Are Hedgehogs Territorial?

Different animals exhibit different behaviours and have their own survival instincts. While some behaviours can be common in one animal, others are not. When it comes to hedgehogs, there are still many things that people do not know about them. So are hedgehogs territorial, or not?

Unlike many animals, hedgehogs are not territorial. These spined mammals can stay in a region, but they will not fight for it.

Since hedgehogs are solitary animals, they like to be by themselves and often run into other hedgehogs. Hedgehogs will not protect their territory; they only like space and their company.

Are Hedgehogs Aggressive to Each Other?

When hedgehogs come together, they can display aggressive behaviour towards each other. As a result, these spined mammals may fight over a lot of things, if not territory.

Hedgehogs are solitary and have an antisocial personality which makes one think that they can be aggressive. However, hedgehogs only prefer to be alone and do not like engaging with others so much.

When hedgehogs do come together, they can be aggressive, depending on a lot of reasons.

As hedgehogs begin to mate, they can display aggressive behaviour. Hedgehogs follow a mating ritual that involves the males trying to impress the females with their dancing. However, this mating ritual can cause fights in hedgehogs. 

Male hedgehogs will head-butt each other to impress the females and to move away from the courting males. Hence, when hedgehogs mate, it can get noisy.

One common reason for hedgehogs to fight with each other and become aggressive is over food. If there is insufficient food for the hedgehogs, they may begin fighting with each other. Therefore, if you have many hedgehogs at home, always ensure enough food, so your hedgehogs do not fight.

Whether hedgehogs fight or not also depends on their personality. While some hedgehogs may not fight at all, others can be aggressive by nature. For example, male hedgehogs are known to be more aggressive than female hedgehogs.

Male hedgehogs do not have the patience or tolerance for sharing their space with other hedgehogs. On the other hand, female hedgehogs are tolerant of other hedgehogs. Hence, it is always best to keep the male hedgehogs away from other hedgehogs.

Apart from this, certain behaviours can be deemed aggressive. For example, male hedgehogs are known to eat their babies. If the male hedgehog is left with a mother hedgehog and her babies, the mother can become stressed.

Under great stress, the mother hedgehog can eat her babies if she feels they are in danger. Moreover, hedgehogs can also harm their babies by running the wheel over them on accident or dragging them towards it.

Are Hedgehogs Aggressive to Humans?

Hedgehogs are generally known to be calm pets. However, in a new environment, hedgehogs can get nervous or stressed that makes their quills stand. Hedgehogs can also bite humans, but they do so out of sheer curiosity and nothing else.

Biting is more of a nibbling, and hedgehogs do so because it is a way for them to communicate. However, biting can sometimes be mistaken for aggressive behaviour, but that is not the case.

How to Tell If a Hedgehog Is Aggressive?

As a pet parent, knowing your pet’s emotions and behaviours is important. Especially when we talk about hedgehogs since handling one is particularly tricky if it is aggressive.

You can tell that a hedgehog is aggressive by its quills. Hedgehogs have quills that go all the way down to their tail. When hedgehogs calm, the quills lay flat and point towards their tail. A calm hedgehog will not hurt to hold.

However, when a hedgehog is aggressive, its quills will stand upright to threaten and intimidate the other party. Hedgehogs may also grunt and huff and puff at other hedgehogs to display their anger.

Do Hedgehogs Stay in the Same Area?

Even though hedgehogs are not territorial, they like to be in the same area. Hedgehogs can share the same vicinity with others, given that they have their space and do not run into each other much.

The area is their home range that they return to time and again.

Hedgehogs love adhering to routines and can be found in the same place at the same time again and again. If a hedgehog has taken a liking to your garden, you may find it often visiting you.

Nestling hedgehogs may stay in the same place and then disappear to hunt, but they always return.

Do Hedgehogs Use the Same Nest?

Hedgehogs are known to build nests in gardens and at the bottom of trees. These resourceful mammals build their nests with moss and leaves.

The same nest can be used by hedgehogs time and again.

However, hedgehogs do not stay in one nest for long and can move on to the next one each day. Hedgehogs are also known to use nests made by other hedgehogs and other animals such as rabbits.

Hedgehogs are smart animals that build multiple nests in the same area, so they can always go back to one of them.


Some animals are territorial and do not like others in the same place. However, hedgehogs are not territorial animals, and many hedgehogs live in the same area. Hedgehogs are only solitary and do not like the company of other hedgehogs and animals.

Although hedgehogs will rarely run into each other, they can become aggressive. When hedgehogs are mating, the males fight with each other for the female’s approval. Moreover, if there is insufficient food, hedgehogs are known to fight over it.

Hedgehogs like being in the same area and keep coming back to it. These animals are smart and build many nests in the same area to use them when they need to. Hedgehogs biting is a way for them to communicate, and they are not aggressive towards humans.

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