Are Hedgehogs Nocturnal?

As pet parents, it is important to learn the eating and sleeping habits of your pets. Since you cannot change the nature of animals, which we should not anyway, it is best to get accustomed to their ways.

One question about hedgehogs that often pops up is regarding their sleeping pattern, which is, are hedgehogs nocturnal?

The answer to this question is yes. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that sleep mostly during the day.

Hedgehogs become active during nighttime when it is dark outside. These little animals do most of their exercise, eating or, if they are wild hedgehogs, hunting what it’s dark.

Do Hedgehogs Come Out During the Day?

As mentioned before, hedgehogs are by nature nocturnal. Their sleeping and waking patterns, even when kept as pets, will be nocturnal.

Wild hedgehogs utilize the nighttime to scurry around and hunt for food. This is the time for the hedgehog to get out and explore. Hedgehogs also come out during the night to mate.

Their majority of exercise, hunting, and activities occur during the night. Therefore, you will rarely see any hedgehog during the daytime.

Hedgehog At Night

Are Pet Hedgehogs Noisy at Night?

As hedgehogs are nocturnal, they can become quite active at night. As a result of their activeness, they can make a lot of noise. Hedgehogs may scurry around in their cage – as they would do so in the wild.

Moreover, the tiny creatures could run in their wheel, which can make a lot of noise.

The noise at night can be a problem if you are a light sleeper, tired, or have not gotten much sleep.

If you have placed your pet hedgehog in the same room as you, it may bother you. Therefore, place the cage in another room and sleep with your door shut to avoid the noise.

Should You Feed Your Hedgehog at Night?

A hedgehog’s day begins as the sun goes down. During the day, they may sleep and not even eat or have the energy to play. It is best to feed your hedgehog in the even and leave out food for the night.

You should observe your hedgehog and see that it is not awake during the day. If your hedgehog tends to be awake during the day, there can be an underlying health issue.

Should Your Wake Your Hedgehog Up Midsleep?

You should never wake your hedgehog up from the middle of its sleep unless there is a good reason. Hedgehogs get stressed easily, and the shock of someone waking them from their sleep can even make them angry.

If you wake a hedgehog from its sleep, it may attempt to bite you. We all know that hedgehogs look adorable as they sleep, and you may want to spend some time with them but disrupting their sleep cycle is not a good idea.

How Do You Tell If a Hedgehog is Hibernating?

Hedgehogs in the wild hibernate due to scarcity of food. A domesticated hedgehog doing the same can pose a threat to its own life. You should observe the behaviour of your hedgehog to ensure that it does not go into hibernation mode.

If your hedgehog is attempting to hibernate, you may notice it getting sluggish. There may also be a loss of appetite and their stomach feeling cool. Hedgehogs may shiver and curl up and not want to do anything else.

You can stop your hedgehog from hibernating by attempting to increase its body temperature. You can increase the body temperature of your hedgehog by snuggling it against yourself and providing skin-to-skin contact.

You can place a heating pad under their cage to provide warmth to the hedgehog. Do not make any drastic changes in the temperature. This should help you stop your hedgehog from hibernating.

What to do if you Discover a Hedgehog During the Day?

There can be many reasons why hedgehogs may be out during the day. If you see a hedgehog that looks a bit thin, it may be hungry. You should put out food for the hedgehog and leave it alone.

Once fed, it will go back to its home.

Adult hedgehogs may be out in the day, as they may be pregnant and looking to build nests. A nursing hedgehog might be taking a break and searching for food. If the hedgehog is looking busy, it is best to leave it alone.

A hedgehog laying around, enjoying the sun, can be deceiving. This is not normal, and the hedgehog may be sick.

It is best to call the rescue services immediately. If a hedgehog looks drunk and you see it dragging itself, it may be suffering from hypothermia. You can place the hedgehog in a box to keep it warm and call the services to rescue it.

Hedgehogs are prone to breaking and injuring their leg. Ensure that you place the hedgehog in a box or cage so it does not move and call the proper authorities.


So are hedgehog nocturnal? Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that sleep during the day and become active during the nighttime. It is best not to attempt to change their routine or wake them during the day as it stresses them out.

If you ever find a hedgehog during the daytime, it may be because they are in trouble. If you find that the hedgehog is injured, limping, or walking drunk, you should call the rescue authorities.

If you are a light sleeper, make sure to close your door as you sleep. Hedgehogs become active at night and can make noises that may hinder your sleep.

Hedgehogs do sleep during the day, but there can be times when they would attempt hibernation. Some symptoms of your hedgehog going into hibernation include loss of appetite, cold belly, curling into a ball.

Going into hibernation is fine for wild hedgehogs, but for domesticated ones, it can be life-threatening. Therefore, to stop your hedgehog from hibernating, you should increase its body temperature by putting heating pads under the cage and providing skin-to-skin contact.

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