehog’s regular meal.


Pumpkins are enjoyed by humans and make amazing Halloween decorations. After the festival, pumpkins are left at the disposal of birds and wild hedgehogs. However, pumpkins do more harm than good for hedgehogs.

Pumpkins are a natural laxative and can cause bloating and diarrhoea in hedgehogs. Unfortunately, heavy bloating and diarrhoea can cause dehydration. Whether for wild hedgehogs or pet hedgehogs, pumpkin is not ideal.

Along with pumpkins, many people also want to know if they can feed pumpkin seeds to hedgehogs. Seeds come with risks because they are choking hazards. As hedgehogs have small mouths, they are likely to choke on seeds and die.

However, you can give a small number of seeds by grinding them and mixing them into other meals. Your hedgehog can become constipated if it is stressed or has experienced a change in its diet.

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